Betsey Johnson Skull Earrings

by Digby_Adams

Bad girl style is just an earring away with fashion skull jewelry from Betsey Johnson.

Sometimes a woman wakes up in the morning and just wants to have attitude. She wants to show the world that she's got what it takes to speak her peace and change the world. However, that doesn't mean that she wants to leave her sense of style behind. She can do both when she wears these skull earrings by Betsey Johnson.

They all have the distinctive Betsey Johnson flair. Lots of feminine touches like rhinestones, pink bows, red roses and playful gangster hats. At first the people sitting opposite her, will just notice the bling factor. As they look further, they'll see the skull come to life. "What is she thinking?" they'll wonder.

Here's a wonderful variety of Betsey Johnson skull earrings for you to add to your fashion style.

That big bright pink and vibrant rose is the first thing that any person will notice on those Betsey Johnson earrings. When we talk with people we don't just keep our heads still, so our jewelry is unearthed a little bit at a time. While the pink bow will grab their attention, the heart-shaped skull eyes will capture their imagination. Edgy and romantic is not something that just any jewelry designer can pull off.

Skull earrings encased in rhinestones have a whimsical quality that can take a woman from work to play. Pair them with a black turtleneck or a white satin blouse and they look equally good. They can be your Halloween costume or your Day of the Dead accessories. Rhinestone earrings are perfect gifts for young teens. They have lots of style without a high price tag. While they will love them, there won't be a lot of angst if they lose them. 

Teens have a habit of sharing jewelry, parents won't have a fit if the jewelry isn't returned or is damaged. Gold jewelry is more of a keepsake to be taken out on special occasions. These earrings can be worn and loved from the first day that they arrive. 

Betsey Johnson "Status" Skull Medallion Hoop Earrings

Betsey Johnson "Status" Skull Medallion Hoop Earrings

For the woman who prefers modern design. These elegant hoop earrings hold skulls. One is pink and one is gold. The eyes continue to be heart shaped as does the small signature heart that sports Betsey Johnson's initials BJ. At 1.75 inches the gold hoop is the perfect size. Large enough to be seen, not too large for daytime wear.

Betsey Johnson "Black Lace Skulls" Lace Skull Drop Earrings

Betsey Johnson "Black Lace Skulls" Lace Skull Drop Earrings

Fashion Dazzling Crystal Pink Bow Black Skull Stud Earrings

Fashion Dazzling Crystal Pink Bow Black Skull Stud Earrin...

Black skull earrings with bows will go to the most formal event. Betsey Johnson gives you the choice of lever back or stud earrings. Please note that these earrings have the perfect bow size. It's large enough to be effective, but not so large as to be garish.

You'll love wearing these everywhere. Some women just love shocking their parents or their husbands. It's a small shock they won't disown you and the husband won't file for divorce. Skull earrings are just a small and quiet way of saying that you're your own person.

Betsey Johnson "Angel Devil" Devil Skull Stud Earrings

Betsey Johnson "Angel Devil" Devil Skull Stud Earrings

The Angel Devil skull earrings prove that their is a Betsey Johnson skull earring for every mood and person. The bright pink fashion gemstones and hipster glasses will put a smile on everyone's face. Black ears and gold grinning teeth add to the personality of this jewelry.

Betsey Johson knows what it takes for a woman to look good. She gives you a variety of ways to look stunning on your own terms.

Skull Cameo Drop Earrings

Very Ladylike Skull Jewelry
Betsey Johnson "Lady Lock" Small Skull Cameo Drop Earrings

These small cameo earrings measure about 1/2-inch across. They have a bright baby blue background and then Betsey Johnson inserts a stylized skull in the center. She made the skull's eyes in the shape of a heart. However, they are a soft-shape heart so it doesn't scream Valentine's Day. A circle of small crystal stones on the edge of the earring surround the skull.

If you're a denim girl, then this is he earring for you. They shiny white skull also makes the the perfect summer skull earring. Pair it with white capri pants and a blue shirt and your good to go.

Updated: 02/21/2015, Digby_Adams
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