Best Electronic Keyboards for Beginners

by Tehreem

A collection of electronic keyboards which allows your child to start off his or her musical craze and imitate his/her favorite artist

Everyone loves music- however there are few of us who actually love to play it and very fewer who are born with the ability to naturally play great compositions, like Beethoven. However, those of us who are still eager to learn need some high quality, classical instruments. We offer a wide range of electronic keyboards that are guaranteed to teach you how to play music- with a series of introductory lessons which are available along some of the keyboards. Now everyone can not only play as good as Beethoven but play to a room of adoring fans at the same time!

Spectrum Electric Keyboard

The first musical sensation that we’ve got for your kid to discover, would be the Spectrum Electric Keyboard. With demo songs on the keyboard, it’s a great way for your child to be able to understand from the very beginning about what kind of artist they would like to emulate and later grow as- instead of blankly staring at the instrument at hand! Other features include tone and volume control to let your child play to adoring fans- namely you and their friends, as 10 rhythms, 10 tones and 6 percussion tones, all guaranteed to allow your child to spice up their music! And what’s even better is that the keyboard also comes with some e-Music introductory lessons!

Casio Lighted Keyboard

Another beautifully tuned in musical set that we’ve got for you, would be the Casio LK165 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard. With four keys that all light up at the same time that you play, this keyboard allows both you and your child to play in darkened rooms for a dramatic effect and gain a real concerto feel with all your adoring fans in the audience. It look classy and adds a sense of style to your art, but it is also portable and as such, can be carried from place to place- concert to concert!

And with 400 tones and 150 rhythms, this keyboard allows you to be able to change your music, make it play with a flow that differs from fast to slow, classic to rock or simply if you would like to add just a little something to the music you are already playing!

Dummies 61-Key Keyboard

A great little musical treat that we’ve got for anyone whose always dreamt about being an artist but either lacks the experience or is just too shy of letting their art flow. It comes with built in speakers that are perfect for unleashing your confidence- since we know how nervous budding artists can be, as well as 200 realistic sampled sounds that will help you learn with ease the right kind of notes to hit and the sort of music you would like to play, 

as well a USB port for music you may have recorded elsewhere but would like your audience to hear via something that both amplifies it and refines it!

Casio Key Mini Keyboard


A fourth subtle, conventional and yet classic looking electronic keyboard that we’ve got for you, would be the Casio SA-76 44 Key Mini Keyboard Change. With an interesting side feature that allows you to switch from organ to piano mode, you can always experiment with different tunes and learn how to play in many ways- from religious, to compositional to some simple piano notes!

It has a 8-note polyphony that ensures that you play music that is more than just audible and is of the bets quality, you can be sure that melodious music will always be reaching your listeners, and with 50 rhythms, and over a 100 tones, there’s more to this little keyboard than meets the eye- you’ll soon be so immersed in trying out new notes, different compositions and harmonies, that there’ll be little time for anything else!

Casio Personal Keyboard

A unique and lovely little electronic keyboard would be the Casio CTK -400 Personal Keyboard. It comes in a beautiful silvery-white shade and it looks quiet and subtle. With 61 piano style keys, and a stereo stand with piano tones, this is one small keyboard which will soon have you blasting forth the best notes!

Casio Portable Keyboard

It comes with an AD5 Power supply that will ensure that you can play enlivening music to an eager audience at any time without fears that you’re power will soon be out. Apart from that, the keyboard itself is very easy to play on- with 61 keys and a range of high quality, loud varying tones, you’ll very soon be more than just learning how to play the piano- you’ll be creating your own beautiful piece of music! And with the ability to connect CDs or even an MP3 player, you can not only practice your best pieces- but you can record them for fans as well!

Updated: 02/24/2014, Tehreem
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Mira on 10/14/2014

A friend of mind has a Casio keyboard. These would make wonderful Christmas gifts, especially as they're not even that expensive compared to what they offer. Pinning some of them onto one of my boards.

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