Best Cash Registers for Kids

by Tehreem

Buy your kid a perfect replica of a real cash register and help him or her learn money matters

Children love to imitate adults- your child sees you do something fun and it’ll be likely that they’ll want to do the same. It isn’t surprising then, that they would wish to learn the art of producing money from an early age. Hence, in order to teach it to them, there are a number of companies producing kids’ cash registers. As with all products, it is significant to know its best features. There are numerous factors to consider when selecting the best cash register for your kid.

The first would be a cash register which emits sounds like those that come from the real cash register- a beep!; younger children as we know, are more likely to be attracted to loud noises. Hence a scanner that makes a sound like its real counterpart would be welcomed. The scanner in fact is a necessary feature for any child’s cash register.

However, there should also be a bar code scanner. We may assume that children may not know how to read bar codes, but we’re certain that they love it’s weird pattern and enjoy the sensation of at least playing, to know how to read a bar code.

Also, considering how much kids love the latest phones, it’s no surprise that they would not just settle for some mini screen which stayed empty. Cash registers with LCD screens which are meant for actual number recognition will be sure to engage their attention more.

Lastly, a good kids’ cash register will always be sure to provide realistic looking money- because it’s a certainty that as much as they love shiny credit cards, at some point or the other, they’ll still want to stick with some good ’ cash!

Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register

The Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register is great for not letting kids play with money- but in getting them to learn  both accounts and maths. This cash register comes with four games- all meant to enable kids to learn their addition, subtraction and multiplication tables in a fun way.

As a reward, young children of up to three to five years are rewarded with the delighting sounds of voice messages, and their favorite lights and sounds. In order to make children feel like adults with real jobs at the same time, this cash register also comes with life sized money bills, credit cards and coins. And in order to facilitate this, there are also actual coin slots, and a built in scanner to emit sounds and keep your kid engaged. Now they’ll be asking mom and dad more about the right amount of change! A bonus feature is the automatic shut off feature that makes the register last longer without any recharges.

Summit Junior Talking Cash Register

Another choice to look out for, would be The Summit Junior Talking Cash Register, by the company Red. This is a colorful cash register which is perfect for kids of up to five years of age.

It comes with realistic features such as an actual scanner that your child can use to pass over goods Mom and Dad may buy- wink wink!- with actual barcode stickers to place over items. 

This cash register also comes with a built in microphone- perfect for announcing the Days’ Dash and Win Sale or that someone’s been –gasp! Caught stealing. A digital display and talking keypad also help your kid if they’re confused and cant ask their customers because they’re too embarrassed- aww!, as well as gives them the a very real sense of pleasure and power

Girly Junior Talking Cash Register

For a more girly cash register, your daughter will be sure to love The Summit Junior Talking Cash Register. It comes in a lovely pink shade- one any girl would love, just as your son would adore the blue, more boyish version.

This cash register comes with plenty of money- coins and bills, and the drawer makes an interesting ca-ching sound – same as it’s real counterpart, and sure to delight your kids who desire to be more grown up!

A large professional looking LCD in black and pink also adds up sales totals –easy and pretty enough for your child to learn how their addition and subtraction! As added features, and to ensure that your children are never bored, there’s also a small and girly looking- but still realistic- barcode scanner, with barcode sheets.

Along with this is the microphone so that your kids can take a break from their busy sales life whenever they wish! However, cash registers need to be both realistic and attractive in order for kids to enjoy themselves and learn simultaneously. They also need to have the right goods to go with them- in this case, having the right kind of play money is crucial

Educational Insights Play Money

Educational Insights Play Money- Coins and Bills not only teaches your kids how to perfectly operate a cash register with realistic looking money- but also enables them to learn how to count change, to attach value to money from an early age and how to choose wisely when shopping- with such well replicated dollars and dimes.

The storage tray of this cash register also includes real looking $100 and $50 bills; great for teaching your kids the heavy responsibilities of earning and storing money- and at the same time, the light feeling that accompanies it!

This cash register is wonderful for children of up to five years and over who have already developed an interest in money matters and wish to learn and enjoy some more!

Top Mini Market Cash Register

Another look at a kids’ cash register may be the well rounded Toy Mini Market Cash Register, which includes not only play notes or bills, but also cartons of food which stay beside the toy till and make it easy for you to play customer with your child!

An electronic toy till which is accompanied by an calculator helps your child learn about how to calculate the right amount of money and change minus any embarrassing mistakes!

Other features include an inbuilt microphone intercom- perfect for last minute announcements or for your kid to learn the power of a last minute sale!

And, lastly, in order for your child to never have to quit playing whenever he wants to, this cash register comes with a 2 AA Battery- ensuring that you don’t have to keep recharging or keep your child ever waiting!

Updated: 01/11/2014, Tehreem
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