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Finding new games to play can always be a tough experience for gamers but there are some great websites out there to help you find similar games to your favourites. I use this webs

Finding new games to play can always be a tough experience for gamers but there are some great websites out there to help you find similar games to your favourites. I use this websites on a regular basis to help me discover new experiences and I've found some real gems that I wouldn't have known about otherwise.

Using these websites was one of the main reasons that I started to write leaves on Zujava that feature game recommendations. The websites here generally only offer good suggestions for main stream games which often means that some of the best games are left out!

The helpful websites here have helped me in the past in finding a suitable game and are available for free to use). If you know some other great game recommendation websites I'd love to hear about them and I'll add them to the list.

Images on this page are used for review purposes and are provided by game media departments for the purpose of review and critique.

My Own Recommendation Pages

First up on the list of ways to find similar games are my own pages here at Zujava. I've written these pages to cover games that the websites below don't cover or I think cover poorly (and thus fill a need in the market).

All of my pages focus on providing a small number of the very best games in that category since I like to focus solely on games that are the best in their genre. I encourage you to check out some of my more popular pages below:


One Of The Best Place For Game Recommendations

Like many gamers I have a healthy Steam account full of games and a friends list that is equally big to ensure I always have someone new to play with. I find most of my new game suggestions from Steam itself and with the new tag system that has been introduced this process is even easier than before.

The most obvious way to use Steam is to visit the store page for the game you want similarities for and at the bottom you'll find three games under the title "More like this".

You can then also press the "see all" button to get even more similar games. These game recommendations from Steam are extremely accurate and has led to the discovery of some absolute amazing video games. Best of all you're already in the Steam store so it's easy to make a purchase if you are an avid Steam user like myself.

Other ways to use Steam to discover games like your favourites include their robust search system and their tag system that easily lets you choose tags that been assigned to games.

Steam - Official Website


Games Finder

My Most Recent Discovery

Games Finder is a website I've only discovered recently and it focus on editorial games like recommendations. It's not a complete database of games like the other options I've featured here but it doesn't try to be with a good balance between quantity and quality. At the moment they have over 1,700 game reviews spread across 80 categories (see their games directory).

With each game suggestion you'll get a review (which are short pieces, think of them more like game overviews), videos, available platforms, relevant links, release date information and purchase options so it's an all in one experience.

What makes this website special is the user voting that let's you vote for games that you've played (and thus helping gamers that visit the website after you). It's a really nice touch and it does give you this sense of accomplish as you feel like you're building something with other gamers. For those that are also into shopping Games Finder has a sister site (Stores Finder).

Games Finder - Get Game Recommendations

Giant Bomb

A Huge Wiki Of Games

While many people go to Giant Bomb for reviews, news and the wiki many people don't release that the website has a similar games option on every single game wiki page. They also have a really great search feature to search their entire database.

With options to narrow your search down based on themes, release dates, the games rating and the genre it's easy to find games that suit your style. For the most part these search results are pretty good but sometimes the themes/genres can be a bit off (simply because it's done based on tags by a computer rather than a person).

While the search is good I prefer to use the similar game option on each game, simply navigate to the wiki page for your favourite game and then hover over "related pages" and press "similar games (as shown in the picture below). Giant Bomb is sometimes hit or miss here though, some of the similar pages are great, some are bad and some are empty.

While it's not a bad place to use if you've exhausted Steam and Games Finder it isn't my top choice.

Giant Bomb - Video Game Serch


Sometimes Useful For Game Recommendations

I tossed and turned on whether or not to include TasteKid on this list of game recommendation websites because in all truth it isn't that great on the video game side of recommendations but it is pretty good for music and movies. This is simply due to the fact that these mediums are much easier for a computer algorithm to pair together because genres are more clear cut. I good game recommend website needs to have some human element (be it editors or a community) to properly categorise games.

TasteKid is best saved for searches relating to the big AAA titles like Call of Duty which you'll get decent results for as the search engine does rely on Wikipedia for much of it's information (which means you miss out on a lot of good indie games as they don't have Wikipedia pages).

While it's an important site to know you'll be using this option the least for games but it may continue to developer into something great like it's music/movie/book recommendations.

Tastekid - Home Page

Updated: 04/14/2017, Seelyon
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