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The future of a Car Cartoon artist is as bright as any other caricature artist. People love cartoons, it sets up the mood and removes melancholy.

With recent advances in software, you can find car caricature software and books to kick-off your career as Car Caricature Artist. By no means restrict yourself to drawings and sketches. You can try this software and customize your drawings with its help.

While drawing a simple car may not bring attention to wider public, with the advent of television, internet and apps your work can be brought to notice with application of these media if it turns out to be unique and creative. Practicing makes a man perfect. With simple cars, you can advance to the more complex cars. Advancing with the nuances of exaggeration, to make success of caricatures by making their funnier side highlighted.

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How to draw Car Caricatures and Cartoon Cars

Funny Art of Caricatures


There are some awesome cars that you can lay your hands on for drawing. Do not think that drawing the old cars is not worth your time, there are some cool vintage cars that you will love to sketch. To start with, take some initial lessons from a friend or a teacher who is a caricature artist. You will get to know the basics and some nuances of profession. Being a successful caricature artist take a lot of patience and hard work. Cartoon artists can be equally famous as their counterparts such as painters and photographers.



Learning to Draw Cars

Step by Step Learning Process

An easy car to draw is the simple fiat, or you can choose to draw a Van, Sedan, Chevrolet, SUV. It all depends on how good you are drawing the various models. Practice and experience of the various prototypes of cars is best for blooming caricature artists.  Give time and repeat till you take to the complicated car models. To encourage yourself showcase your car caricatures and cartoons in a party and display them in small exhibitions. If you have the art and skill, you are bound to get noticed.


There are so many cars to draw – Fords, Vans, Ambassadors, Limousines, Ferrari, BMW, Audi, Rolls Royce and so on…

Does car inspire you to draw or drive?

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Love to drive new exotic cars
DerdriuMarriner on 12/09/2022

Cars, antique and modern, exotic and new, are so drawable, drivable, paintable, ridable, sculptable and sketchable. It's disappointing for me to see them in junk yards that don't care (versus those that do) and with drivers that don't maintain them.

Love to draw cars - antique or modern
Tolovaj on 08/16/2018

I used to love drawing. Cars were among my favorites!

Pencil Car Drawings


Pencil car drawings are very simple to sketch if you have a picture of car. Use car paintings and posters instead of photographs of cars, they are easy to replicate. These car drawings are very simple to draw with drawing pencils, crayons and charcoals. Familiarity of geometric shape drawings is a bonus; your dimensions have to adhere and be proportionate to the car dimensions. A 2D car is simpler to draw than a 3D car.

 Start with a rectangular shape and fill in the details, windows, doors, front and rear of the car. Black and white drawings are great for practice. If you love to color, by no means don’t adhere yourself to black and white. Explore your drawings with the colors. Color the pencil car sketches with water color or oil painting. Frame your drawings and hang them in your living room, it is great for inspiration. Later, you can try to sell in various venues.

Vintage and Antique Car Drawings


Vintage and antique cars are a pleasure to draw. People love to collect antiques. They love the antique art too.

You can probably go for a short drive and get a look of the old cars lying out in the big car garages and even showrooms. For instance, if you are staying in California, visit the Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance event at the golf course near Monterey on Sunday. The event features vintage cars in immaculate condition, the show is worth seeing for the antique, historical models that are rare to find. Not all of them are here to buy. The display of these exotic cars draws thousands of car lovers and car enthusiasts, who are watching out for some novel ideas and cutting-edge car designs.

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Do you like to draw?

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DerdriuMarriner on 12/09/2022

The next-to-last subheading Pencil Car Drawings emphasizes identifying the geometric shapes behind car shapes. That's most helpful in regard to artistic renderings since the car includes such basic, identifiable shapes are circles, rectangles and squares.

Wouldn't it be fun to draw, drive and collect model flying cars?

Tolovaj on 08/16/2018

Sure I do. But I have no talent and not enough motivation to learn even the basics of this beautiful skill. Maybe i should start with one of the books you recommended? Thank for this article!

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