Story Books and Coloring Pages of Snow White for Christmas

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Coloring pages of Snow White are great for kids where you let their imagination flow in a series and sequence of vivid rainbow colours ranging from bright from violet to red.

Sketching and coloring pages are best known to bring out the creativity in children and coping stress in adults. If the subject is a soothing, compassionate figure, an artistic object or a passionate and beautiful character to draw, it adds to the interest and kindles the passion for the person.

Reading aloud the story brings the excitement of how Snow White emerged as a winner against all odds. The evil Queen and her malicious subjects could not but bring the goodness in Snow-White. Prince Charming and the seven dwarfs are always with her when she is desperate and gloomy especially about her future.

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Why Kids Love to Colour the Objects Differently?


Kids love to colour natural life in different ways. Many times I have found the trees in red and sky colored in green. Kids are known to put colours other than white on the attire of Snow White who is always dressed in white according to the legend. When asked, most of the kids have replied that they wanted the snow to be of different color; hence they painted Snow White’s attire a different shade from white. Children have explanations for the things they do, if only we had patience to understand them. In their world of imagination, they have reason to make colors prominent in the way they choose and use.

Coloring is Fun

Coloring is Relaxing


The mind is notorious to wander when left free, especially in free time when it is idle. Instead of allowing the mind to go astray, you can give it food for thought. A coloring book full of beautiful pictures of Snow White is a good idea to engage the mind and disengage from a series of random, stressful thoughts. Adults and Kids love coloring worksheets of Snow White and the seven dwarfs.


It’s found from research that coloring pages and sketching pictures are tremendously good for toddlers and youngsters. They help to sharpen the focus, concentration and are effective aids in growing. While reading habits have to be cultivated, drawing and painting comes naturally to many kids. All of us enjoy coloring and sketching, though we may not create masterpieces of professional caliber. It is a definite stress buster, a way of expressing the trains of thoughts or any object that manifests in your mind or dreams. This is also a venue and opportunity to unleash the incredible painters in us. We all are capable of drawing figures, only some of us have the gift and talent to paint beautiful artistic pictures and make it big but all of us have the inherent ability to color.

Coloring Pages of Snow White

Coloring as a Means of Education


With the advent of technology and inventions, there are various paraphernalia and stuff that all modern education systems adhere to educate the young children on modern lines of education.


Coloring pages and artistic pictures have always been a subject for the teachers and parents. All education system in some way teach the art of drawing and coloring to the students when they are quite young, we also believe that those skills are inherent and imbibed in kids. The lessons serve as opportunities to many young blooming painters. Painting, coloring and sketching are supposed to be refreshing and they have other great benefits in addition to concentrating the mind.


Coloring page is a medium to make pupils learn through pictures and colours. I remember getting so excited when I first painted a rainbow to understand the seven colors in the spectrum, it was so enlightening for me to know that all we have is just 7 colours and all other colours in this beautiful colorful world are derived from it. A great way of facilitating teaching kids about the light and the rainbow. 

Snow White

Snow White
Snow White
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Snow White Coloring Books for kids



Coloring Pages of Snow White has the evil Queen and the dwarfs in many different illustrations. The pictures are easy to follow, simple to draw and color as well. It is a story of triumph of good over evil in simple words and the story keeps up the thrill and necessary momentum to keep the kids glued to it till the end.


You can teach the kids the use of fiery and soothing colors and their effect on the objects with examples. For example light blue of the sky and green of forest are calm shades whereas dark red, black and orange can show the hotness of temper and darkness of evil. In nutshell, the kids will love to color these beautiful pages of Snow White and the cute dwarfs in distinct bright colors and enjoy them seeing the result they create.


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on YouTube

Grimm's Fairy Tales - Full Story

Which Snow-White story or movie is your favourite?

Which is your favourite character among the following?

Story Books of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was a great anecdote that we as kids have enjoyed for more than five decades. The movie was a huge hit when it was released to theaters nationwide by RKO.  Further, the story was adapted by Walt Disney and the characters became more famous and popular than ever. It is a great animated movie and kids and adults both enjoy the story.


I must have watched the Snow-White serials and the movies hundred times but I still do not tire of the story. The story of snow white is an inspiration and motivation; it gives strength and courage to broken and oppressed. It instills faith in struggling amateurs that eventually good will conquer evil and that they have a reason to celebrate.


Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Full movie [HD]
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VioletteRose on 11/16/2014

Snow white was my most favourite during my childhood, I loved the story. Snow white colouring books sound great!

ologsinquito on 11/13/2014

Yes, this was a favorite childhood theme. I loved the story.

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