Best Gifts for College Students

by Tehreem

We offer a one stop shop for college students gifts. Our gift list is creative and fun.

There comes a time in every parents’ life when their baby grows up and heads off to college. There are tears, nostalgic remembrances and a whole lot more as you suddenly think of how your child has grown up and will now not need or want you any longer in so many cases- the very thought terrifies you! How will your child cope without you and adapt to a strange life all on their own? Fact is they will. However since we want you to ease yourself, we have a whole new range of products for you to choose and send to your child as comforting pieces of advice or as gifts for days when their academically tied up! These products include humorously shaped coffee, tea mugs for the avid college tea lover, Gift hampers which feature chocolates, sweets and Doritos for your baby’s first days alone at college or when they have some particularly terrible days and endless exams to a shot glass roulette set for you to send a college friend for those party nights when the fun should be endless!

College Student Books

This book presents advice in a clear and concise fashion. It isn't your typical college student advice guide; it doesn’t guide you through random hook ups or how to navigate your way through a crowded party when you’re stoned or dead drunk; it helps you understand the significant things about college; like about how even though it pertains to discovering new talents and new things about yourself, it should also motivate you to enhance or polish your skills to be the one with the best resume and the most successful career- and the way the book does so, is by hanging on to the small little things no one ever really mentions; like knowing the right books to buy in order to be able to pass the exam in the first place!

This is a book that offers advice from real senior college students to potential college students compared to the dicey, disinterested information and advice that is dished out by college counselors and which simply pertains to gaining admission into college and passing your SATs or GREs, this book presents a multi-faceted approach to all sorts of issues that college students will actually face such as knowing how to survive whilst taking a super boring but compulsory course or even simply knowing how to balance a social and academic life!

Exam Time Gifts

One of the most useful gifts any college student could hope for; perfect for tiding him/her through a stressful exam period when they have to stay indoors for long periods of time only studying and are at a critical stage when calorific but energizing snacks such as Mars Bars, Snickers, Doritos and energy drinks are all that they need to boost their energy and their grades!

We’ve got the college survival gift tote which comes in the form of a package that contains Snicker bars, Mars bars, cans of Red bull and a whole lot of other eatable necessities that are needed for the average college student to be able to make it through the days of harsh summer or even stressful upcoming exams balanced by a hectic social life- or even simply on days when they need a little break!

Electronic Gifts for College Students

The first electronic gift that would be sure to please any college student would be the ASUS Touchscreen Laptop. It comes in a feminine pink color which makes it ideal for female college students in particular and with amazingly quick Wifi and Internet connection in general, as well as the fact that this laptop comes with all the update versions of Microsoft Office, Word and more, this is one lap top that will be sure to ensure that your kid can now send along their term papers, assignments and projects on time as well as making sure that they are all done in a professional and comfortable method!

This is an amazing Kindle Tablet that is awesome for college students on days when they haven't got much to do or need to be able to easily download books either for their own understanding or for term papers or for subjects such as English literature and so forth. The kindle allows you to easily download apps that enable you to be able to get hold of books on less normally accessible websites or to even able to save notes when your PC memory’s gone down the drain! All in all, a winner that enables your child to be able to study at their ease and pass their college exams or to even simply be able to gain a bit more knowledge!

Funny Gifts for College Students

This is a very dynamic looking and elegant scarlet and black drinking game set that comes with 16 shot glasses in the form of a spin board that allows you to start off the game by enabling you to spin the golden cross centered wheel and determine your fate- everytime you drink and are either given a new dare or foretold your future by your own friendly and amateur fortune teller!

Last but not least, we ‘be got the Big Mouth Toys Toilet Mugs. Humorous and sure to set your average college student cum caffeine addict laughing out loud, would be these mugs which come in the shape of a toilet bowl. Even so, they certainly don’t look yucky but only very nice and pretty and funny and will be sure to be set aside as distinctive- now your kid’s roommate will have no difficulty determining whose mug is whose!

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Mira on 10/13/2014

The gift totes, although packed with sugar, probably do help with stress. I also think that gift cards would be a nice idea, given that nowadays we can order even groceries online.

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