Better Eye Sight without Glasses

by Gardenbella

Learn how too much eye strain can affect the quality of a person's vision.

As I have gotten older my eye sight seems to have deteriorated and I found that I needed glasses for reading a book to watching TV. After a while I had a pair of reading glasses in every room in the house just in case. Heaven forbid I should forget them when going shopping. In fact a couple of times when I forgot I ended up buying another pair of reading glasses! What a waste of money.

I then discovered a program that Dr. Williams Bates developed to help school children absorb more knowledge without putting a strain on their eyes. I found it fascinating that he proved that when you have to read a lot of material at once your mind gets tired and as a result your eyes start to strain.

Better Vision without Glasses
Better Vision without Glasses

He designed many vision improvement methods to teach the eyes ways to improve and heal themselves.

The method is actually very simple. He created a chart full of common shapes and letter and asked the children to look at the chart for about three minutes a day to help relieve strain on the eyes.

I decided to give his method a try. It was simple to use and it helped to relieve the stress on my eyes that was a result of too many hours on the computer. Even though I still need glasses for reading some of the smaller print, I find that I don't need to use them anymore to watch TV and I no longer have a pair in every room in the house.

The good news is that training your eyes to relax will help improve vision today and for the rest of your life.

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Our eyes have many tiny muscles and the main job is to change the shape of our eyes. They change shape when we focus as well as moving our eyes up, down or from side to side.

As with any muscle in the body, they can get weak if we don’t exercise them enough. As a result we end up having to use contacts or glasses.

If we train these muscles correctly, they will be strong and healthy and we won’t ever need to wear prescription glasses.

Most eye problems are a result of mental strain as well as too much stress on the eyes. When we learn to relax the eye and the muscles surround the eyes, we improve our vision.

Staring at a computer all day long is one way that our eyes are put under stress.  Try finding other things to focus on during the day. Put photos of vacations or people you love around your desk at work and allow yourself to appreciate them a few times a day.  This will help you to relax your eyes and cut down on the amount of strain.     

You can practice relaxing your eyes at night when you first get into bed. Lying in the darkness, close your eyes and cover them. Let you mind think of pleasant events or people that bring you joy. This will help to relax your mind and your eyes.             

Taking time out of your day to concentrate on relaxing your eyes will help you be more energized and to be able to focus more clearly.

Updated: 07/24/2014, Gardenbella
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