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by Seelyon

Find iOS games like Minecraft for iPad and iPhone here. I love Minecraft: Pocket Edition and after searching for related games on the App Store I've put together this list of my fa

Find iOS games like Minecraft for iPad and iPhone here. I love Minecraft: Pocket Edition and after searching for related games on the App Store I've put together this list of my favourites.

There are plenty of iOS Minecraft clones out there but the problem is that because the genre is so popular there is a lot of junk out there. With this list I've included the very best options in my opinion. Many of these iOS games like Minecraft are available for free as well so they are perfect for every budget.

I've kept this list of games intentionally short so that you're only seeing what I consider to be the best. If you've got your own thoughts and favourite games be sure to leave a comment and I'll review the game to add here.

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Your Favourite Minecraft Platform

What Version Of Minecraft Do You Prefer?


My Favourite Game Like Minecraft For iOS

Lunacraft is number one on this list of iOS games like Minecraft for iPad and iPhone for two reasons; it takes Minecraft to a space like setting and it's free. These two aspects have made it my favourite past time on my phone in terms of Minecraft games and I can't recommend it enough.

The game stays pretty true to the formula of Minecraft: Pocket Edition with players exploring and generating as many random worlds as they want to explore. Lunacraft does let you select some options of your world which does mean you can create something more in line with your needs if you wish.

What really separates it though is the space setting that introduces alien devices and creatures into the core mechanics. It's a nice change from all the clones that use an Earth based world.

If you're hunt is for free iOS games like Minecraft then you can stop looking right now because nothing beats Lunacraft. 


Block Story

An iOS Game Like Minecraft With RPG Features

Block Story takes the sandbox and block elements of Minecraft but adds its very own RPG features to the whole experience which made the game both unique and extremely fun. The game isn't a free game unfortunately (there is a lite version available with restrictions) but it is more than worth the purchase price.

Block Story offers everything you could want with a great array of biomes to explore, a huge enemy list to fit against (with the option to summon your own) and a deep RPG level system so that you are always growing stronger.

For someone like me who loves Minecraft but also has plenty of role playing game roots I would have to put this game near the top on any iOS games like Minecraft list.



One Of The Very Popular Games like Minecraft For iPad and iPhone

I don't think a list of iOS games like Minecraft could be complete without Survivalcraft as it's arguably the most popular around. A lot of it's original success came from introducing features before Minecraft: Pocket Edition had them developed, giving it a strong player base and following until Minecraft PE caught up in development.

In terms of content you'll find it exactly in line with the PC version of Minecraft with large random game worlds, plenty of caves, Redtstone like electricity, animals, weather and everything else you need for an adventure.

Even though the game essentially is offering the same experience as Minecraft PE the cost is different and can save you a few dollars if you don't want to pay for the 'brand' so to speak.



A Game Like Minecraft For iPad Only

Blocksworld is a game that doesn't get mentioned much and is an iPad only title. The game does focus on appealing to a younger audience with simple Lego like designs that users can use to create with.

Even as an older gamer though I really enjoyed everything that the game had to offered. I spent plenty of time building cars, building and other creations that can then be easily shared with other users using the App. If you like creativity (like me most of the time) then you can simply enjoy the content that others have produced.

While free you'll definitely need to spend money on extra blocks for some building ideas that you might have as without in app purchases you can find yourself limited depending on your ideas.


Adventure With Companions

One Of The Multiplayer Focused iOS Games Like Minecraft

Adventure With Companions is a simple Minecraft clone that focuses on connecting you with other players in a multiplayer environment. There isn't any real depth or features to the game beyond what Minecraft creative would offer but I feel like it needs to be included here solely for the fact that it makes multiplayer sandbox adventures easy.

For a small price it's definitely the best iOS game out there if you are hunting for something that you and your friend can both install and play in a Minecraft style world together.

Updated: 08/30/2019, Seelyon
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