How I got 5 Items From Dollar Tree for Free and Got Money Back

by CarleyClagg

This is just an example of how to save at Dollar Tree. The earning potential is limitless with these simple tips and tricks.

Dollar Tree is a store that has a high appeal for savers. It has a wide variety of stock for one dollar. It can't get better than that, right? Wrong. Using rebates, I was able to buy a Glade candle, a six pack of propel water, 4 pack of blueberry Chobanni greek yogurt, 24 count ziploc bags, and a box of kleenex for free. The savings didn't stop there because I also got a dollar back. Here's a breakdown of how it works.

Shopping Breakdown

I owe all my savings to the handy dandy app Ibotta. Ibotta is an app that gives you grocery rebates for shopping at a wide range of stores. All the items I purchased were also listed as rebates at stores where the items were sold at a higher price. The rebate for the Glade apple cinnamon candle was $.2.25 and the rebate for the blueberry greek yogurt was $1.25. By purchasing these items from dollar tree alone, I've profited $1.50 and received these items for free. Ibotta has $1 rebates for the propel water and ziplock bags, meaning I'll get my money back for purchasing these items too. A box of kleenex has a rebate listed for $.50, so I'll only be paying $.50 for the product. If you do the math, you will see that for purchasing the five items, I have profited $1 and got all of my items for free. 


How to Save Even More

This was just a small example of how much it is possible to save, and even profit from shopping at Dollar Tree. Download the Ibotta app before your next shopping trip and take a look at the twenty-seven rebates that are available now and make a list. This alone will provide you with great savings, but you can even take it a step further with coupons. In Dollar Tree's coupon policy, it states that you can use manufacture coupons for products that are sold at the store. To get a hold of these coupons, simply go to the manufacture's site and you are bound to find coupons. You can print them out and use them at the checkout.

There's only one catch. Dollar tree will not except "free item" coupons, and you are limited to two manufacture coupons per customer. Do not let these limitations discourage you. Bring your child or friend to the store with you, stand in line separately, and you can use four coupons. Looking for coupons for products you are also getting Ibotta rebates on is a great way to create profit and maximize savings. 

This is a simple and easy way I like to take savings a step further to get the best possible bargain. What saving tricks do you use when you go to the store. Comment below to share your own tips and tricks with others. 


Updated: 11/14/2015, CarleyClagg
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What Are Your Tips and Tricks for Saving?

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DerdriuMarriner on 04/11/2017

CarleyClagg, I go in for good old-fashioned coupons (e and paper), discounts, fuel points, markdowns and mega sales.

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