Best of Gemmy Inflatables, Airblown for Eerie Halloween Decorations

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Refurbish your Patio and Lawn for Halloween with Best of Gemmy Inflatables, Airblown Spooky Decorations.

When the beautiful Fall season arrives how can Halloween be left behind. The foliage is changing shades and the cool breeze is flowing. With the changing temperature it is time to jazz up the backyard and your lawn for Halloween inflatables. Whether it is the grim reaper, the black cat or the tree with the floating ghosts, huge structures look surreal, so let’s decorate because Halloween is just around the corner.

Get ready to refurbish your patio and lawn with Gemmy inflatables, airblown Halloween decorations which are easy to install, inflate, store and mobile. Give a face-lift to the backyard with an inflatable mortuary that is a great eerie Halloween decoration with coffin props and animated corpses.

You are definitely going to fall in love with the inflatables; they are large creepy items that can be blown easily. A cat that moves it head side by side or any favourite prop that makes you jump, these marvelous air blown props can withstand heavy rain, wind and snow if you place them in the rough outdoors. However; to keep them in good condition, procure a quality product and do save it from a devilish rainstorm. Plan ahead where you want to keep them, so that they can be viewed from a distance – reproducing the sinister appearance.

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Eerie Halloween Decorations with Gemmy Inflatables

Nothing can be more terrifying than a graveyard with tombstones coming alive with ghosts on Halloween’s eve. Air blown inflatables make excellent Halloween decorations as they are giant shaped, colorful and make the right eerie impact with quivering lights around them. They are quite attractive and suited for outdoor conditions. Of course, you should not deploy them under severe weather conditions like rain, snow and hail-storm. What’s more, you can use them year after year in events such as birthday parties too.

Give your garden a staple with the fall season’s foliage of fiery red and hot orange blooms this Halloween. If you love gardening have bright pansies paired with pumpkins grown in your own backyard; corn stalks, fall foliage and hay to complement the vibrant green of the vines in your patio or your front yard.  

Which inflatables look real and eerie?

Airblown Halloween Decorations for Your Lawn


Welcome to the haunted garden that breathes of spooky trees, not for faint-hearted and weak persons. Beware of the haunted dead tree which might have goblins and walking dead thriving; they might also be actually alive and hungry. The garden will transform into a deadly sight with an air blown inflatable dead tree swaying in the wind with weird pumpkins, paranormal goblins and ghostly vampires. Somewhere at the back, a big black spider might be lurking and a witch cooking eyeballs in a cauldron breaking into a sinister laugh every now and then. Yep you can have some spine-chilling, creep music to elevate the excitement of Halloween.


A haunted garden that houses inflatable tombstones and dithering graveyards with coffins slowly giving way to the skeletons like corpse who are waiting to rise from their grave as the clock strikes at midnight will definitely give shivers. Five feet vampires in black rise from their resting place and giant spiders roam inside the garden. This is a perfect example of an animated alarming garden with a haunted appearance throughout. To jazz it up, use some inflatable Halloween ornaments that look creepier in the criss-cross lights and wavering breeze.

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