Customizable Matching Passover Invitations, Cards and Postage

by wrapitup4me

Personalize invitations to your Passover Seder or your Passover Holiday greeting cards. It is so impressive to send matching cards, envelops and postage.

The Jewish Passover is one of the major holidays celebrated by both religious and secular Jews when families gather around the special seder table to read the Pesach story from the Haggadah and have a traditional meal.

These holiday greetings cards and seder invitations have been designed together with matching envelopes and postage stamps with Passover themes. Some of them are customizable for a unique personal touch.

Start your holiday with matching invitations, envelopes and stamps.

Passover is Also Called the Spring Holiday

Pesach is a happy holiday. It celebrates the Jewish release from 400 years of slavery in Egypt. At the Seder the extended family and friends use the Passover Haggadah to relate the story. Today many families conduct the Seder in both Hebrew and the language of the country in which they live so that it is understood by all guests.

The Seder also includes songs and drinking four glasses of ceremonial wine. What fun!

If you are interested in seeing the Passover sticker that appears in the Intro Photo of this article, click here: Passover Symbols Sticker

A Personalized Pesach Greeting Card or a Seder Invitation

Send a Happy Passover greeting card with matching envelope and stamp. Inside the card is the message:

"We wish you a warm home filled with loved ones, a delicious seder, a beautiful spring -
a Pesach that fully reflects the goodness of life."

If you want to use this card to invite guests to your Seder, all you have to do is use the text template inside the card and replace the wording of the message with your own personal invitation.

The design is based upon the "Tree of Life" and a gold-colored Star of David.

Matzo Invitation and Stamp


Because the Pharoah kept changing his mind - yes he will let them go, no he will not let them go, yes, no, yes, no . . . when he finally said yes, the Jews just packed up everything they had very quickly and they did not have time to let the bread complete the rising process. The bread they took with them, then, was unleavened bread, what we know as matzo. Matzo is one of the most well known symbols of the Passover holiday. Here the matzo is the dominant feature on this invitation and stamp.

There is also a matzo envelope. However, it did not look to me as if the address written on it would show up clearly enough so I am not showing it here.

The invitation has a template that allows you to easily add the details: time, place, date and anything else you might want to add to make your guests feel welcome.

Perfect Design for the Spring Holiday

Gold and orange daisies are so bright and cheery against a sky-blue background. Laying over the daisies is a Torah scroll with a golden Star of David. "Happy Passover" is written in a blue that fits the color scheme perfectly.

Such an aesthetically designed card and stamp with a matching envelope below.

The card has a message template inside and this greeting card can easily be reworded as an invitation to the Seder if you want.

Another Beautiful Cheery Spring Set for Passover

What represents spring more than tulips? Here you have an aesthetic design on a card, stamp and envelope.
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Matzo Greeting Card and Stamp with a Sense of Humor

This sweet male and female matzo couple against a bright turquoise background bring a smile to your face. The card is blank and you can use the "customize" button to add anything you would like to inscribe in it.

There is no specially designed envelope for this set but the card does come with a plain white envelope.

Two More Beautiful Passover Cards with Matching Stamps.

The cards come wih their own white envelopes.

Both cards have the text inside in template form so that you can easily change it if you want or delete it and receive it as a blank card. Both ways, this card is customized to your particular needs.

Passover Seder Invitation Cards

Here are two cards that stand alone - there are no matching envelopes or stamps. You can send them like you send a postcard. On the back of both of these cards you will find a template for easily adding the details announcing where and when the Seder will take place.

Deep Royal Blue Seder Invitation Card, Envelope and Stamp


The Passover Seder Plate adorns this Seder invitation set. The Seder plate is a central feature on the traditional Pesach Seder table. Sitting in front of the host, it holds 6 symbolic items representing different aspects of the Exodus story. Click to read more about the seder plate.

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Beautiful Passover Invitations. :)K

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Lovely selection and nice job on your lens!

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