Biker Patches with Attitude

by Digby_Adams

You're a biker with attitude and your motorcycle biker patches should let the world know that! Here's a collection of high-quality embroidered patches that will do just that.

Bikers hurl themselves down the road at 60 mph with only leather and a motorcycle helmet between them and the world. It takes a special kind of moxie to do that. Bikers come from all walks of life. Bankers, dentists, lawyers, mechanics and hairdressers all hit the road in search of freedom and adventure. Their leather jackets and denim vests are often covered with biker patches. They are opinionated and controversial. Patriotic, political, and free-spirited. Here's a few that I think you'll love.

Cowboy Skeleton with Shotgun Biker Patch

Second Amendment Rights are Huge with Bikers

Bikers laugh at death and danger. I think that's how they get on a bike and ride down the road every time. However, they also believe in the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. Therefore, you'll see a lot skeletons carrying guns. In this case it's a cowboy skeletons. If there is a rugged symbol of American independence, it's the cowboy. So all of these important images are rolled up in one great biker batch with attitude. 

This huge patch measures 10.75 inches wide and 12.5 inches high. It would make a dramatic centerpiece on the back of a leather motorcycle jacket or denim vest. People would definitely get the message as a biker sporting this patch leaves the room. It can be ironed or sewn on. 

Angry Bull Motorcycle Biker Patch

This Snarling Bull will Put People on Notice!
Leather Supreme Angry Bull With Horns Embroidered Biker Patch-Brown...

You don't suffer fools gladly and they'll know enough to shut up when they see this snarling bulldog with horns. The reddish brown tint makes him look a little more like the devil in my book. This spike collar also adds to the bad boy appeal. 

This medium sized biker patch measures 5 inches square. So you can put the angry bulldog patch on a leather jacket sleeve or the front of a leather vest. Of course it will fit in on the back as well. Iron or sew on. 

Crazed Evil Clown Face with Turtle Helmet Biker Patch

Maniacal and Scary Motorcycle Patch
Leather Supreme Medium Crazy Evil Clown Face With Turtle Helmet Bik...

This crazed, wicked, and evil clown will put the fear of God in everyone. The snarling and evil smile is filled with yellowed teeth. The bright red clown mouth and nose just make them look more yellow. His red eyeballs and red clown eye makeup make him look demonic. The turtle helmet adds to the vintage horror. This biker patch is 3.5 inches wide and 5 inches high. Perfect for a sleeve or vest front. 

Motorcycle patches for men make great gifts. Any motorcycle guy will take this over a tie and socks any day. Think Father's Day Gift, Christmas stocking stuffer. Hey, about Valentine's Day?

Crouching Tiger on the Hunt Motorcycle Biker Patch

Biker Patches for Sale on Amazon
Leather Supreme Crouching Orange Tiger Embroidered Biker Patch-Oran...

Look at the expression on the tiger. Someone does you wrong, this is what you look like when you pay them back. The steady glare and the arched body, shows you the power of the jungle. Motorcycle riders who are into martial arts will certainly feel an affinity for this very cool biker patch. It measures a sleek 2.5 inches wide and 4 inches tall, so it can be tucked in anywhere on a motorcycle jacket. Very fierce on a hat too!

Biker jacket patches are a wonderful gift for a Dad  who loves to ride. They can be ironed on to a jacket, so he doesn't even have to sew to decorate his jacket.  

Pirate Biker Patch with Smoking Guns

Pirate Hat and Eye Patch Add to the Attitude
Leather Supreme Pirate Skull Eye Patch Smoking Guns Embroidered Bik...

First of all this is a huge biker patch. It measures 12 inches high and 11 inches high. With that amount of space, the detailed embroidery really shows its space. The scared pirate face with an eyepatch and missing teeth is what you notice first. But then the worn pirate hat has a skull and cross bones to capture your attention. Of course the smokin' six shooters on either side of the skull make quite a statement. They actually look like another skull and cross bone, the way they frame the pirate skull. You can sew or iron on this biker patch. 

Updated: 07/31/2015, Digby_Adams
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Digby_Adams on 07/31/2015

They are an important part of biker culture!

WriterArtist on 07/31/2015

Wow - these are some powerful biker patches that show strong attitudes especially those with gory details. Perfect for most of the occasions, they are bright and colorful.

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