Bicycle Trailers for Dogs under $160

by Ragtimelil

If you have a small dog, an old dog or one with health problems, you can still take him along for a bike ride with a bicycle trailer for dogs.

I used to think it was silly to put a large dog in a trailer or stroller to take them out for a ride or walk. That was until my 10-year-old Border collie developed arthritis in one knee from an old injury. He loves to go for walks and plays Frisbee (no long throws) but he’s having a hard time with that leg.
I want to exercise the younger dog by letting him run with an attachment on a bicycle. My old dog would simply not be able to keep up. I’d hate to leave the older dog behind and I know he’d hate it too. The solution is a bicycle trailer.
There are many designed for dogs, some for both dogs and children and some that convert into a stroller. He hasn't reached stroller lameness yet.
I started looking at trailers. The price ranges from under $100 to over $500. I don’t want to spend over $200 but I don’t want one that might be flimsy and unsafe. I also might want to put both dogs in if we go too far and the younger one gets tired. Finding one that can carry the weight and is the right price is a challenge.

Instep Trailers

by Pacific Cycle

These trailers are the most economical and still got great reviews. They are designed for small children so don't come with features like safety leash hooks. They do, however come with safely belts for kids so something could be set up for dogs.

The sloped design might help with stability, but would make it cramped for two taller dogs even though the larger model is rated for 80 to 100 pounds. 

There were some complaints about the inner tubes on these models so I would  definitely  bring some repair equipment along for the ride. It's no fun being stranded with a flat.

Other than the tire problem, the trailers both got good comments and I wouldt consider buying the larger one if my dogs were shorter.

AOSOM Pet Dog Cat Bicycle Bike Trailer

I thought this might be the one I would get. It has good reviews although it also has a problem with bad inner tubes. One person complained that it tipped. It does have a tall profile and might not have enough weight with a small dog.  I would imagine, though, that the rider would have to learn to navigate safely while pulling a trailer. 

This trailer is set up for dogs with safely leash hooks but is only rated for 66 pounds. I would need to be able to carry two 35-40 pound dogs so this one is too light for me.

Blue Dog Bike Trailer / Stroller Combo

by Discount Ramps

dog trailerThis trailer comes with attachments to convert it into a stroller. Most do not and the conversion kits can cost around $60 depending on the make. I'm not looking for a stroller, but the price is pretty good if you wanted to use both.

The carriage compartment has front and rear mesh doors, closes with Velcro and has roll down plastic rain protectors. It also has storage compartments on the outside of the trailer for water dishes and other supplies.

The major complaints are that as a stroller, it is hard to turn because the front wheel doesn't pivot. This would be more of a problem with heavy dogs than light ones. It is rated for 115 pound capacity so it would be sturdy enough.

Red Bicycle Trailer for Pets

by Discount Ramps

This trailer is in my price range and can carry up to 115 lbs. It comes with a front and rear door It doesn't appear to have any storage and there was no mention of a safety leash hook. 

It looks good but has had a couple of complaints that the screen on the front door is very flimsy. One person went as far as to replace it right away. The floor is another issue with people recommending that you put a board or something down to stiffen it. 

The majority of the reviews said their dogs loved it and they were satisfied with the trailer. I would consider buying this model.

Cargo Trailers

There are many more trailers on the market for smaller dogs, and more for larger dogs with a larger price tag. 

Another option I have considered is buying a cargo trailer that would carry dog crates. They might actually be safer for the dogs as I would be traveling on the road instead of a bike path. Not all these cargo trailers can carry enough weight and very few of them can accommodate two dog crates. 

 I would either have to build the dog compartment, or buy two crates which would cost me almost an additional $100 if I buy them new. There are many places to get used ones for much less.This would be a great solution for one large dog.

Two accessories I would add when using any kind of trailer is a mirror so that I could watch what the dog in the trailer is doing. This would be especially useful at first when the dog is still getting used to traveling in a trailer. 

Another accessory would be a tall flag. I would want to be sure any cars can see that I'm pulling a trailer. 

Smaller dogs can even ride in a basket, but be sure he's secured so that he couldn't jump out. There are even some with covers that look like the best idea. 

Most of these would work fine on a bike path, but not everyone has one that is accessible for daily use. It's important to drive safely and keep those dogs safe.


Updated: 12/07/2012, Ragtimelil
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Ragtimelil on 10/22/2012

You are welcome. I think it's a great idea not just for a small child but a pet too

katiem2 on 10/22/2012

Very nice product review of a very useful product. Thanks for bringing the dog bike trailer to our attention. :)K

Ragtimelil on 10/16/2012

They really are a great idea. Many people have said they barely notice the trailer when they're towing it.

Ragtimelil on 10/15/2012

I plan for the younger dog to pull us both!

belinda342 on 10/15/2012

With my dog, they need to design a trailer that would allow her to pull me! She has soo much energy. In years to come, though I'll probably be looking at one of these. Nice to know that there are these options available. Thanks!

Ragtimelil on 10/15/2012

Thanks. I am considering it myself. They can get really expensive but the lower priced ones seem to have pretty good reviews.

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