Best Tech Gadgets – Christmas Holiday Gift Guide to Must Have Electronic Gizmos

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Welcome to my New Year's Holiday Gift Guide for Christmas and the Latest Collection of Best Gadgets for 2013!

So, what is the best move to pick up the best tech gadgets that are latest on the trends on the New Year’s Eve? You are keen and want to choose with care with the bleeding edge technology and top Holiday gifts for your loved ones. Isn’t it? Searching through the reviews and raving through the mixed ratings can be confusing unless you are a techie yourself. However, you really don’t need a university degree to select the best gadget in the market.

Very crowded - the shops- are they? Here are some great gadgets that look great on you and greatest when you gift them. You get the best bargain prices from Amazon; the online shopping malls of the contemporary shops.

The latest and the craziest high tech gadgets, tools are available in one click. Browse through to get into the world of internet and high tech gadgets.

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Christmas Holiday Gift Guide to Must Have Electronic Gadgets

Finding a way among packs of jamming shoppers and matching, ticking the list will leave you exasperated. I must warn if for any reason the trip to the shops turns out to be catastrophic and you will consider yourself lucky to escape with your sanity intact.


The smartest thing to do, of course, is to do your shopping peacefully, all online. Though, it might be tricky and require some search, it is far better than the crowded shops and many a times you will strike a good bargain with the discounts and free shipping available on the best online store for shopping - the Amazon.

Quick Checklist for Picking up The Right Gadget


Love the cool gadgets that have come up in the market this year. I marvel and appreciate that the gadgets of the current generation are becoming more user friendly, universal and portable. They are easy to use across the countries with a wider customer range. They are also going smaller and sleeker. Easily accessible the quality is quite high and the cost affordable. For selecting the right gadget whether it is a smartphone, laptop, high definition TV or a digital camcorder; here are my tips to select the right gadget.

My pick –

  • Read the user interface carefully, it can be the best judge for a gizmo that you will come to love in future.
  • Browse through the technical specifications. It does not harm if you don’t understand the nitty-gritty details. If you can compare the processor and the performance, it is good enough.
  • Go through the customer support from the company, if there are reviews of happy customers, this is good enough for considering buying?
  • Does the number of customer reviews determine the quality? Not necessarily, but it is a good benchmark to establish the credibility of a product. Most of the time, I do come across a product that is equally good but waiting for a review. In case you are satisfied with the product description for a product not having any customer reviews my advice would be to go for it if it does not add a big dent in your pocket. You can be the first customer to add that golden review the product is waiting for.

Striiv Smart Pedometer

Striiv is a personal trainer in your pocket that delivers results and motivates you to move through fun applications (walkathon, games, competitions and challenges) built around your movement
Striiv Smart Pedometer, Accessory Bundle

Striiv Smart Pedometer Plus Motivation System

* Go Beyond Tracking: Get Motivated

* At no cost to you, Striiv and corporate partners donate on your behalf as you walk

* Striiv learns your routine and then recommends custom challenges designed to get you fit

* Striiv tracks your steps, stairs, calories, and minutes of activity
* Color Touch Screen Gives Instant Feedback

* A Walkathon in Your Pocket

* Games Powered by Activity

* Play with Friends and Family Wirelessly

Striiv is smarter and quicker than other devices which just track what you do. What would get you to take the stairs instead of the elevator: a higher number on a graph or a donation of clean water for a child in need? That's the difference between Striiv and tracking devices.

Striiv lets you compete with friends, hit personalized goals, do walkathons (at no cost to you), and play games powered by walking. Walking becomes so much fun that Striiv will be your first healthy addiction. Whether it's building a magical island, or racing "Waddles the penguin" up the Statue of Liberty, our games will get you hooked on being active.

Don't be surprised if you find yourself walking up and down your stairs at 3 a.m. Striiv just got social. Every Striiv has a built-in wireless radio that enables you to compete with the people around you: race across the Golden Gate Bridge to see who washes the dishes or climb the Statue of Liberty wagering 1,000 Striiv points. Then, share (or brag about) your victories on Facebook and Twitter.

Bose Acoustic Wave Music System II - Titanium Silver

All-in-one music system now delivers smoother, more lifelike sound even at loud volumes
Bose Acoustic Wave Music System II - Titanium Silver

Bose Acoustic Wave Music System II - Titanium Silver

*A high quality, high end, versatile, all-in-one music system which delivers smoother, more lifelike sound even at loud volumes with gorgeous melodies

* Ideal for large rooms and outdoor spaces, perfect for your home

* Available accessories for multimedia expansion and portability

* An all-new Bose digital platform fine tunes the sound for more accurate, consistent music reproduction-even at louder volume levels

* Acclaimed waveguide speaker technology forms the heart of this music system's performance, hence it replicates the sound of much larger, more complicated stereos

Bose Acoustic Wave Music System II - Platinum White

More like a model in a luxury hotel or showroom, the sound is high quality andsounds so sweet with harmonics. Best, all-in-one music system ever refreshing and rejuvenating. If you are looking for the high soound "enhanced" bass that shakes your neighbor's house across the street this is not your sound box. But, if you like your music to sound as if you are attending alive concert, an orchestra or vocalist, this system is perfect. Whether it is radio, CD, MP3, or your Ipod, your music will sound great. The outcome comes closer as in music in a natural, live-performance setting. In addition, optional case and battery pack enables it to be a portable music system that can be taken near the swimming pool or to accompany to your gardening endeavours, outdoors etc.

Top Gadgets on YouTube

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/18/2023

In particular, I appreciate the sleep headphones for when I have insomnia or when I stay up late .
I worry about gadgets with screens getting scratchy and smudged. Would there be special care instructions for the camcorder and the pedometer?

WriterArtist on 11/15/2013

I agree ologsinquito - I am making more purchases online nowadays. Hooked to internet most of my time.

ologsinquito on 11/15/2013

I also do most of my shopping online, just because it's so much easier.

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