Naughty Little People Postcards

by SeanMac

The hobby of Deltiology (postcard collecting) involves being on the lookout for specific cards for your collection. The micro Naughty Little People Postcards are good fun.

Postcard collectors, like myself, are always on the lookout for new cards. Quite often I look for books of cards or boxed sets of postcards for my collection. The Naughty Little People Postcards are a novel new collection of 21 cards featuring images of tiny people from all walks of life.

Why do Deltiologists like this set?

The hobby of deltiology (postcard collecting) involves being on the lookout for specific cards for your collection. Deltiologists (postcard collectors like me) usually collect by themes and some of them might collect vintage cards whilst others might favour only brand new cards. These featured cards fall into the risque genre of cards, somewhat likened to the old Bamford cards of years ago (often referred to as seaside humour).

Naughty Postcards Book

Although I received some of them through club membership I decided to buy the full collection in book format. The set contains 21 postcards of very ordinary scenes. What makes them unique are the tiny characters in the images. At first glance the cards seem innocuous enough but on closer inspection you will find people behaving badly (in a humourous manner). The cards are in a hardcover book and each card measures 7 inches by 5 inches. They can be detached from the book and posted like normal mail. Alternatively they can be kept as keepsakes in book format. They make good coffee table books or can be used as icebreakers at corporate events.

Book of 21 postcards featuring micro characters

Tiny characters in (sometimes) compromising positions
Naughty Little People Postcards by Laurence King Publishing (2012) ...
Naughty Little People Postcards Hiking
Naughty Little People Postcards Hiking
Naughty Little People Postcard Shaving
Naughty Little People Postcard Shaving

Naughty but nice

Some of them are naughtier than others but I show just some of the less offensive ones here. The cards are well manufactured and the images are clear. They are slightly bigger than the normal 6 x 4 inches postcard (but postage charges remain the same for these novel cards). They are quite hilarious and just naughty enough to be charming and even tasteful, but it does depend on your own viewpoint. The tiny figurines in the scenes are like small Lego minifigures misbehaving badly, sometimes without any clothes on. Close inspection is required to find out what mischief the figures are up to and you might be shocked at their antics.

Post Crossing

Many of the postcards are being exchanged regularly in postcard clubs and swap groups. The biggest site worldwide for deltiologists is called Postcrossing and a simple search on Google will find them. Membership is simplicity itself (and free too) and once you join you will be able to send and receive cards immediately. I have been a member for over a year now and have received cards (and beautiful postage stamps) from more than 50 different countries around the world.

Little People Postcards

I recommend this book for card collectors and club members or as a stand-alone fun book. They actually serve as very funny birthday cards too and i have sent several of them to friends and relatives. Most of them saw the funny side and appreciated the humor of the cards. Some folks, however, may be offended by the tiny figures and their antics.

Updated: 10/20/2013, SeanMac
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Normandythenandnow on 02/08/2014

Love them! thanks for sharing. Postcards are such great little comment so the world. A vintage postcard reminded us so strongly of Felicite of Flaubert's A Simple Heart, we bought it. Have a look at this lovely old postcard and lots more here

MJ on 12/28/2013

Have you come across any others that are similar to this? I like the erotic nature of the cards and would like to make a feature of them on my wall!

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