C Klein Floral Postcards

by bev-owens

The floral postcards created from the art of C. Klein are truly miniature works of art. Learn more about a still life artist who should get more recognition.

Artist Signed Postcards Are Collectible

C Klein is one artist you can add to your collection

In looking for floral postcards to add to your collection, have you noticed any signed with C. Klein? You might have seen them and passed them by. Although I can not imagine why. Her still life paintings are absolutely incredible with detail and her floral renditions are exquisite.

Her name was actually Catharina Klein and you might say that she was a woman before her time. Growing up and living at a time when men dominated the art world and more specifically the commercial art world, Catharina was a success.

Contemporary Postcard With Lilacs

reproduced from a C Klein floral postcard

Catharina Klein Understood Branding

you will find C Klein signed on most of her work

In the highly competitive field of postcard art, when Catharina was producing there were some people who saw no problem with using any art that they found to publish on a postcard.

At the time, it was not uncommon for a publisher to take a section of an artist's work and republish it without a signature. Catharina, sometimes referred to as Catherine, caught on to those tactics early on in her career.

She started to incorporate her brand with her standardized signature of "C. Klein" very close to her art so that it could not be cropped out if reproduced. Her earliest work will have an underline under her signature.

A Modern Poster Of A Floral by C Klein

Notice the referenc is Catherine instead of Catharina or C Klein

A wonderful video showcasing floral postcards by C. Klein

Collecting Original Postcards By C. Klein

Floral ones or other still life images

It is relatively easy to find the vintage or antique postcards made from the original artwork of C. Klein. I particularly like the florals, although, she also did fruits, vegetables, and birds.

The nice thing about Catharina's postcards is that they are usually not too awfully expensive. There have been instances where the cards are $20 or more and a few have sold for around $200.

Catharina was published by many postcard publishers including Meissner and Buch, and Raphael Tuck. Many postcard collectors look for these publishers of postcards specifically because they were kind of at the top of the field at the time.

Due to the time frame that C. Klein was creating her art for postcards much of her work falls into the public domain and that is why you can find newly created items that have her work on them.

If you collect floral postcards, how much fun would it be to have a coffee mug with one of Catharina Kleins images on it?

Enjoy Your Coffee Or Tea

with a mug decorated with a floral image by C. Klein

Collecting Postcards Is A Fun Hobby

There are so many avenues that you can follow when deciding to collect postcards. You can decide to collect floral postcards only, and if so I can not imagine not having at least a few signed by C. Klein. She was prolific in her art. I read once that she submitted over 2,000 pieces of her art during her career. Most if not all, were published.

You would not have to stick with just postcards with flowers as the theme. There are many categories to choose from. You might prefer real photo postcards or ones from a specific area of the world. There are humorous topics along with serious topics. Holidays were really big during the hey day of postcard production. Christmas and Halloween are two genres of postcards that are very popular with collectors.

There is no wrong decision in what to collect. Find what you like and go with that.

A great place to look for C Klein Floral Postcards Is At Auction

A perfect way to display C Klein Floral Postcards

Hobbymaster Postcard Collecting Album

Linen covered album to store your C. Klein postcard collection.

Only $29.99

Do You Collect Postcards?

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bev-owens on 03/21/2014

Jay, it is quite doubtful that it is Catharina Klein. It is most probably done from a copy of some of her work. She didn't do stuff like that.

Jay on 03/21/2014

I have a large goblet shaped glass hand painted with lilies of the valley and orange gerbera which is signed C Klein. Do you know if this would be Catharina Klein? Thank you

bev-owens on 03/10/2014

As far as I know she never painted lampshades. She pretty much created the art and then sold it to publishers of postcards. She died in 1923 so even if she had painted the lampshade (very doubtful) the shade would have to have been made before her death. Plastic was not available back then to make shades or anything. If the lampshade that you have has her signature on it...it could be that some industrious sole had one of her postcard images printed on the shade but I seriously doubt that it is an original work from the famous C. Klein. Doesn't mean that someone with the initial C and the last name Klein did not paint one but it would not be this artist.

Ciril on 03/10/2014

Hello, I have a lampshade painted by C.Klein and signed it. Are you aware whether it is painted on glass. I'm grateful for the information.
Cyril Kirjakov
[email protected]

elisenda lopes freixes on 09/08/2013

It is a joy to see your page thank you....

Rose on 11/18/2012

Gorgeous postcards. I am a postcard freak, and now I know about C. Klein, and my knowledge base and enjoyment is richer. If I had my way, every one would write a postcard to someone they loved today!

happynutritionist on 09/15/2011

Very beautiful, Bev. I've seen them now and then...so pretty, a nice tribute to them here.

nightbear on 08/24/2011

So beautiful. Really nice art, and to couple that with postcards, so useful. Love it!

Jimmie on 08/24/2011

Very pretty! I do collect postcards and would love some of these in my collection.

kajohu on 08/24/2011

I hadn't heard of C. Klein before, but her floral artwork looks beautiful. I'm more into collecting pretty coffee mugs than postcards -- and the mug you show is one I'd love to have.

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