The Top Electronic Health Gadgets and Gears for Health and Fitness Freak

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The top electronic health gadgets are for people who are conscious about their health and do not want to take chances. This list is not exhaustive and can change dramatically.

We are in a modern tech era where all trendy and geeky gadgets are available to monitor one’s health and fitness. Not all health gadgetry is so frolicsome, though. Some of these high tech gears make sports fitness easier, like automatic heart rate monitors and blood pressure monitoring. With the introduction of new, trendy gadgets introduced as a part of ongoing research, the need and the commodities are always changing.

Olympic athletes, sports-persons and even the common man can monitor the health and prevent building unwanted fat, control blood pressure and glucose levels when there is a deviation from the normal.

Not all health gizmos may sound high tech but technology innovations have made the life of health and fitness freaks easier, they can measure their fitness levels, cholesterol and blood pressure with accuracy and regularly. Though it sounds frivolous, but it helps the athletes to keep in shape. Believe it or not, some of these health gadgets help making the life easier for people who have sports as their profession as today’s competitions call for high level of fitness.

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Gadgets and Gears for Health and Fitness Freak

Personally, I believe there are no short-cuts for gaining fitness or losing fat, a regular regime of controlled diet, exercise and yoga can make a huge difference. You have to be patient and adopt good habits which are very important for leading a good healthy life style. It is always better to find a self-wellness therapy and adhere to the schedule.

It might be that we are still not at par with the science fictions and movies where neural implants are possible, gadgets advances to an extent to diagnose the patients and remedies to diseases suggested by the medical computers. However, gadgets today are helping doctors and specialists to diagnose the symptoms correctly. 

One could not have thought of test-tube babies, organs implants, sperm donors but they are a reality reminding us the limit-less potential of a technology that is progressing in leaps and bounds. It remains no wonder that this same technology is available to athletes who are wary about fierce competitions that need computations of 100th second precisely.

According to you which fitness gadget is essential for a sports-person?

Gadget Automation


We might still not be at par with the science fantasy where people can travel as fast as light or as in Star Wars where robots are as advanced as men. Medical diagnostics specially designed for individuals and highly sophisticated stuff for professionals such as olympic athletes, sports-person and high profile sports professionals might be in their nascent stage.

Technology advances for a specific sport might have not fully developed. For example if I require an intensive operation done for a tennis ball thrown in a tennis courtyard, perhaps the details are not present. However, various parameters and computations can be brought into the touch screen and interactions through buttons and menu are possible. 

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Affordable Automatic Gadgets


Not everyone is leading a life of opulence nor can all afford to keep a personal nutrition expert or a coach. Surprisingly devices are there that can automatically put you in auto-mode and you can become your own coach or expert dietician, no professional expertise is required. Gears help athletes to monitor their health and fitness, smart gyms and smart diets could be designed specifically for you. A word of caution though, don’t take extreme steps in dieting or exercising, they are dangerous, take help from the physicians if you want to change your routine drastically.

Fitness Equipment from YouTube

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Updated: 10/17/2014, WriterArtist
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Do you think the fitness regime and equipment is only required for sports-person - Or it is meant for all ?

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/20/2023

In particular, I appreciate your statement, under the first sub-heading, Gadgets and Gears for Health and Fitness Freak, that "Personally, I believe there are no short-cuts for gaining fitness or losing fat, a regular regime of controlled diet, exercise and yoga can make a huge difference."

It's nevertheless fun to have an indoor gym -- spaced alongside an indoor pool ;-D -- for those days and times when exercise can't be outside because it's dark or it's too inclement.

How long would be the warranties on fitness regime-related equipment?

Tolovaj on 08/11/2013

The sad truth is fitness equipment in most cases becomes a high tech hanger before it is moved to balcony or out of the house. Too many of us believe we can be fit only if we posses the latest and the most advanced gadgets although folk in best shape is folk who spends a lot of time outside, in nature, living the real life.
I was in best shape in days when I was jogging every morning, no matter the weather but I got few colds in winters. In these cases home gym would be probably more suitable for me so I could stay fit even when i couldn't make my usual training. So in my opinion treadmills, ecliptic trainers and similar stuff should be viewed only as complimentary part of overall fitness regime and only when we have already established some kind of working discipline.

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