Best Android Games

by fefe

I've compiled what I believe to be the best Android games. If you love playing games on your Android SmartPhone, be sure to check out these games!

My Opinion on the Best Android Games

More and more Android games are coming out everyday. This page features what I think are the best Android games out of the ones I've played. I'll add to this list as I play more games. If you want to suggest a game, let me know in the comments section.

Get Plants VS Zombies for Android

my favorite game!
Plants vs. Zombies (WiFi Download Only)
PopCap Games, Inc.
Only $0.99

Best Android Game: Plants vs Zombies

You've probably heard of Plants vs Zombies before. It's my favorite game on any system, and was excited when it became available for the Android. I have already beaten the game many times, but still enjoy having this game on my Android phone so I can beat it some more.

The unfortunate thing about Plants vs Zombies for Android is that you only get Adventure Mode--no Zen Garden, etc! I am a little disappointed that it's not the full game, but Adventure Mode is really the heart of the game, and it's my favorite game (until Plants vs Zombies 2 comes out) so I have to list it as the best game for Android.

About Plants vs Zombies


In Plants vs Zombies, your main goal is to prevent the zombies from invading your house. You have different kinds of plants at your disposal to strategically place in your front yard (and later the backyard and the roof). Some of these plants shoot at the zombies, some block zombies, and some blow up zombies. Zombies don't all act alike and you will learn to find which specialized plants work best for each type of zombie.

Angry Birds

I'm an Angry Birds addict. Admitting it is the first step, right? Not to make light of addictions, but Angry Birds may be one of the most addictive games ever. You've probably heard of this popular game and if you have an Android or iPhone, chances are you've got more than one version of Angry Birds installed.

First there was Angry Birds, then Seasons, and now Rio! Between all 3 games, I don't even want to know how many levels that is. I don't feel like I've beaten a level until I get all 3 stars so I play Angry Birds levels quite a few times. I have it installed on more than one device and want to beat it on each one.

You can get free (ad supported) versions of Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons for Android. You can also buy all 3 versions of the game. I suggest trying out the free version first to see if you like it.

Get Angry Birds for Android

Angry Birds (Ad-Free)

Rovio Mobile
Only $0.99
Angry Birds Free

Rovio Mobile
Angry Birds Seasons (Ad-Free)

Rovio Mobile
Only $0.99
Angry Birds Seasons Free

Rovio Mobile
Only $0.0
Angry Birds Rio (Ad-Free)

Rovio Mobile
Only $0.00

Get the Free version of Wordfeud

Wordfeud FREE
Only $0.00


Wordfeud is a word game similar to Scrabble and you can play it against your friends. The extra Triple Word score spots make it interesting. I usually have 5 games going at a time and my phone notifies me when it's my turn. I have the free version of the game and it does have ads but most of the time they don't bug me unless I accidently click on one.

Get Chuzzle for Android

Chuzzle (WiFi Download)
PopCap Games, Inc.
Only $2.99

Chuzzle, another Popcap Favorite

I love Chuzzle! it's like Bejeweled but you are matching cute little Chuzzles instead, and you move entire rows or columns of Chuzzles instead of individual jewels. Sometimes a Chuzzle gets locked and then you can't move the entire row or column of Chuzzles that it's a part of, and sometimes a really big Chuzzle takes up two rows and you have to move them together.  The game starts out fairly easy but after awhile it gets pretty challenging for me.

You could of course also play Chuzzle on different platforms like Mac and PC, but it is cool to be able to play it on a phone so you can take it with you and play whenever you get bored.  

Popcap (now owned by EA) makes both Plants VS Zombies, Chuzzle and other good causal games. I hope that all the Popcap games get ported to Android soon, especially another favorite of mine, Zuma!

Japanese Ad for Chuzzle

Updated: 09/24/2011, fefe
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