Top 5 Board Games for Adults

by Tehreem

Its time for adults to have some fun playing some unique and interesting board games

As adults we all feel that we occasionally need some time to just sit down and relax.
And while there’s no other way to do so than over a glass of wine and a movie, how about we try a new way that is both fun and yet intellectually stimulating? How about over a pack of cards, a glass of wine and some good friends? Depending on the kind of group you’re playing with, you need to decide the sort of board games you’d like. If we’re talking about a party simply in search for some entertainment, then you should choose Cards Against Humanity. If for instance, if you’ve got a party who needs light entertainment but something that makes their mental abilities race at the same time- like a challenge to their personal opinions, then you should probably settle for the classic Party game, Loaded Questions. At the end of the day it all depends on the party you’ll be playing with and their needs!

Cards Against Humanity Game

As a first option, we’ve got the humorous party board game known as Cards Against Humanity. As the name itself suggests, it’s a board game against the most loathsome of the lot- your friends! There are over 550 cards in this pack, with over a hundred rounds- that’s enough to settle the question of what-to-do-on-board-game-night for sure!

The rules of the game dictate that one person read out a question against everyone from their black card, and everyone else answers with the funniest and best options from a series of white cards! The magazine Penny Arcade, summed up this game as, ‘uncontrollable laughter’, and as Kill Screen magazine aptly put it, ‘The game your party deserves’.

Loaded Questions Game

'Loaded Questions' game will surely probe your mind and your understanding of your friends. This is a board game that test how well you know your friends, by asking you and your friends opinion-oriented questions and seeing how well you can guess their answer or vice versa! Though there are no right and wrong answers, the person who guesses correctly the most wins! What’s even better is that the game isn’t simply meant for a tiresome party of three- you can invite up to six of your closest friends, or even acquaintances and get to know everyone better!

Questions included in this game are all different and refreshing ones, such as, ‘What would be a terrible name for a celebrity perfume? If you could ‘dis-invent’ one thing, what would it be?’

With fun questions such as these, bound to quiz everyone on their knowledge of each other, the media, movies, and even simply their creativity, this is one party board game you should not miss out on!

Smart Ass Game

A truly fast-paced game, where timing is everything, would be the board game, ‘Smart Ass’. This is the game you’ve been finally waiting for. If you are Impatient for your turn, know the right answer to the, ‘Who-What-Where’ questions and in the mood to answer before the person next to you does? Here’s your chance!

This is the first board game where you can actually yell out the answer without it ever being your turn, and without ever being penalized for not waiting your turn! The person whose answering timing is perfect- neither too fast not too slow in a group of about eight players, moves faster and closer to becoming the winner and- the ultimate Smart Ass!

So, how fast can you play?

You'll Never Guess Game

A unique game that is sure to improve both your social skills and general knowledge, while letting you have the most fun, would be the board game, ‘You’ll Never Guess!’. In this game, players take turns asking people where they are supposed to be, what they are doing or are about to do.

An example would be if the Presenter- the person challenging everyone else, reads out a question from one of the 160 game cards, ‘Where Am I?’, and this place could be literally anywhere else- be it the South of America or even the heart of France!

The person who is trying to guess the answer would in turn ask their own questions- for instance if the presenter was in France, so the inquirer could ask questions such as, ‘Is it very cold there?’, ‘Is it by the beach’, or even, ‘Do most people wear berets there?’ Have fun testing your own general knowledge skills and finding out how much others know as well!

But wait! Are you sure there isn’t simply someone smarter, asking the Presenter more knowledgeable questions than you? Well think fast then and win the round before they do!

Battle of the Sexes Game

In my personal opinion, one of the best adult board games, and one that teenagers will most definitely enjoy, would be the ‘Battle of the Sexes’, board game. This is a game based on finding out the ultimate truth- are men better than women? Or is it just the opposite! This challenging game consists of a series of questions, trivia and pictures, all designed to test your knowledge of the opposite sex! Questions included could for instance even range to that most intimate of female rituals-‘ Which wand does she use when she applies blush?’

Watch your boyfriend’s mouth gape open in wonder and disappointment as he tries to guess the right answer! Or is it you perhaps? How well do you know the different positions of football players in a soccer game? With mini trophies included in this game, you come closer to winning, every time you outwit the opposite sex, and gain yet another trophy! The game leads to the final showdown: The question, ‘Which Sex is superior? Male or Female?’

However in order to further complicate matters and yet heat them up, would be The Challenge Tokens. Designed in order to ensure that neither cheaters nor smartasses can simply bluff their way to victory, these tokens make you work hard and either move towards victory or else- lose! Each time the opposite team answers correctly you must move more mini trophies to their side of the board and vice versa.

So who is it then?

Men? Or women?

Well play the game and find out!

Updated: 06/12/2016, Tehreem
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Mira on 10/19/2014

These would make fun Christmas presents for family or friends get-togethers! Pinning them onto my Christmas 2014 boards as well as on the Bargain Gifts for Friends board.

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