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If you are out of ideas and want to buy the best board game for your teen then here you can find a collection of both Fun & Educational board games

It may sound strange, not to say outlandish, but teenagers and board games do indeed blend well. The typical image of the teenager who enjoys partying, and having a wild night may seem odd but times have changed. Now, even teenagers can enjoy socializing over a board game, just as much as they would elsewhere: the trick is in choosing the RIGHT board game for your seventeen year old. This may initially seem hard, however rest assured, it’s not.

How to Choose the Best Board Game

Most teenagers enjoy doing things with their friends- this in turn means laughing, bonding and generally just having the most of the fun. This should serve as a red marker for you to select a board game that will firstly, allow your teen to be able to do all of the above. Thus, a popular board game known as ‘Say Anything’ will allow your teenager to unleash their opinion on certain topics, it will subtly bring in another outcome accepting difference of opinion. Competitiveness is another quality to hunt for in the perfect board game. For many teenagers, the real stimulation lies on the road to victory.

 Hence, a game like Scrabble may help your teenager grow intellectually, by assisting them in learning new words or improving their grammar but it may be boring for them because there is no material gain involved. In situations where one is aware that teenagers wish to go beyond the pursuit of mental activation, it may be preferable to choose a game such as the clever board game known as Carcassonne.

The game  acts as a mini replica of the French medieval cities, based on the fact that players rebuild areas around the city, and are awarded points on their abilities to do so. This game serves multiple purposes.

Not only does it reward players with points for accurately reconstructing cities but it also injects another dose of competition- that of letting players fight over territory.

And while your child is delighted over how well they rebuilt a road and eventually won, the game also brings forth an aesthetic and historical factor- Carcassonne may be renown for its beautiful fortifications, but unless if they have actually visited it, most teens would not even know about it!

However, it is always best to look at the more obvious rules. Most young people have very little time to devote to board games, given how intensely they are busy partying and studying.

However, if chosen wisely, a board game with easy rules, and a fast way to achieving its goals may still enable teenagers to slow down and enjoy themselves in a simpler fashion. One such  enjoyable board game would be  Buzz Word- which relies on a word at a time and with a group of teenagers racking their heads to guess something related to it, it’s quick, efficient and a fun past time that lets teenagers think faster.

The number of players should be another thing to keep in mind. If your teenager has invited friends over, it’s likely that a game with multiple players will be needed- no one likes to feel left out. It would also be better not to choose games likely to stir a storm.Sometimes arguments may break forth even when the board game’s right- whether it’s over the confusing rules, the number of players allowed or simply over a cheater.

Thus, some of the most obvious rules may enable you to pick out a board game that is both suitable and enjoyable for your teenager- whether it’s a quick game of Buzzword that allows for mental stimulation and some social bonding over groups or something that involves a bit of handiwork and no cheating, like Carcassonne.

Fun Board Games for Teenagers

Board games that may be intended for teenagers to enjoy themselves would be the ones that would be more likely to stimulate laughter and a light hearted mood as opposed to serious rumination. Thus, it might be better to introduce teenagers to a series of board games which allows them to have the thing that they would like the most-   have fun!

One such board game can be, Say Anything’, an opinion-based party game produced by the brand North Star Games.

Say Anything’ is a board game that initiates opinions and differences in tastes over much debated topics such as ‘What is the best movie of all time?’.

The game may sound simple enough, but it’s outcome may be far better than what you hoped for.

Whereas your fifteen year old may have been too shy to admit they prefer ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, over ‘The Hunger Games’, now they may finally do so.

Apart from the breaking away of peer pressure, there may  also be a certain unexpected twist of social bonding- your teenager may never have been friends with someone , but once they discover that someone else also prefers Andrew Garfield’s hotness, they may just have met their new best friend!

With an admission of three to eight people in this game, no one sure is to be ostracized, and with a minimum of thirty minutes, it’s unlikely that anyone would find this game tedious. In fact they’ll certainly want to go on playing some more, once they’ve discovered their friends’ uniqueness.

Apples To Apples

Another great party game- one which won ‘Party Game of The Year’ award, would be the one entitled, ‘Apples To Apples.

This is a humorous game which is not only intended to make players laugh but to teach them the skill of analogy as well- the basic rule being that you compare the card you have to that of the one described by the person chosen as a judge.

It also helps teach teenagers about the similarity of different things and how there may be  places and people they may have been unaware of, that may be linked to the ones they know.

A highly amusing  game, ‘Apples to Apples’ should not be missed out.


Yet another party game from a medley of board games, would be that of the World Wise Import’s renown, ‘Curses’.

‘Curses’ is an innovative board game that is based on the otherworldly concept of placing a superficial hex on your partner- cards  inform players of the commands that must be followed in order to maintain a curse and so win the game.

This board game is wonderful for children of up to twelve years and will be sure to place- as it promises,’ a laughing spell on them’

After all, what could be  more delightful than watching your eleven year old attempt to speak like a pirate in a funny language or in a gruff voice, or to see adolescents twist the Harry Potter ideal of curses into something more fun - like trying to not bend your elbows?


A fourth game, and one that would be interesting to both teenagers and the family would be ‘.Cranium  Family Fun’.

‘Cranium Family Fun’ is a highly engaging board game- one that unleashes both family bonding time and the creative spirit that you long for, in your children.

The game calls for groups and you may be delighted to watch your teenager bond with their siblings in order to reach the twisting and turning path at the end of the game. Cranium Family Fun’, adheres the usage of all one’s creative skills- it is not simply a series of mundane tasks one has to complete in order to win the game.

It involves sketching, sculpting, and other appealing ideas that allow both you and your family to put all your creativity to good use- Dad may finally be able to use his ability to flip things over in a quirky way, by passing those colorful Frogs to Mom.

Your teenage daughter- may just create the perfect piece of sculpture. However, even as it may just be considered a domestic board game by many, ‘Cranium Family Fun’ is also a board game that may be enjoyed by teenagers  at a party; it’s many artistic activities and even it’s intellectually stimulating ones, such as the guessing activities, may perfectly suit young aspiring artists who simply want to indulge in something whimsical- while the competition involved in team work and completing all the tasks, may engage the attention of the more serious minded young adults.

At any rate, this is one board game that may well consume your family or party night!  

Educational Board Games for Teenagers


So far as choosing board games for teenagers are concerned, you may want to pick one that is both fun and help your kids learn something new. Board games aren’t just used for the purpose of trying to harness your kids at home after much partying, or attempting to make them see that family bonding can take place other ways as well.

Board games can make you smarter. There is now sufficient medical evidence that playing board games that mentally stimulate the mind can assist in enhancing your memory, make you think faster and more logically, and can even astonishingly, prevent the onset of a tragic disease like Alzeheimer’s. Does this sound like sufficient reason to help your child gain access to a good memory, and prevent him/ her from suffering later in life? If so, read on!

A classic family game would be Hasbro’s Monopoly. You’ve played it yourself, and now you hope your teenager will enjoy it as well. Well, fear no more, because if you remember the rules, this is what Monopoly sounds like. You build and sell properties in the famed Atlantic City. That too, for hefty sum of cash.

For the more Business-minded teenager, this would be the perfect game-because they would not only  be making huge sums of money, but they would also learn the ups and downs that take place in various businesses- even the ones involving real estate. And in fact, for moms and dads, who feel that their children think their job is too boring, here’s a great way to show that it’s not!

Real estate isn’t simply about selling property and making money. It’s an art! One that involves money.


A classic like Scrabble has not gone out of fashion. Thanks to Winning Moves’ updated version of a shinier, smarter ScrabbleAs you ponder over the next word, you should longer worry over slipping board tiles and an exultant opponent. This version of Scrabble has a board with a nifty, ‘tile-lock’ design. As you place your words on the board, the tiles automatic stay in place- no more scrabbling to replace words!

However even as your teenagers will be sure to love the new  Scrabble board, there will still be that comfort of old rules and playing the same game everyone’s played before.

Now you can have the pleasure of watching your kids battle over words, discover new ones and without the irritability of slipping word tile

I'm Debt Free

Let’s talk about the financial lives of your teens. Most teenagers frankly, enjoy being a bit of a spendthrift. A carefully-planned, well thought out game, ‘I’m Debt Free’, by the company with the same name, strives to knock in those values. It may be a lot of fun for your children to save and invest make-believe money during the course of a board game, but the concept behind it goes beyond that.

By the end of the game, we’re sure that your child will not only be more aware of economic matters such as stocks, but they’ll also understand how to manage money. They will learn paying off credit cards bills isn’t as easy as it sounds!

ThriveTime For Teen Game

However, sometimes money management is more tightly wound up with time management as well. This is more so for teenagers who struggle to invest in every aspect of their lives. This is where a board game entitled, ‘Active and Passive Businesses’, comes in.

A game designed to teach your teenager about how to manage their time and money in the best fashion, it’s spread out in time segments. There is BIZtime, which refers to the fifteen free hours during your teenager’s bustling social and academic life, which  are meant to be devoted to a new business project. Then there’s Income Statement, which is when they learn that though money making may be sweet, it’s a harsh world if spend unwisely- now that’s something you’ve always wanted them to learn!

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This is a nice selection of board games for teenagers. Pinning some of them onto Gifts for Teenage Boys and Girls, Bargain Gifts for Friends, and Christmas 2014 Gift Ideas.

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