Best Software of All Time that You Should Never Miss

by RobertKeith

What might prove beneficial and even essential to one individual may have no impact on you at all.

With that said, identifying the top software to hit computers around the world depends on both popularity and the services it renders. By making life easier and assisting with an important task, these programs not only have helped millions of people over the years but have developed countless copycat titles as well. While not an exact science, here are some of the very best and most important software titles you should never miss.

Microsoft Word

You can really include all of the Office Suite in with Microsoft Word, but if you were to list just one program from the bundle, you have to go with Word. At a young age, Word becomes an essential tool. From students writing book reports in middle school to essays in college, Microsoft Word is there. Yes, there were word processor programs available before Word, and others have come since, but Word remains not only one of the most important program titles in the history of software, but one of the most used as well. 

Coding a Software
Coding a Software

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop has revolutionized the way photographs are edited. it is possible to create and manipulate any kind of image. Just about all magazine and print medium relies on Photoshop too, at the very least, clean up images. Much like Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop is part of a larger suite of programs. Other titles like Adobe Illustrator and After Effects are crucial programs for creative professionals. Photoshop has evolved over the years and, again, there are now copycat programs out there attempting to replicate the services Photoshop provides. In general, though, few other programs have had the same kind of pop culture influence as Photoshop. It's also one of the few "creative technical" programs most have heard of, even if they have nothing to do with the industry. 


Here's a program title you may not have heard of but influenced the very program you're using to read this. The Mosaic browser came about in 1993 and made it possible for the standard desktop computer to connect (and display) the World Wide Web. Every other Internet browser to come since Mosaic has used elements of it. So while Mosaic itself no longer exists, your browser is a creation of it. It's also a reason why you need to make sure and keep your Internet browser updated. 

If you wanted, you could create a secondary list of important Web browsers. Internet Explorer really took control of the Internet world and held onto it with commanding force until recently. Now, other programs like Google Chrome, Firefox and even Safari for the Mac OS are popular browsers with varying features. Internet Explorer helped forge the way from Mosaic to the modern world of varying browsers. 


There are a number of BitTorrent software variations available. However, this program design opened the world up to file sharing and even downloading content from the Internet. If you ever used services like Napster or Limewire back in the day, you know how these file sharing serviced worked. There are other BitTorrent variations still in existence, especially on music sharing communities (not illegal sharing but band communities where live tapers allow other fans of the band to download the live music). Most notably though, if you use Apple iTunes, the overall design of this is based on the structure of BitTorrent. You download the audio and media from a reputable source, so you do now where the content is coming from, but in terms of how it functions, iTunes and the App store (as well as Windows and Google variations) have BitTorrent to thank. 

These are a handful of the best computer programs to come out over the years. Most of these titles still exist and come out with regular updates. Some of the programs you may use on a daily basis. Others you may use for hobbies or simply out of curiosity. Whatever the reasoning, make sure to check out these titles, as each one has proven important in the history of computer software.

Selecting the best software of all time really depends on the kind of services and features important to you.

Updated: 05/26/2018, RobertKeith
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