Birthday or Mother's Day Gifts for Mom From Young Kids

by wrapitup4me

Surprise Mommy with a special gift from her small child. This gift can easily be adapted for Daddy as well.

Parents value gifts that their young children make for them rather than buy (using someone else's money most of the time).

Here is a wonderful gift idea that combines a handmade present for Mom (or Dad) with an important life lesson for children. After all, the best gifts are the gifts of time, love, and consideration.

The Gift That is Fun to Give and to Receive

Imagine that you and your child (or: niece, nephew, grandchild, etc) are thinking about what the child can buy for Mom. The young girl or boy wants to get something very special for Mommy but cannot afford what he or she thinks Mommy would like. Also, there are enough drawings and paintings stuck to the fridge with magnets and so another one would not be special enough for a birthday or Mother's Day gift.

You also would like to child to understand that "money cannot buy happiness", as the saying goes, and that sometimes "the best gifts in the world are free". People who love and care about each other do things to make the other person happy - and that does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money.

So you start to think of some things that would make the child's mother happy - maybe he or she does not do the assigned household tasks, or at least not until nagged several times. Maybe the child does not have any assigned household tasks.

In this case, perhaps a considerate present for mother would be a sticker that serves as a redeemable ticket for certain household tasks.

For example:  Make My Bed (Without Being Reminded).

Print on Demand Stickers Are Customizable

Eight stickers have been prepared with a teal-colored frame, as shown below. Each has a different task on it. You may like this selection. However, there may be a task not shown that would be more appropriate for your family. You can easily change the wording of the sticker. When you click to open the webpage for ordering, you will see spaces for changing the text however you would prefer.


In addition, Make My Bed stickers were prepared in variously colored frames as the child may prefer a different color. Perhaps mother's favorite color is pink or purple or blue.

In this case, select the sticker according to the frame color and use the template space to change the task to whichever the child would best like to do as a gift to mother.

Gift Tasks Kids Can Do For Mum

The 8 household tasks I prepared are:

Make my bed

Fold the laundry

Take out the garbage

Sweep the floor

Wash the dinner dishes

Wash the car

Shovel the snow

Mow the lawn

Remember - you can change any of the text. Perhaps you would like to write a different task. Perhaps you want to add the child's name in place of a line of prepared text. It is easy to do.


More About Zazzle Stickers

These are large stickers, 3 inches in diameter. They come in sheets of 6 stickers each and as of this writing, each sheet costs $4.95. You can save money when you buy more than one sheet, even if the stickers are different.

If you order small stickers, 1.5 inches in diameter, there are 20 stickers per sheet. Each sheet of small stickers also costs $4.95.

Gift-Wrapping the Stickers

The best way to present the gift stickers to mother is to put them into an envelope with a card the child makes himself or herself. Let him or her decorate the envelope as well and you have the perfect gift for Mom.

Do You Think This is a Good Idea for a Young Child's Gift for Mother?

Perhaps you think that household errands should not be considered a gift to the parent, but rather something the child is expected to do just because he or she is part of the family.
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Updated: 10/15/2013, wrapitup4me
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wrapitup4me on 01/08/2013

Also happy to make people laugh. Glad you liked it.

Tolovaj on 01/07/2013

Thanks for some inspiration and laugh too:)

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