Best Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys

by Tehreem

Choose the gift which is best suited to your 5 year old boy who wants something interesting on his upcoming birthday

Five year old boys are a bit of confusing mess when it comes to picking the right toy for them to play with. Our new array of presents for your little boy’s special day includes not only a yellow truck with intricate designs or a science kit that is perfect on an academic basis, but toys and presents that actually allow your little boy to build his sense of self sufficiency and that ‘grown upness’ all little kids want! This includes a pack of snap circuits that are ideal for enabling you to set up a radio, or even something as useful and sensible as a burglar alarm, which should serve as a first among-st your little boy’s sensible achievements to something as academic and educationally beneficial and yet fun- such as Think fun Zingo, which lets your child enhance their vocabulary, learn new words and at the same time come out top of the class!

We have an extensive collection of gifts which are perfect for your 5 year old girl

Scientific Explorer Science Kit

This is the first great scientific experimental kit that we‘ve got to please your child- it teaches her to be able to use basic science tools and to measure and see the different chemical reactions that take place as well. This is one amazing science kit project that allows your child to fuel their curiosity and passion for science and to be able to learn more about the natural world and the wonders around them, through the power and magic of science!

Music Band for Toddlers

This is a a music box band that comes complete with xylophone, sea drum and is creative and wide enough to ensure that your child is never deprived of their musical whimsies at any time and that they always have something that will be sure to please and delight them! Watch your child create music that starts off as tinkly and sweet and goes on to become more melodious and pleasant to the ear as they practice day in and day out!

My First Sticky Mosaics

This is one artistic birthday piece set for the aspiring artist- it comes in the form of multiple foam pieces with great mosaic designs that you either arrange in numeric order yourself to give form and structure and help your child with color recognition and numbers or else as something that your child can ether simply set up on the floor or on the board themselves and have all their little friends cry out in delight as the mosaic pieces start to fall in place all together!

Super Hero Squad Game

This is the perfect super hero game that is definitely meant for your five year old boys- It comes with all your favorite super heroes; be it Spiderman or Batman or even the Rock, who is every little boy’s dream model and with the addition of 4 pawn stands, a spinner with a base and an arrow that reaches its mark on time, this is one superb game that allows you to be able to score victory over all your kid’s biggest super villains, be it the evil Dr. Octopus who is Spiderman’s arch enemy, this is one game that allows you win and do as you please, simply by following all the rules!

Little Tikes Cozy Truck

This is a vibrant and very dynamic looking truck with a yellow spiral design, a cheerful little smile and almost always in a rush to reach his destination- perfect for impatient little five year old boys, while at the same time, always staying sturdy and strong; this is one truck that we’re sure wont crash or fall and disappoint your little one anytime soon! The truck also features things such as an automatic opening and closing door so you never have to worry about your little one breaking off anything and later crying in vain to a working horn that mimics a real car’s horn and will be sure to delight your five year old!

Snap Circuits SC-300

These snap circuits allow you to easily be able to build absolutely anything; be it a tiny radio or even just a burglar alarm, these snap circuits allow you to build literally anything you want; inspire your five year old to grow artistic, creative and used to being able to do things for themselves, without needing the consistent and embarrassing help of their parents; a task most five year olds loathe! Instead encourage him to become the self sufficient little boy you’ve always dreamed of him being! 

Furthermore there’s no need for you to worry because these snap circuits even come with a handy little manual that’s perfect for you to be able use and get your five year old how to safely use the snap circuits and build what they’d like!

ThinkFun Zingo Game

Lastly we have got Think Fun Zingo which is an amazing game that is designed to improve both your child’s image recognition and memory as well as activate their social interaction by allowing them to be able to spell and reach out to their tiny friends by teaching them new words and improving their friends’ vocabulary as well so that they can be top of the class all at once!


This game is a sure winner because the 72 pictorial tiles it comes with, look beautiful and eye catching and at the same time, as we all know, tiny tots are more liable to be able to learn things quickly and on time as opposed to older children, which makes the game all the more suitable for your tiny tot to be able to gain knowledge and retain it!

Updated: 06/16/2015, Tehreem
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Mira on 05/31/2014

Pinned them all :-)

Mira on 05/31/2014

I'll look for Zingo here. It sounds like a great toy for a 5-year-old. The other ideas are really nice as well.

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