The Ultimate Wizardry of Harry Potter Gifts for Kids

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Harry Potter gifts can never go out of fashion, we can easily observe the fad even after the franchise was completed long back. The craze is far from over.

Harry Potter series of story books is perhaps the most loved wizardry stuff that not only a kid but an adult will fall for. You can get engrossed in the never before unsatiating saga of magic and fantasy. Things that you dreamt of in the imaginary universe are made available in the dreamland of J K Rowling’s popular works of fantasy fiction. She is a genius when it comes to the writing. Speculating the sequels, predicting the aftermath and the climax could become very challenging if you start reading her first book.

There was a time when we would wait for the next movie and the next story of Harry Potter to come through, while Rowling let her imagination go wild and penned her thought about. The series has ended but the mark made by Harry Potter is unlikely to end. I can still see the bulk of search in Google on everything Harry Potter, the Pottermania is not over yet.

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Harry Potter Wand

From a varying collection of Harry Potter wands to Hermione Granger and Professor Dumbledore’s wand, there are amazing selections of the magic sticks that make you a complete wizard. You really cannot become a magician without the magical wand that can cast spells that are fatal. And you really cannot progress in wizardry if you don’t have it, the school of Hogwarts can deny entry without one.

For the aspiring wizard kid, there are varieties of wands of which some qualify for collectibles and others used for playing. For an ardent fan of harry Potter, an illuminating wand that has its tip glowing and shutting off with a tap of the wrist is something that is worth owning. Yelling “Luminos” and other spells create magic, you might just need to add batteries. Some wands are quite heavy, distinct from the plastic, cheap ones, you can feel the weight, they look sturdy and are made of longer lasting wood.

In addition to Harry Potter wands, there are others that come in awesome patterns. Go for an authentic Hermione Granger’s wand that looks like wood even though it is made of resin. The design is very pretty and your daughter can do practice sessions of spells with this wand. A durable and hand carved wand can be a top choice for a collector. Many of the limited editions wands appear as they are straight from Ollivander's wand shop in Universal Studios.

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Harry Potter Scarf and Robes

If your kid is a diehard fan of Harry Potter and wants something related to him on his birthday party, here is something that is damn cheap and affordable. It will be very gratifying to see your son pleased and thrilled with stuff that Harry wore in the Hogwarts. The scarf is meant to be fun and the robes would make your son a real wizard kid. With the matching glasses, it is well worth the money.


Harry Potter RARE Hogwarts Quidditch Watch

A very unusual and rare watch that is modeled and influenced by the quidditch game is a gift any Harry Potter fan would rejoice to set his hands on. If you are looking for a unique present for a Harry Potter fan, than this is it.

An authentic design that features a gold Hogwarts crest on the band, along with a vibrant colored dial showcasing Harry playing the sport of wizards is made available by the Warner Brothers. It is a genuine model that is hard to find making it a masterpiece and collector’s choice. The quality is definitely excellent as it is not a cheap imitation; it also sports Harry Potter logo embossed on strap restraint and a silver tone case highlighting golden yellow bezel for a dramatic two-tone appearance.


Are you a Harry Potter fan?

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/17/2023

In particular, I appreciate practical items that are usable in many ways. So the scarves are the most decorative and functional.

Would the clothing items require dry-cleaning or special-wash procedures?

WriterArtist on 09/26/2013

JohnnyKnox - The toys will make the legend of Harry Potter a lasting one....

JohnnyKnox on 09/22/2013

I totally agree wit you the Harry Porter is going to stay relevant for many years to come. Good suggestion for gifts!

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