Valentine Party Games for Kids & Adults

by Tehreem

Get ready to have fun on this valentine's day by playing engaging games which will help you bond with your partner and kids

Valentine’s day is barely a month away! And while you may have finally decided to seal the deal by either simply asking her to be your Valentine or even marrying you- it’s not a step we’re still ready for our kids to take! However, that doesn’t mean that they have to miss out on the spirit of Valentines, which is why we’ve brought some very cool- albeit NOT so romantic- but still very fun ideas for your kid to enjoy themselves on this special day as well and make the most out of it!

Valentine Games for Kids

Steal My Heart Game

The first fun party game we’ve lined up is the classic Steal My Heart Game. We all love those pretty little candy conversation hearts- more so kids! So while the red and pinks of the cookies or candies may serve as a winner for both boys and girl anyway, why not add some spice and make reaching out for them a bit more spicy for your tiny Cupid?

The trick lies in gathering as many conversation hearts as you can in one big bowl and placing it in the center of the dining room. You then make all the children gather round the bowl and tell them to ‘steal as many hearts’, as they can in 2 minutes and pile ‘em in front of them. The one who grabs the most hearts can not only eat them, but also enjoy the delight of a special Valentine’s gift or prize from you! So why not light up their little faces and go on a Conversation Heart day spree?!

Word Valentine's Day Game

Another fun Valentine party game- but one that is dedicated to helping the blood flow to your child’s brain in the form of recollection and hard thinking, would be the Valentine’s Day Word Game. This is yet another easy game; you either write the phrase, ‘Valentine’s Day’ on the black board or write it on individual sheets of paper and hand it out to the neighborhood kids who are at your home.

You then ask them to come up with a series of words derived from the phrase, ‘Valentine’s Day’. It may help to give your children some clues in advance however and explain how to go about it- ‘Lent’, ‘Vent’, ‘Day’ and so on.

And in order to boost the more restless kids, you can promise that the child who comes up with the most, and smartest words formed from the phrase, will win either their own big bag of conversation hearts or else a huge goody bag filled with the best Valentine’s Day candy!

Valentine Day Heart Hunt

A second idea that may add some zest to your little lovebird’s Valentine, would be the traditional Valentine Day Heart Hunt. It is similar to a real Treasure Hunt. You then hide the hearts in secret places either around your house or in the classroom, an hand the kids some home made plastic sticks or a similar item to reach out for the conversation hearts.

The child who finds the most hearts in the least amount of time- wins. Keep the limit from 10-15 minutes, and place them in different but convenient to find locations. As an added bonus then, you can either award them with a fluffy heart shaped pin, a box of chocolates or any other gift and declare it before the start of the game. Treasure hunt?

Pin the Heart on Cupid

And finally, we’ve come to a Valentine’s Day game that feels like my personal favorite for kids. This is a game that mimics the more traditional Piñata or Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Donkey game that we often played ourselves as children. However, this game sounds like slightly more fun.

The aim is to get kids to pin the most cardboard or other material-made colorful hearts on a computer or poster edited image of Cupid on the classroom board or on the wall of your living room. But it’s not that easy!

Keeping in mind that Cupid is always aiming his arrow for a large heart, the goal is to ensure that the kids pin the most hearts that they have- on Cupid’s heart! A more fun idea would be to either blindfold the kids as well- making certain that the stick or item with which they shall be pining hearts is not sharp, and then asking them to go ahead.

The child who pins the most hearts wins and that of course means another sweet treat for your little Cupid! So what are you waiting for? Let the kids take a chance on love and see who wins the most hearts!

Now however, it’s time to let the adults have some fun.

Wink Wink.

By this however- we do refer to some fun adult Valentines’ games that both you, your lover, and your other dating friends can enjoy!

Valentine Party Games for Adults

Marriage Advice Game

The first one is a lighthearted one that may, however genuinely improve your own, sometimes gloomy introspective on your relationship problems. Which is why this game has been aptly named, ‘Marriage Advice Game’.

The rules of the game dictate that you dish out slips of paper to every member of your group, or to the couples in the room and ask them all to separately write a typical marriage or relationship problem that they either expect to take place or is already happening in their lives. An instance, could be if someone were to admit, ‘The husband is very greedy at dinnertime’, or the tendency of one partner to belch or snore unexpectedly.

Next, after all, the problem slips have been handed back in, you hand out more blank slips and instruct participants to write a possible solution to a marriage problem- this does not necessarily mean one to the problem that they wrote! As you might have already guessed, this builds up anticipation for the classic shuffle all the slips and read out one random marriage problem to one random solution. We’ve tried this game and there’s no doubt, how soon you’ll all be rolling over and laughing at- ‘Husband snores in bed’ to, ‘Get up and dance naked!’, as a possible solution!

Guess the Couple

This game is also quite personal, however it can purely involve couples only- it’s up to them to write what they want about themselves! The rules say that each couple must be given a blank slip of paper and jot down a few fun or unique facts about themselves- for example, their favorite restaurant or how they met.

The filled in slips of paper must then be shuffled and passed around the room to the couples again. Once they have the random slips of papers containing different couples’ facts, they must then be given more blank slips of paper and try to guess which couples’ history they just read!

A truly fun game, this is one that will not only enable you to feel closer to your partner, but allow for some inter couple bonding as well- now everyone will know more about you and the special person beside you!

Famous Couples Guessing Game

This is a less personalized, slightly more gossipy game- more like a fun trivia quiz in fact, The Famous Couples Guessing Game involves you either getting a card pack with famous movie or historical couple facts, reading it aloud and having everyone try to guess the right answer.

You can, however, make it more personalized and customized to your own couples’ group knowledge, and jot down facts about your groups’ favorite couples and have them guessing the right answers to your trivia questions. An example would be if you asked, ‘When did Brangelina/ Kate Middleton and Prince William first get together/ break up?’, and  discovered who in fact knows the most about their favorite royal or star crossed couple!

Valentines Spin the Bottle Game

A more romantic and intimate game is this sexy take on the classic Spin the Bottle game. To start off, you need an empty wine bottle- immerse this in warm water to complete efface labels etc and then spray paint it in any shade of pink or red- hot pink is a personal favorite, since it can be accessorized with a cute matching pink ribbon or label.

You should then either write or type any number and kind of romantic or intimate actions on slips of paper and slip them all together into the bottle. As an added bonus, there could be one slip bearing the phrase, ‘Player’s Choice’. You should then tie a cute pink ribbon or a slip of paper, with the words, ‘Seth/Sara’s/etc Spin The Bottle Valentine’s Day 2014’- in order to herald this as your own personal favorite game.

A fun take on the game, would be rest the bottle on it’s side between you and your partner and then spin it. The one it comes closest to, will have the liberty to do pick anything- so take the chance to be as romantic or mischievous as you’d like!

Updated: 07/30/2018, Tehreem
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Mira on 10/19/2014

I like the idea of having games for kids to keep them occupied during Valentine's Day :). Pinning some of these games.

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