Best Maths Applications for Kids

by Tehreem

We provide you with the best collection of Maths application which will surely make your child smarter at mathematics

We all know how much kids hate Math- there’s no doubt in the sheer tediousness of fractions, algebra or even simple multiplication tables! However, in the real world, good Mathematical skills are highly valued- in fact a good Math score can even stand in the way of whether or not your child gets into a good high school or college! Which is why, dexterity at Math is not something to be laughed at, or taken lightly. We’ve taken the liberty to bring some brand new Math apps so that your child can improve their arithmetic skills- both within and outside of the classroom. There’s something for everyone, from solving fractions to making perfect graphs. We’re sure that it will all help make your child smarter, wiser and help them eventually get into a good school!

"Math" Application

The first great Math app that we’ve got for your kid, would be "Math" !!!. It happens to be greatly beneficial for both teachers and their students. So far as teachers are concerned, this is a math app that allows you to assign your students worksheets on a daily basis; with different sums and figures and allows you to keep track of their progress as they complete worksheet after worksheet.

The app also provides you with its own assessment of how well your pupil is doing, and allows you to add this to your own personal opinion and so comprehensively be able to determine the areas your pupil needs improvement, and the areas at which he’s already doing remarkably so well!

Kids Multiplication Tables

Another interesting mathematical app that we’ve got for you, would be the Kids’ Multiplication Tables app. It comes with multiplication tables from 1-10 and allows your child to not simply be able to learn their multiplication tables, but to practice it in an enjoyable manner at the same time.

This math app also includes an answer and question session that will have your eight year old wanting to play more and more, and improving their mathematical skills at every step!

Blackboard Math Fractions


The latest in the Blackboard Math apps would be the Blackboard Math Fractions series app. It is an app that contains many features, guaranteed to make your child learn their fractions and exercises in an enriching and yet rigorous way! To start off, it is an app that is easily accessible on your iPad and iPhone and it lets you work on the touch screen in order to be able to solve the problems it places before you in an easy and familiar manner.

Secondly, your child will never feel embarrassed or upset while working on this app- because unlike their routine Math practice sessions or classes, this app will not only provide instant feedback but also present more problems or let your child rectify their errors! And if you’re a teacher who likes to know about their pupil’s progress- especially at a subject as tricky as Math, then the app also captures work that your student has done throughout the course of the day- and lets you see it so you know exactly how well they’re doing!

The application doesn’t simply cater to advanced learners who know their fractions- for beginners, you can begin by simply placing fractions on a number line and learning what 2/3 or 4/5 signifies in a pie, for instance. The intermediate learners, can learn multiplication and the conversion of improper fractions and mixed numbers in a manner that is pleasurable, simple and never tedious

SSAT And ISEE Math Lite

A highly instructive and educational app that will prove a push on the step to getting your child into the school of their choice, would be the SSAT and ISEE Math Lite app. It possess the kind of questions that generally appear in admission tests, and since it allows your child to solve and resolve the same or various other questions, eventually transforms your child into the brainiest math kid in town!

With a variety of topics, that cover all possible math bases, this is one app that is sure to let both your child’s mind and their academic choices grow!

The topics included range from Number facts; rounding and place value, to the trickiest and most spring of all fields; angles, triangles, shapes and mean, median, mode- but the harder and smarter the app lets you practice your sums, the more you’ll be sure to learn and enjoy!

GCSE Maths: Number Revision

With over 760 questions and 76 revision notes, this is an app that will surely prove to be one of the best mathematical Aides to your GCSE exams! Since we know that your O’Level starts off with a range of topics that varies from the easiest to the most difficult ones, we’ve complied a series of fields for you to pick from; you can start off with the most simple fractions, and then move on to show your arithmetical prowess by going on to solve your multiplication tables and all the rest! And with a mock test that’s also offered on this app, you’ll never be caught unprepared!

Learn Algebra

Even if you’re generally the most disinterested kid in class, when it comes to Algebra, this is one app that’ll soon have you popping out answers to the toughest questions as sure as quickfire. The Learn Algebra app contains entire textual chapters and what's even better is that it allows you speedy revision within minutes!

Knowing your algebra on your finger tips, and knowing how to plot graphs, has never been so easy with the provided graphing surface offered on this app.

Updated: 02/09/2014, Tehreem
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Mira on 02/09/2014

This is a useful resource, Valeed. I wonder, however, if you can do away with pen and paper when doing fractions or equations. I know I couldn't. But maybe these are just very simple exercises.

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