Motorhead Key Chains

by iggy

Keychains for the motorhead or mechanic in your life, great gift ideas for motorheads.

I use to be a motorhead and still very much interested, when I saw these key chains I fell in love and purchased a few for myself. Some are related to different fields of car repair and would make a great gift or stocking stuffers, if your partner is a mechanic or just likes cars you should see how cute these are. If you are a car business owner they can be a great way to advertise, give a brake key chain to every customer that gets a complete brake system up grade.

Automobile Enthusiast

I have always been into engines, when I was young I would race motorcycles. When I received my drivers license I built a 69 Camero with a 327 racing engine, loved it but could not drive it everyday so I also got a truck and lifted it with big tires.

Cars are in my blood, when I saw these key chains I knew I wanted one and could not decide so I ended up with three of them. If you are like me and love anything with an engine you may want to take a look at these. If your husband or friend is a mechanic or racing and car enthusiast he may appreciate this as a thinking of you gift, it shows you pay attention to his interests. 

Business Owners

Here is a great way to advertise what you do, if you do brakes give a brake key chain to every customer that gets new brakes or an exhaust key chain to every customer that gets a new exhaust system. You get the idea, and it can bring you new customers. Someone sees one of your customers with the key chain and asks about it and a conversation about your business gets started. Now when that person needs your services they will think of you.


Do you know someone that does brake repairs or is a brake or racing specialist, this would make a great gift. Brakes are an important part of a car so showing you do them or are just a fan of their systems makes a statement about yourself.

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Is your husband, wife, or friend a mechanic or racing enthusiast? This piston key chain shows an interest in combustion engines. This is one of my favorites. The piston is the heart of a car, showing you work on these makes the statement you are a heart doctor.

Anything with an engine usually has a key, that is why key chains go so well with these. I do brake repairs in my spare time and thought the brake key chain was cool, the fact that the rotor spins in the brake caliper is so realistic.  In my younger motorcycle days I changes many of two stroke piston and rings, the piston key chain brought back memories for me.

Exhaust pipes

Torq exhaust pipe key chain is just right for the person that does exhaust work or likes the sound of a good exhaust system. Have you or your friend put an aftermarket exhaust system on your car, this would make a great conversation starter. It is a good way to add horse power to your car and shows you know what you are doing when it comes to cars.

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N.O.S. Systems

Have you installed a N.O.S. system on your car, here is your chance to get one now.  This is a great way to add horsepower to your car at the touch of a button, now you can have it on your key chain as well.  This is raw horsepower and shows you are a no nonsense full throttle type of person.

Key Chains

Key chains can make a personal statement about who you are or what you do, they are also little and cute. Seeing these car parts in miniature form is a cute and fancy way of saying something about yourself, what you do or are interested in. If you have more then one vehicle they make a great way of telling your keys apart.

  These items will bring you to other related key chains as well, there was a shock with a spring that actually worked.

Updated: 04/07/2015, iggy
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DerdriuMarriner on 03/10/2017

iggy, Nice product line! In particular, I like the piston key chain. How can you possibly misplace keys with such charming, unusual pendants?

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