Best Math Games for Homeschoolers

by SusanM

The best math games to make homeschooling math fun.

Everybody knows children like play more than work. This means playing board games is a great way for your child to practice essential math skills and find out more about math. Playing with math is much better than rote learning because in order to play (and even win) the game children need to understand math on a deeper level.

Playing a math board game needs more than just reciting a math fact or using math in a formal way. This means your child has to think about math in a different way. It also means math gains practical value for your child. Math is no longer something boring they have to do. It lets them see that math is needed for things other than school work, even fun things.

Math Games and Homeschooling

Obviously your homeschool family has lots of choices about how your child learns. Most families will use traditional school materials. But naturally your child’s learning style fits playful activities too.

Math board games can be part of your usual math lesson. It can also be disguised as a family game. A family game is played at any time not only during math lessons.

A math game can also be a "treat" that is played instead of doing the usual math lesson. By presenting a math game as play rather than a part of school work kids are more likely to enjoy the game. 

Pictured: Dino Math Tracks Game

Early math games teach the most essential math skills to younger children. This includes skills like counting and understanding numbers, which must be understood well to advance to more complex math calculations like addition and division. Game play is a good way to develop a good understanding of this knowledge foundation.

The early math games - Flippity Frogs and Pizza Mania are for children aged 4 to 8 years. Both have a simple and more advanced game to play (so two different ways to play the game). 

Two Many Monkeys is recommended for children 6 - 10 years, but younger children of 4 or 5 years of age also love this game (as do adults). It's a fast, quick and fun card game that reinforces first math skills.

Pictured: Pizza Mania Game courtesy of Amazon

First Math Games

'Flippity Frogs'
Peaceable Kingdom Press
Pizza Mania
Learning Resources
Too Many Monkeys

Frog Juice is a card game and one of the most popular basic math games available.

This card game has a magic theme which is great for kids who just love Harry Potter. Math learning is part of this game but not the focus so it's a big hit with kids and adults who like to create magic potions. 

The game is recommended for children ages 8 and up, but families have played Frog Juice with children as young as 4.

Perfect for Young Wizards

Frog Juice

Math Skill Games

Math skills like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication need a lot of practice. The most common way is by reciting and repetition. But this method is boring for your child. Being able to repeat a multiplication table also does not mean your child understands the math skill.

Clearly playing board games encourages your child to practice and revise these harder math skills by making math fun. 

Pictured: Sum Swap Game

Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication Games

Sum Swamp Game
Learning Resources
Flip 4 Strategic Game
Totally Tut Math Game
Learning Resources
Dino Math Tracks Game
Learning Resources
Math Mat Challenge Game
Learning Resources
Math Dice Jr.

Fractions are a hard concept for your child. But they are essential part of your homeschooling plan. It is easier for your child to find out what fractions are with hands-on activities. These fraction games are all hands-on activities to help your child understand how fractions work.

Pizza is a common theme for fraction games because it is easy to show children fractions with the slices. If you would like to use something other than pizza for math the Frog Pond Game is a good choice. 



Pictured: Pizza Fraction Fun Game courtesy of Amazon

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SusanM on 10/13/2012

Spot on Evelyn and thanks :)

evelynsaenz on 10/13/2012

Children play and the learning just comes as they work out strategies for playing the games. Great article and wonderful message.

SusanM on 04/25/2012

Yes so much better than how we were taught in the "old days" :)

EducationInfo4U on 04/25/2012

These games look like some much fun :) and also very unique! Cool compilation. Thanks for sharing!

SusanM on 03/01/2012

I agree totally. Math can be taught in such a dry, boring way.

Digby_Adams on 03/01/2012

I wish math had been this much fun when I was in school. These are colorful and inspiring.

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