The Perfect Gift of Amazon Kindle EBooks for Booklovers

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From the load of goodies of Fall season and Halloween, Amazon presents a tablet so cheap and affordable; it is just hard to ignore it, despite the shortcomings.

Gifting digital eBooks and Amazon Kindle as gift is perhaps a great idea for the Christmas, Valentines and Birthdays. Once you have the amazing Kindle you can purchase books for Kindle at the cheapest prices from the comfort of your home.

Amazon's new trick for this year was to build the next generation tablet which is larger and faster. The company realized very fast in the past that to stay in the competition with big leagues like Apple and Samsung, it should complete the necessary features from the user’s wish-list.

To be in the race is to have a digital fleet of flatter and sleek device that is easily to organize and read. Amazon’s prices are insane, they are much, much lower than the Apple’s IPad. Welcome to the world of Kindle Fire HDX and the Kindle Bookstore. Amazon's new HDX tablets are a huge technological leap beyond last year's models, but are still priced aggressively.

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Buy Amazon Kindle EBooks from Kindle Bookstore at the Cheapest Prices


Who thought one day that you could read books without books, I mean the hard cover books. Doesn’t it astonish that one of the world’s greatest online book stores is accessible with just one click from the kindle. The amazing Amazon Kindle is great for downloading eBooks. No need of buying heavy books from shops and waiting impatiently for days for the shipment to arrive.

Yes Sir!!

This is the Digital Era of the Internet.

What it means to Use the Paperless Book?

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

This little invention of an eReader has not only saved the world from losing precious trees while conserving the pages, it has made possible- access to the biggest online book store either through purchasing at the cheapest prices or downloading them free, if a free version is available.

The Amazon kindle is one of the marvelous gadgets of this decade, a vision and dream come true for book addicts, gadget lovers and market Gurus. For Amazon kindle fans who are bookworms, this is a great way of devouring as many books as possible without the need of visiting a brick and mortar store. Besides being a fast gadget it saves storage space in your home which you could have otherwise devoted for the bookshelf. It is portable, you can carry it with you anywhere and enjoy eBooks that you have stored for a rainy day.

Buying Amazon’s Kindle

The Learning Curve of Kindle

How to operate Kindle?

Operating Kindle a precious invention of Amazon is worth the learning curve, especially if you are not well versed with the technology. You need to find out whether you want a Kindle with Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity. Wi-Fi is a private service network and you have to pay for the Wi-Fi connectivity, check with your local area network for details. For 3G connectivity, you do not need to pay, it is the same technology that works with your mobile handsets. Some Kindle versions offer both Wi-Fi + 3G connectivity. 

Do you think Amazon Kindle is a necessity?

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/22/2023

Perhaps the COVID pandemic affirms Amazon Kindle as a necessity what with libraries and so many businesses closed, closing, of restricted access.

Which Amazon Kindle to buy?

Once you have decided about the connectivity, find out the storage capacity of the different Kindles available. You can easily find out the Kindle specifications from the Amazon webpage. If you search for Kindle Fire, you will land on a page that has comparison chart for all the Kindle types. Go through the comparison chart religiously to understand your needs. The Kindle that is compatible most to your requirements is the one you should select.

If you are not an avid reader, you might not require the huge storage space of the latest models, however, the connectivity, browsing and reading experience has vastly improved with the latest version of Kindle; so if price is not a big issue you can certainly buy the latest model. It is much cheaper than Apple’s IPad.

Once you have decided which of the Kindle versions matches your requirements, it is just a matter of getting registered. You need to learn to operate the short-cuts and get familiar with the keyboard before starting to use the menu freely. 

Library EBooks for Amazon Kindle on YouTube

Amazon’s Free Kindle Books

A brilliant innovation that has become widely popular and famous amongst all generations from small kids, teenagers to the senior citizens, learning to use Kindle is worth the trouble and once you get the hang of it, you will get addicted to the Kindle abandoning all the tasks just to get a hang of the latest books that are featured regularly.

Amazon’s Kindle Store has made its online experience a comfortable journey to all by making the user interface a simple one, so that the user can easily navigate through the site in order to purchase books. It is definitely a huge online store to find and buy Kindle books, newspapers and magazines. Kindle also offers blogs to its US customers.

You can easily manage your Kindle through the Kindle application and there are various other applications that can be downloaded as per your needs and enhancements. The Kindle Store also offers thousands of free eBooks, including limited time promotional offers and popular classics.

Purchase Books for Kindle at the Cheapest Prices


Purchase books for Kindle at the cheapest, affordable prices, Kindles Singles are eBooks having a theme and standard length. It is not as big as the usual length of book but typically longer than a magazine feature. The titles of the Kindles Singles are hand-picked by Amazon into the Kindle Singles program; in addition to that there are regular additions to this feature. Purchasing Amazon eBooks for Kindle is a pleasure, the listing price for Kindle Singles starts from $0.99 and upwards.


Present Amazon Kindle Book as Gift

Ideal Gift for Book-lovers


Amazon Kindle store contains a surplus of eBooks that you can choose from. Present any Amazon Kindle book as gift by purchasing it through the Amazon online store similar to any other product. A Kindle book that you have chosen as gift in the Kindle Store can be sent to anyone via an e-mail address. Moreover, you do not require owning a Kindle yourself for sending or receiving Kindle book gifts. The recipient of the gift needs to own a kindle to read the gift on a registered Kindle.

There are thousands of Amazon Kindle fans throughout the globe who prefer to buy a Kindle to make use of the digital eBooks. Downloading the books and reading it on Kindle is faster than reading the traditional hard cover books. Purchasing Amazon Kindle is an intelligent investment, if you are fond of reading especially with the bonus of the huge list of free downloadable eBooks.

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Do you find it easier to download eBooks and read it at your leisure?

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/22/2023

In particular, I appreciate the accessibility of eBooks that allow one not to have to go out to a book department, bookstore or library in inclement weather or on a super-busy day.

Unfortunately, all the electronic-access to articles, books and paperwork creates more paper demand, not less. It encourages clear-cutting and mono-species plantings.

People still like having that paper back-up to so many things, necessary for forms, pleasant for having on hand to refer to at leisure.

Wouldn't it be great if everyone had the commitment of the Vrindavan widows to making beautiful paper from recyclable materials and of the recycling groups that truly recycle glass, metal, paper and plastic?

sheilamarie on 09/30/2013

I have yet to take the plunge. I still like the paper versions.

MikeRobbers on 09/29/2013

Sounds as an excellent suggestion. Planning to buy one in the future so i guess there is some thinking to do before I go ahead with my decision.

Mira on 09/27/2013

I finally got a Kindle Paperwhite. Then I got a really nice red cover. Am in love with both. It looks like a notebook and yet holds 63 books already. It's great to be able to access Project Gutenberg for free public domain titles. I have been revisiting some old favorites and reading some I've meant to read for years and years. What a great toy :) I was planning to write an article about it, too, at some point. I rushed to get it and now they're releasing a newer model. Fortunately, it's not significantly different from mine. From what I read in your other article, however, Kindle Fire HDX is quite a different game from Kindle Fire HD. I am tempted, but the iPad is awfully alluring, too. So expensive though.

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