Best Samsung Galaxy S2 Cases

by thisisoli

There are so many types of cases available for that it can be difficult to choose the right one, fortunately we are here to provide you with the Best Samsung Galaxy S2 Cases!

Introduction to the Best Galaxy S2 Cases

When it comes to choosing the best Samsung Galaxy S2 cases for your phone there is definitely plenty to choose from.  Finding the smart phone cover to suit your lifestyle as well as your style is not always easy. The good news is that with our guidance we will show you the different kinds of cell phone cover, and which ones my or may not be suitable for you!

There really are a huge number of Galaxy S2 cases out there, but once we show you the types of cases available, you can quickly narrow down the type of case you need, and instead focus on the design you want.

While this list of Galaxy S2 cases will not include an exhaustive list of designs for each case, it will give you an example or two to set you on the right path!

One thing you do need to watch out for is that different versions of the Samsung Galaxy S2 have slightly different designs, so make sure you choose a case that fits your version!

Samsung Galaxy S2 Otterbox Case

Otterbox cases are a great way to provide a double layer of protection to your smart phone.  A good Galaxy S2 otterbox case will give you with two layers of protection, as opposed to the usual single layer. This combined cover offers fantastic damage protection for your phone, with shock absorption, and a hard exterior to stop the hardest of knocks.

While the Otterbox cases are generally a little more expensive than some other Samsung Galaxy S2 cases, They offer the best protection, especially if you compare the cost of one of these cases to the current available insurance protection plans that may cost up to 1/3rd the cost of the phone every year, and still have a deductable that may even cost as much as half the retail price of the original phone.

Of course the otterbox style Galaxy S2 case is not for everyone.  Many people do not like the extra bulk of an otterbox phone.  While otterbox cases do vary in thickness, this variance obviously has an impact on the protection offered.  The thickness of most otterbox cases may put those who like the slim-line look off of them, but the good news is that you can find Commuter otterbox cases, designed to provide slim-line otterbox protection.

Leather Samsung Galaxy S2 Case

For those who like the executive look, there is not much better than finding a real leather Samsung Galaxy S2 case. Leather cases go well with the stylish, modern look of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and help highlight the look of wealth and power that comes with this intensly powerful mart phone.

Leather cases come in a 'pouch' style and as a flip-case.  Personally I prefer a Galaxy S2 leather flip case, the quick snap open is smooth, quick and simple.

Leather Samsung Galaxy S2 cases provide amazing protection, comparable to otterbox cases.  Unfortunately the do carry a downside.  The leather exterior will wear after a while, and they are often bulky, and heavy.

If you are considering a Galaxy S2 leather case you will want to take this in to consideration, it is a trade off but one that is more about personal taste (Since many people think the Samsung Galaxy S2 feels too light.

SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Leather Case GARIZ Series [PL-GLS2LB1]

Leather Case GARIZ Series for Samsung Galaxy S2 by SGP ***This case is compatible with Asia, Europe of the Galaxy S2

Only $59.99

Fantastic looking case for your device. There are plenty of cases out there but this is built to last with style. Crafted from genuine leather this flip case will wear well ...

Samsung Galaxy S2 Silicone Case

If you are looking for a light and thin Galaxy S2 case you cannot do much better than one of the various silicone Galaxy S2 cases. Silicone cases provide mild protection against drops and knocks, but don't really measure up to other tougher smart phone cases.

Silicone is great for preventing scratches, chips, drop damage and other minor damage that the average purse or pocket can do to devastate a pristine phone.

While silicone cases can help prevent minor day to day damage, they can fall short when the serious damage may occur. 

The good news is that if you tend to keep your phone safe, then a silicone case will be enough protection for most phones from minor damage.

Brand New Designer Case For The Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Silicone Gel Cover Skin With Free ...

Brand New Designer Case For The Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Silicone Gel Cover Skin With Free Screen Protector From Yousave

Black Soft Gel Silicone Protective Skin Cover for Sprint Samsung Epic 4G Touch Samsung Galaxy ...

Protect and personalize your Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch (SPH-D710) Android Smartphone by Sprint with Smooth Rubber Skin finish. Provides your Samsung Galaxy S2 the ...

Only $17.99

Galaxy S2 Plastic Cases

Plastic cases are my least favorite form of Galaxy S2 case. While they do a good job of protecting your phone, they do not provide much protection from shock impact (drops and such).  They also tend to get scuffed easily, so the pretty design you buy might soon be lost, revealing the color of the plastic underneath.

Despite this, plastic cases do have their advantages.  They are cheap, thin and lightweight. This cheapness means that while they are vulnerable, they can also easily be replaced, and you can have several of these cases which you can swap in and out depending on your mood!

So Which Galaxy S2 Cover is Right for Me?

When it gets right down to it you have a simple decision to make when you buy a case for your Samsung Galaxy S2.  You have to make a decision on a style that suits your lifestyle, as well as a design that suits your personal tastes.

Sometimes it can be hard to get something that matches both of these criteria, fortunately though there are thousands of smart phone cases out there, and there is a good chance that you will find the perfect Samsung Galaxy S2 Case for your phone.

Whichever case you choose though, remember that the little extra protection they provide could save you replacing a phone worth hundreds of dollars!

Which Kind of Case do You Prefer?

Updated: 11/29/2011, thisisoli
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