Electronic Battleship

by SeanMac

Electronic Battleship Advanced Mission is the all singing, all dancing, electronic version of the old Battleship board game

Battleship is one of the best games ever made by Hasbro. We played for hours on end when I was a child and we had only our imagination for the sounds and had to visualize the seascape in our heads. The new Battleship is an all singing, all dancing, electronic version of the classic game. No more lost parts or pegs. It is not so easy to cheat, either but is just as enjoyable as ever before.

Hasbro's Electronic Battleship

Electronic Battleship is advanced but is based on the old reliable game whereby you have to sink your opponent’s battleships (all 5 of them). The electronic game-board admiral shouts ‘Man the battle stations’ and lights flash on and the sirens wail as you wait on the attack of your enemy's missiles. If you don’t have an opponent then you can play a game against the machine at three different skill level settings. It is also possible to vary the number of hits per turn and adapt the rules to suit the players.

On a mission with Hasbro

Battleship Electronic Star Wars edition

Electronic Battleship requires 4 X AA batteries (I suggest rechargeable ones) which enables it to come to life with the electronics. You now have battle voice commands and a plethora of special effects plus new weapons in the upgraded board game. You can use radar and even a search plane to locater the enemy ship’s whereabouts before you launch an attack but the basic premise is exactly the same as the original board game. There are several themed Battleship editions and shown below is a Star Wars themed version of the game.

Battleship Star Wars

Battleship Electronic Star Wars edition
Only $59.99

Hand Held Electronic Battleship

The two units fight against each in the classic Battleship game but there is no board to be set up and no small bits and pieces to fall on the floor. The hand held units are robust and you can sit comfortably in an armchair as you play against your opponent. The game is ideal for kids of all ages and can be set to suit the comprehension level of even young players. It works real well on long car journeys and keeps the kids amused for hours. The portability of Electronic Battleship is the big plus for me, as well as the children. 

Battleship Travel Version

Electronic Hand Held Battleship
Only $35.8

Old fashioned Battleship

Some families still prefer the old version of the game with all the pegs and the simplicity of play. I quite agree that part of the fun was in pegging the enemy and secreting your own ships and boats into the vast ocean playing surface. Changing the colored pegs when hit was just plain old good fun. The Electronic version has its merits too, especially the hand held which is ideal on a long or tedious journey.

Old Battleship Game

Battleship Board Game
Battle Ship
Only $51.97

More themed Battleships

G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra Battleship...
$119.99  $29.99
Battleship Galaxies
$109.99  $499.99
Hasbro Travel Battleship Fun On The Run
$25.0  $19.9

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SeanMac on 07/13/2012

We used to play the old fashioned way with the tiny pegs and cardboard playing surface. the new technology has not changed the fascination with this clever game concept. thank you katiem2 for commenting.

katiem2 on 07/12/2012

I love this game. My brothers and I used to play battle ship, great game and now its electronic, can't wait to get my hands on the electronic version of battle ship.

SeanMac on 06/20/2012

Thank you Tolovaj and I suppose that cheating is part of the fun too. It is hardly surprising that the electronic version can be cheated just like in the olden days with the tiny pegs that I kept losing. Ah, what memories.

Tolovaj on 06/18/2012

I remember battleship as one of best games from my childhood. It is great to hear there is electronic version available. You said it is harder to cheat?
Well, cheating is part of the fun and if it is harder (but not impossible), it makes the electronic battleship just more interested!

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