Bird Watching Scope – How to Get Most Out of The Telescope?

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Bird Watching Scope is essential to a person who loves watching birds. With these powerful telescopes, he can explore the fascinating realm of the birds and their abode.

Birds are marvelous creatures; they look fascinating in striking colors and the softness of their behavior. I loved and admired birds from a small age. For me, they were wonderful creatures who could fly and had ability to observe exquisite landscape, valleys and oceans from a bird view.

Many times I could not help but getting jealous for their ability to explore the sky far beyond the horizon and pondered why human beings did not have the power to fly. My bird watching scope was not limited to common birds; whenever I got chance I would read about wild birds and dreamt of watching them someday.

Bird watching is a hobby for many and study for others. Study and observation of the birds for gaining knowledge in their behavior with bare eyes or binoculars is not a past-time.

For many, it is the curiosity that drives them into the pursuit of this hobby. For serious bird watchers, audio also is essential so that they can follow the trail and capture the chirping pattern of the birds. Bird watching scope is not limited to the wild birds but encompasses even the common birds like sparrow, crow and myna.

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The Art of Bird Watching

Birds with their tender and soft chirping could win any-one’s heart. The chirping of birds is analogous to the mellowing sound of a wind-chime, soothing sound of a waterfall and a calm ocean breeze. Just watching them flying and doing chores is so interesting that I could go on doing this for hours.


Bird-watching is not a prerogative of modern day humans but can be traced back as early as the Victorian Era in Britain when the study of birds and natural history gathered popularity.  Birders or collectors would collect eggs, skins and feathers from different species of birds.  Due to extensive exploitation in the 18th century, there was a need for the protection of birds which led to the observation on living birds without interfering.

Best Bird Watching Binoculars

The most important ingredient of bird watching with binoculars is comfort. Best bird watching binoculars offer great comfort while holding without straining the eyes. While targeting the birds, the focusing wheel should be easy to reach and turn.


There are two main best bird watching binoculars- Porro-prisms and Roof prisms. Porro prisms are the traditional stepped shape with an angled body while roof prisms have straight appearance. They are more compact, easier to use and have internal focusing.


The best bird watching binoculars come with rubber covering to offer better protection from shocks and improved steadiness. Water proof binoculars are available with the roof-prism option. Coating on lenses and prisms improve the transmission of light rays and give distinct and lucid image.

Do you love to watch birds?

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How to Select the Right Bird Watching Telescopes


You don't need a toolkit to enjoy birds - just your eyes or ears. But there are lots of things which can make it convenient and add a professional dimension.  Other than binoculars for bird watching, telescopes are very popular among birdwatchers due to the higher magnification and ease of watching.

Telescopes come in various components - the body, eyepiece and appropriate support, usually a tripod. It is important to choose your equipment with careful thought because there are a range of expensive ones that are very good and designed for serious birdwatchers.

The important step is to know how much is your budget, can you carry the bulky and big bird watching telescopes and how much magnification is perfect for you. You can get really good ones in the range of $250 to 500 with larger lenses and a fixed or zoom eyepiece. Above $500 telescopes are of highest quality and some of them have water-proof features also.

The costly ones have top of the range, low dispersion or fluorite glass with 60mm specifications. Be sure to take a good tripod, as a telescope is as good as its tripod. If you cannot mount the telescope perfectly and it keeps swaying, you will not be able to do a good bird watching .You need to have the perfect angle for a perfect view with the bird watching telescopes.

How to use Telescopes?

There are 2 options while buying telescopes. Either you can go for straight or angled form. Bid watching telescopes with straight form are easier to operate and sometimes cheaper than the angled form. The angled forms are easier to follow moving birds, do not strain the neck and convenient to watch the tree-tops. However, it is individual taste and you can decide which one you are more comfortable with.

 You can use the bird watching telescope for photography but remember that telescope is good for watching and cannot function like a digital camera. For best results, use a digital camera in the eyepiece of a bird watching telescope to capture the snapshots. A digital camera with internal zooming and a big telescope that lets more light through the lens will give you good images. Consult and go through the merits, demerits before investing in a digital camera that goes along with your bird watching telescope and also gives you good pictures when standby.

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Mira on 05/24/2014

Now that ologsinquito mentioned it, I remembered we have a lake/marsh area right here in the middle of Bucharest where one photographer took amazing shots. I don't have a large-enough telephoto lens, but it can come in very handy when going birdwatching. I once borrowed one and took some bird photos.

ologsinquito on 05/24/2014

I went on a bird watching expedition once. It was interesting.

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