High-End Gifts for the Jewish Home or Wedding That You Can Order Online

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Hassle free shopping for high quality traditional and contemporary gifts by Israeli artists and Judaica specialists. Great for Jewish weddings, anniversaries or housewarming gifts.

The Jewish home usually has certain basic traditional items: Shabbat candlesticks, Hanukkah menorah, mezuzah, Passover plate and more. In addition, Israeli art sculptures or wall-hangings can be found in many homes.

Contemporary Jewish art is well established and popular around the world. Many of the artists featured here have their works on exhibit in galleries and museums.

Traditional religious objects are also appreciated and if the family is not particularly religious, these objects are prized as valuable treasures that can be handed down as family heirlooms.

Shalom Artwork for the Wall of the Jewish Home

Two pieces of art for the Jewish home. Both have the word, Shalom (peace), in the center.

The first is a 3-dimensional layered print in a shadow box that is calming in its colors. It measures 26" x 26".

The second is a square stretched canvas print full of life and vibrancy. It can be ordered in several different sizes.

Museum Quality Israeli Art

David Gerstein is a prolific and important artist in Israel, with his works in museums, galleries and public spaces. You can give this unique gift from a limited edition serigraph on steel (both sides). It is 17.7 inches high and is signed by the artist.

Wonderful Israeli Artist, A. Adler

For the Art Collector or Art Lover

Shabbat Candle Sticks

On each of six "days" God created the world as we know it. On the seventh day, He "rested" and declared it the Sabbath Day (Shabbat, in Hebrew) a rest day. In the Jewish home, Friday evening, or the evening before the seventh day, is specially marked: Erev Shabbat, or, the Eve preceding the Sabbath.

On Erev Shabbat, the woman of the house lights a pair of candles. The flame represents the human soul, that flickers in its fragility, but also gives off light and that is connected with joy.

A gift of beautiful and unique Shabbat candle holders will bring joy to the recipients. Whether religious or not, most Jews can connect emotionally with the idea of the lighting of the Shabbat candles. It is one of the most central features of Judaism that are remembered even by the nonobservant Jew.

The unique red candlesticks (32 cm) on the upper left are handmade from sterling silver.

Above we see a pair of sterling silver shabbat candlesticks (30 cm) with images representing the six days of creation.

The sterling silver candlesticks (30 cm) to the left have a cast silver leaf applique.

Below we can see two smaller and less expensive pairs of candlesticks that use the exquisite cut-out pattern design.

The Kiddush Cup

In ancient times, wine was a daily beverage. On Shabbat, a special blessing (Kiddush) is said over the wine and it is held in a special cup in order to commemorate the Sabbath.

After the blessing has been recited, usually by the oldest male present, he takes a sip from the Kiddush cup and passes it around the table so that everyone can take a sip from the blessed wine.

Kiddush is also recited on other holidays. For this reason, a Kiddush cup has particular significance for the Jewish family, religious or not.

Any of these beautiful Kiddush cups would be a wonderful symbol reminding the recipients of the generosity and consideration of the gift-giver - you!

Upper left: An exquisite handmade sterling silver cup from the Jerusalem studio of a Yeminite family. A grape vine winds its way up the stem of the cup. It is about 12 cm tall.

Upper right: This marvelous sterling silver cup is held up by three silver lions of Zion. The lion in Judaism represents protection and strength. It is 9 cm tall.

Lower left:  An intricate silver filigree design surrounds this entire external surface of this sterling silver cup, giving it a vintage and sophisticated feel. Measures 14 cm tall.

 Lower right:  Authentic Roman glass from Israeli archeological sites are used in this unique Kiddush cup. The sterling silver cup is fashioned by hammering and filigree. Stands 20 cm high.

The Shabbat Challah Board

The special braided bread commemorating the Sabbath is called a challah. The challah is kept on the table on a special board and is covered with a special cloth until after the kiddush. Then the bread is cut and pieces given to all those sitting around the table. Dipped in a bit of salt, the challah, which is made with extra eggs, represents the richness of the Sabbath.

The gift of a challah board will connect you with the Shabbat meal in a very special way.

Lower left: A wooden round challah board with sterling silver design around the edge - the Jerusalem skyline and the words: In honor of the holiday.

Lower right: A wood rectangular challah board with cut-out sterling silver decoration showing various Shabbat motifs and the words, For Shabbat and holidays.

Passover Haggadah for Collectors

This 2-volume haggadah is a high quality reproduction of that created by the artist, David Moss, who had been commissioned to produce a one-of-a-kind haggadah in the ancient tradition.The paper feels like parchment and the work includes paper cuts, gold, silver and mirrors applied by hand as they were in the original. The artist's remarkable commentary in English and Hebrew comprise the second edition.

There are only 2 copies remaining in this latest edition. It is sure to please the recipient who collects Judaica.

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blackspanielgallery on 07/20/2015

Beautiful pieces.

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