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Sometimes you might find yourself humming the lyrics of an old mother daughter song that keeps echoing in your mind. These tunes are going to stay life-long and forever.

Melodious songs from daughter to mother that try to elaborate the bond of love and the gratitude are difficult to forget. Ladies, be prepared with a kerchief or tissue paper because some of these sound tracks are capable of blowing out a tear or two. And, watch out for the old timers, they are the songs people want to hear even in twenty’s.

The lyrics and tunes of 50’s and 60’s are just not for the people from 50th and 60th century, they are here to stay beyond 20th century. Delicious and adorable; the songs impel me to get up from the chair and go round and round in circles; dancing in frenzy. Such are these songs that you might find them perfect for an event such as Mother’s day, Wedding day of the daughter or even birthdays of mother and daughter.

Can you remember those soft tunes that you danced as a kid, whirled around as a teenager and would grab them again and again. Whenever you see them in the library or a mall, you end up picking them among all the modern new hi-fi tracks. I remember myself picking up “Sound of music” every time I had an opportunity.

The lyrics are catchy, the tunes are light and I love singing them to my kids. I loved the whole riot of melodies, my daughter loves it and I am sure my grand-daughter will love (when she arrives). The colorful story and the music of some movies are so engaging and lively that they are capable of entering into the heart. The uncanny talent of such musicians and singers has left a mark in the world of music creating waves even when they are no more.

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Mother and Her Daughter

Mother and Her Daughter
Mother and Her Daughter

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Mother’s Day Selection of Daughter to Mother Songs


A mother is more than a life character of selfless love and sacrifice. She teaches and molds the character of the daughter, because most often a daughter is likely to inherit some of her traits and habits. Strangely 2 individuals who might be so different from each other create a special bond that might repeat in more than one life.

A daughter learn “HOW TO BE A WOMAN" and imbibes the essence of womanhood from her own mother. It is also a unique experience and a bind that mother daughter enjoy for life. A collection of daughter to mother songs is an emotional gift and also a great tribute to this special, noble woman in your life who is irreplaceable. What better gift than to honor her at Mother’s Day with a perfect collection of songs both of you have enjoyed while you were growing?

When your mother was young perhaps she sang you a lullaby to sleep, she took you into her lap and sang the nursery rhymes, she danced on her toes with you around; now is the time when she is ageing you do the same thing in similar manner to rekindle the joy and the relationship. The beautiful bond of mother daughter is eternal.

Daughter’s Wedding Day Selection of Daughter Songs from Mother


When I was a teenager, my interests were inclined towards rock, hip-hop music. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the old country music stuff having watched my Mama singing those rural and rustic tunes. I have also grown up most my life in a kind-of rural background with the town witnessing farmers and folks enjoying the simple country living. Only thing is I did not have an inclination to listen to the old songs when I was young; but I do love listening to them as I am aging. I feel more connected to them now.

If you have a Daughter’s wedding day approaching soon, you might love to do the planning in advance. A mother daughter dance is perhaps a good idea. There are these beautiful songs that will have you literally in tears and everyone else in the wedding too.

Buy such music records that don’t get you bored, you want to return to them again and again. These music tracks that you have chosen with passion will never end up in a blind closet or a dark drawer. In fact every time you listen, you learn something new.

Mother Daughter Songs on YouTube

What are your favourite moments and sound tracks?

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Mother daughter songs
DerdriuMarriner on 02/20/2023

Father-daughter, Father-son, Mother-daughter, Mother-son songs tend to be appealing and instructive, just as parents are in real life.

Updated: 07/01/2013, WriterArtist
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Do you think music enables bonding between mother and daughter?

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/20/2023

In particular, I appreciate the Lladró figurine since it illustrates a daughter thanking her mother.

Doesn't it seem like an appreciative reversal to help one's parents with big things, like grocery-shopping and house-cleaning, and with little things, like hair care?

WriterArtist on 06/30/2013

Hi sheilamarie,
Very nicely put - music helps to bond. I remember many songs from childhood that I used to sing with my mother.

sheilamarie on 06/28/2013

Music is a lovely way of bonding generations. I love the image of you dancing around in your childhood home.

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