Magic Kid’s Wizard Gift Guide for Halloween

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Presents for kids need not be the typical run of the mill gifts. Kids love small gifts, what engage them more.

Children are very enthusiastic and many would love to perform magician in an audience. Here are some challenging, exciting lists of wizardry that will entertain the Harry Potter in them. A flying horse, a magic book and horcruxes, they can all entertain kids for hours. Cost is not all a factor, indulging and entertaining gifts are loved by kids of all ages.

Brilliant tricks that captivate, when analyzed can surprise you how easy you got fooled with those dumb tricks. Stunning magical stunts that need some practicing can astonish even the adults. As adult even we are baffled with the deceptive pranks a magician performs.

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What Can be an Appropriate Wizard Gift for a Kid?


Gifts designed to fuel imagination, discovering the unknown, and encouraging  the natural curiosity for a kid are appropriate for a kid who wants to be a wizard. Magical gifts that lead to a lifetime of learning and appeasing curiosity can be a treasure for the kid. From the characteristic wooden models and creative crafts, there are toys for every age. This Halloween do try to give something thoughtful and invoking gift that the kids dream of.

Something that will not get abandoned in a corner or something that is just for display. Maybe a hideous horcrux, a charming magic genie lamp or a colorful magic wand will do the trick. A magician’s magic trick box can be an extra-ordinary gift that will become a life time fun and an engaging activity for years. Because every magician needs to practice and every show gets better with practice, a toy set that is sturdy and withstand many iterations of usage will be a great magic gift.

The Life of a Magician

A magician’s life is full of mystery. Remember Houdini? He could get rid of chains inside water even when he was handcuffed?

Muggle’s life need not be boring. With the advent of Harry Potter toys, the dull life can take an exciting turn. With a twist of magic and enchanted spells, magic can come back to life and Muggles can transform themselves into adept wizards.

Moreover, learning complicated magic spells and trying to keep them at hand for when you need them most also is not an easy task for anybody. It is however, not all that difficult. You might not love to take the hot seat of being a sorcerer’s apprentice, but believe me it is worth the effort. Nonetheless, wizardry is not for everybody and it has its own potion of risks. Definitely not for the ordinary mortals or “Muggles” as J K Rowling liked to call, the life and character of a wizard is demanding. But it will not be boring, I promise.

Magical and Mysterious Kid’s Wizard Gift


Does your kid want to live the exciting life of a Wizard, Druid or Witch?

If the answer is in affirmative, magic and wizardry is for him/her.

We have heard old storied of magic, but there is no need of feeling threatened. Yep, the life of a wizard might not be all that simple but it is definitely thrilling, tough and electrifying. Kid’s wizard gift for Halloween is for those kids who love those electrifying challenges of wizards. Remember Harry Potter and all the other wizards!

All those tedious days and nights spent in a confined laboratory experimenting with new concoctions and wizard potions and trying to remember those complex brews and the chemical ingredients is a dream of many kids and even grownups too. 

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/18/2023

In particular, I appreciate the National Geographic Magic Set and the Wizard card game.

The white gloves with the black-and-red cape look really white and therefore scary to think of keeping clean.

Would wizards only wear their gloves once so that they look new each time because they are new each time?

Also, why would there be a tradition of white gloves that would show wear-and-tear during performances (such as rabbit fur from the rabbit pulled out of the hat ;-D)?

WriterArtist on 10/21/2013

Hi Tolovaj - I remember as a kid, I was very fascinated by the magician creating pigeons from nothing and making them disappear. For kids, becoming a magician is the most thrilling experience.

Tolovaj on 10/10/2013

We are all in constant search for a pinch of magic. Kids still believe everything is possible and if they keep this faith long enough - imagination can transfer into reality!

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