Bilbo Baggins Hobbit Costume

by Marie

A Bilbo Baggins Costume is a great choice for any Lord of the Rings or Hobbit fan - big or small. Dress as this Shire character in just 5 easy steps with these outfit ideas.

Whether you're looking to dress as a young Bilbo from The Hobbit or an older version of him from The Lord of the Rings movies, you'll get lots of ideas on this page where you can buy a themed Costume OR find information and ideas that you need to put your own together.

Mr Baggins is a loveable character from The Shire who is persuaded to go on an adventure with 13 dwarves to reclaim some of their stolen treasure. Get ready for your own adventure today - and don't forget his accessory the Sword Sting which makes you look just a wee bit braver!

Step 1 - A Complete Bilbo Costume

Outfits Made for Kids and for Adults Too!

Firstly, decide whether you'll be a young Bilbo as we have seen in the The Hobbit movies An Unexpected Journey, The Desolation of Smaug and the soon-to-be-released Battle of the Five Armies or an old Mr Baggins who is present in The Lord of the Rings movies instead.

At the moment, there are only official costumes for kids, however there are adult sets available here too as well. Or you can choose to put your outfit together which you can do quite easily using the ideas on this page.

These sets for kids and adults are all based on the younger character as shown in the An Unexpected Journey movie. They all feature the typical 3-quarter length pants or trousers in a mustard shade, and wine colored jacket. You can purchase one of these sets or put your own look together instead.

Luckily, Frodo's sword is Bilbo's sword too because the latter was the one who found the sword called Sting and he passed it on to his younger cousin Frodo Baggins. It lights up blue when evil orcs are nearby.

Step 2 - You Need Some Hairy Hobbit Feet

Even the Women Had Hairy Feet

Young or old, Bilbo has typical feet for his kind which means that he doesn't wear shoes and his feet have a slightly larger appearance than you would expect for someone so short in stature. This fantasy creature's feet are normally hairy just past the toes and up towards the ankles and you'd expect the hair color to match up with the hair on a Hobbit's head.

These feet can be purchased as accessories and I'm showing my favorites off on the left. You can also get some funny slippers which look like bare and exaggerated feet which would work well too.

If the costume event is an indoor one, you could simply have bare feet and use some skin safe glue to attach some furry fabric to the front of your feet.

For an outdoor event, you could think about some inexpensive white canvas shoes which could be painted using spray paint or acrylic paint to match your flesh tones and then you can easily glue some furry fabric on top which would give you your own DIY feet. One sure way to wreak your look is to wear a pair of normal shoes - that's not in character at all.


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Refer to My Page on Hobbit Feet for More Detailed Information

Step 3 - Must Have Character Accessories

Trademark Bilbo Costume Items

Older Bilbo is instantly recognizable with his smart dress vest waistcoat in an orange red color that he wears over the top of a long-sleeved, white dress shirt with billowing sleeves. The vest has six gold color buttons. This is worn with some cropped brown pants or trousers.

Younger Mr Baggins favors wearing suspenders (braces UK) over his dress shirt which features rolled up sleeves.

Either one might be seen with the Sword called Sting. You can get two versions of this sword which is often called Frodo's sword. That's because Frodo used this sword in his The Lord of the Rings adventures - but it was Bilbo who gave it to him. And it was the latter who first found the sword during his journey.

Go for The Lord of the Rings Sting Sword for the older character and The Hobbit version of the same one for the younger character. They are slightly different as the LOTR one has an inscription which the other does not.

Let's not forget the One Ring. This gold color ring is found in The Hobbit and he sometimes wears the ring on his finger, especially when he wants to do his vanishing trick. You can buy a version of the ring on a necklace chain or on a keychain although Bilbo himself never wears it on a chain - this is how it is worn by his younger cousin, Frodo.

Step 4 - Make Up and Pointy Ears

Typical Hobbit Character Make-Up

The eyebrows of these fantasy characters often take on a slightly bushy appearance. They don't normally meet in the middle although they sometimes do! You would need some grey stick-on eyebrows for the older version of this little hero and some brown ones for the younger.

No other make-up or special effects are required unless you want to also go so far to have some slightly pointy ears too as shown on the side! Sometimes these charming and loveable creatures are depicted with rosy red cheeks because they are fond of drinking and eating vast amounts of food.

Step 5 - Typical Halfling Hair Styling

What Type of Hair Do You Need?

The older version of him has rather fluffy and wavy silver grey hair which extends just past his large pointy ears. There is a little wavy fringe and no obvious parting. The younger character has medium brown hair which is also wavy and has a fringe. The length is the same, just below his ears.

Mr Baggins never has any facial hair such as a beard or mustache. He has a clean shaven face. The wig on the left would work pretty well for him although you could look for something similar.

How to Dress Like This Little Halfling Hero

Here's a run down of what you need for your costume:

  • Curly or wavy hair. Old Bilbo has wavy gray hair and the young has a medium brown hair. You can get a male curly wig or curl your own hair!
  • Pointy Ears. Hobbits have slightly pointy ears which tend to poke through their hair. Elven ear tips can be bought and fixed on with spirit gum or with liquid latex.
  • Shirt with Long Sleeves Rolled Up. You often see this character wearing a long sleeved shirt and rolled up sleeves.
  • A Vest, Jerkin or Waistcoat. This is a sleeveless jacket that goes over the shirt and buttons up. Often in an earthy color like green or brown.
  • Cropped Pants or Trousers. Male characters of this species wear pants that come below their knees but above their ankles.
  • Bare, Hairy Feet. Hobbits have hardened soles and don't need to wear shoes. 
  • Travel Cloak. Bilbo is often seen with a hooded, Elven style traveling cloak.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. Other pages of help:

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Marie on 03/15/2012

Thank you, Sheila and Katie. I love the idea of being a hobbit because I'm very small myself - I don't have big, hairy feet though!

sheilamarie on 03/14/2012

Very cool costume idea. Bilbo Baggins would be fun to dress up as.

katiem2 on 03/13/2012

What a cool Bilbo Baggins Hobbit! I can imagine this being the favorite of so many kids. I know if it came in my size I'd wear it. :)

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