Best Electric Cars for Kids

by Tehreem

Buy your child a cool electric car for his upcoming birthday. Let them have the thrill of driving their own car

Driving is not the first activity you’d normally associate with kids. And with good reason. Think of all the hazards connected to it; accidents, breaking the speed limit, being out all alone on a dark night- all these are fears that parents typically associate with irresponsible teenagers. However, it’s not just teenagers who love the thrill of a fast car. The difference however, is that kids can still be taught from an early age how to avoid something, or do it cautiously instead. So instead of simply waiting for when they turn sixteen, why don’t you take the advantage of a curious young mind, and buy him his first little electric car? With only a certain speed limit, funky colors and cool designs, even these toys can teach your child that while they can have fun, there is still a certain sense of responsibility attached to it.

Mini Cooper Electric Car

The first electric car we’ve got for your kids is a lovely little red and black striped beauty, named Mini Cooper. She runs well and safe on rubber traction stripe tires and is sure not to land your kid in a tizzy mess- her maximum speed being 2.5 mph- even as your child is trying their fastest to race ahead and when they go in reverse.

Her two best features, are the LED lights- guaranteed to light a smile on your child’s face as they whizz around town- or believe they do!- and the 6V rechargeable battery that allows you to recharge your child’s new ride on the garage wall, without ever making them wait for their next big trip. So what are you waiting for? Go buy this little beauty and make your kid’s day!

Mustang Ride On Electric Car

A second option- and one your little boy would be more likely to love because of its ‘big boy’ feel would be The Power Wheels Mustang Ride On. It comes in the form of a real, almost adult like a car with a Mustang designed on the car bumper to emphasize its fast speed- though don’t worry- it only runs at 2.5 and 5mph max- ssh! He doesn’t need to know. As well as being in a dark, more masculine shade of blue, the car also comes with big chrome wheels- both sporty and fun looking enough to convince him that he’s now all grown up!

Other features also include raised black seats, so both your son and his friend can raise their little selves and enjoy their surroundings- feeling indeed, like King of the World, as well as a genuine looking inbuilt radio system- perfect for when you're grown up turns toddler again and is just feeling sleepy as he safely races round the garden.

This car also comes with a 12 volt battery and charger- perfect for a quick recharge and ensuring that your little boy enjoys himself at all times!

Ride Cadillac Hyrbrid Escalade

Another option- one that is however, more likely to be preferred by both boys and girls, is the Power Wheels Fisher- Ride Cadillac Hybrid Escalade- Grey. As the name suggests, this powerful looking wheel comes in a shiny metal grey.

Big black wheels and a pair of raised tan seats that are still half-screened will be sure to enable your child to convince themselves that they’re enjoying a ride in a tropical forest or even better- on a secret spy mission! This is one ride that you will definitely want to purchase!

F-150 Little Power Wheel

Yet then again, here is a car that your little boy would be more likely to prefer- The Fisher Price F-150 Little Power Wheel. This model comes in yellow with an open air roof, a raised steering wheel and foot pedal operation to mimic the functions of a very real, adult car!

This wheel also drives over both hard surfaces and grass- perfect for when your kid wants to race over those crunchy surfaces without the embarrassment of his mom pushing the car forward in front of his friends! It also comes with a 6 volt battery and charger that your child can place in the boot of the car- giving them the license to just park anywhere and recharge!

Barbie Volkswagen New Beetle

A much awaited girly model would be the Fisher Price Power Wheels Barbie Volkswagen New Beetle. It bears the original VW insignia, and comes in a fresh, bubbly pink- guaranteed to make any little girl fall in love with her! To further coax your shy little princess, there’s also Barbie on the side of the car, as well as a power lock Brake system- ensuring that your child feels safe at all times. We know that girls are more cautious than boys, but in order to reassure you, it is also made certain that the car runs at a speed no faster than 2.5 mph. 

And with a purple steering wheel, it’s own vibrant shade of pink and a 6 volt battery that ensures that it never needs a full recharge

Power Wheels Corvette

And we’re back with some manly steeds. This time it’s the fresh faced red Power Wheels Corvette. With an open air Mustang styled roof and huge wheels, it’s just like the Seventh Generation Corvette and comes in two speeds; 6 mph just to let your little boy enjoy the thrill of driving faster onward and 3mph to let him reverse his car minus any accidents!

This model is also great for driving over both grass and hard surfaces- perfect for ensuring that his car doesn’t stop midway and leave him either bored or unhappy! This model also features a battery that is long lasting as well as some power lock brakes. Your kid may think he’s going to get away with it, but you’ll still know he’ll always be safe!

Hot Wheels Jeep Wrangler

And finally, last but not least, would be Power Wheels Hot Wheels Jeep Wrangler. With huge wheels that let forth real motor sounds, and a cool blue design, this is a model that imitates the actual movie like racing jeeps! A sure treat for your kids! With a High speed Lock Out and a Power Lock Brake System, your little car racers will be sure to never crash down and miss out on any fun!

The car maximum speed is restricted to 2.5 mph which is fast enough for your little racer to feel like he’s going high speeds, and yet slow enough for you to know that he won't land in any trouble! The jeep also comes with a 12 volt battery and charger, guaranteed to make sure that your child never stops racing, as well as a realistic radio that lets blast some wicked tunes for when he just wants to stop and bask in the moment!

Updated: 10/18/2014, Tehreem
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[email protected] on 07/17/2016

Looking for 2 seater Audi

Mira on 10/18/2014

These are rather expensive but kids love them, so I can see some parents buying an electric car for their toddler for Christmas. Pinning them onto my Christmas 2014 Gift Ideas board as well as some gifts for kids boards.

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