Birthday Themed Scrapbook Pages

by linfcor

Birthdays are one of the most popular scrapbook pages in any album. Celebrating a birthday is more memorable when the memories of that day are captured and preserved in a scrapbook

Making a scrapbook page for a family birthday does not have to be difficult. As a matter of fact, birthday scrapbook pages are one of the most popular theme for scrapbooks. You can create either just a few pages or a whole book, if it's really a special celebration. Looking back on those family celebrations, really bonds a family together. Grandkids love to see their own celebrations captured in their scrapbooks. And even more fun, is to show them, their parents' birthday pages. What a neat way to preserve really sweet family memories. If you don't scrapbook anything else, this is the one part of your family history you should preserve.
These are the basics to help you create a birthday scrapbook page

Supplies For Your Birthday Scrapbook Pages

You will only need some basic tools to get started with birthday scrapbook pages. If you are using a kit, then all you will need is some scissors and some adhesive-either tape runners or glue sticks

Basic Scrapbook Supplies For Birthday Scrapbook Pages

  • Cardstock Weight Scrapbook Paper - You can use birthday theme paper or solid paper
  • A Pair of Scissors Or A Paper Cutter- Used to cut paper.
  • A Ruler-Used to help you make straight lines
  • A Pencil-used to help cut mats and place letters and other elements
  • Some Adhesive-You can use either a glue stick or a tape runner

Optional Supplies

  • Precut letters and Titles-Make the titles for your page
  • Stickers-Adds depth and dimension to your pages
  • Precut Photo Mats-Saves time and is cost efficient

Birthday Scrapbook Kits

Easy, Quick , Economical And Inclusive Way To Create Scrapbook Pages
me & my BIG ideas 8-Inch by 8-Inch Scrapbook Page Kit, Happy Birthday Party

Me and My Big Ideas presents MAMBIKITS, all inclusive kits for scrapbooking and paper crafting. This kit is "Birthday" themed, totally coordinated and includes six 8-inch by 8-i...

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me & my BIG ideas 12-Inch by 12-Inch Scrapbook Page Kit, Birthday Wish

Me and My Big Ideas presents MAMBIKITS, all inclusive kits for scrapbooking and paper crafting. This kit is "Birthday" themed, totally coordinated and includes eleven 12-inch by...

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Echo Park Paper Photo Freedom Birthday Wishes Collection Scrapbooking Kit

Echo Park Paper - Photo Freedom Birthday Wishes Collection Kit contains six 12x12 inch sheets of double-sided scrapbook paper, one 12 x 12 Element sticker, 5 photo sleeves; one ...

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Pictures You Might Want to Take

Planning Ahead For Your Birthday Scrapbook Pages

Their are no hard rules on the type of pictures that you take, but here are some suggestions for you to consider that light help you when you go to put everything together.

  1. Pictures of the guests doing activities
  2. A picture of the table set up for the party
  3. Picture of the cake ahead of time
  4. Picture of the birthday person blowing out the candles
  5. Preparing for the party
  6. Gifts that were received

Other Things To Include On Birthday Scrapbook Pages

  1. The invitation
  2. The guest list
  3. The party hats....flattened
  4. One of the napkins....especially if it shows the theme
  5. Fronts of any special balloons
  6. Birthday cards



How To Select Scrapbook Papers For Birthday Themed Layouts

Choosing the background pages (the page that all your photos are on)  for your layouts ( two pages that face each other on a scrapbook page )  Is not difficult at all, especially if you have themed your party. Just select two colors from the theme of your party décor. For example if you were using a princess theme, you might use pinks. Circus theme would be bright colors. If you don't have a theme, then bright colors from the napkins you used or from the colors of the room.

Always use solid paper directly behind your photos. The additional layer between your photo and the background paper is called a mat. You can buy mats in the right size in packs or you can cut paper to fit the size of your picture.  If you like the look of patterned papers, you can use them underneath the solid colors. Using patterned paper directly behind the picture, only distracts from the picture itself.

Make sure to use cardstock weight scrapbook paper for your background paper. It's heavy enough to support the weight of your other elements.

If the birthday celebration was following a specific theme like a Disney theme, a special birthday year or special colors that were used at the party, follow the theme on your scrapbook pages. There are plenty of themed papers to compliment the celebration

Birthday Scrapbook Paper

Karen Foster Design Themed Paper and Stickers Scrapbook Kit, Birthday

Karen Foster Design, one of the scrapbooking industry's most innovative manufacturers, has been synonymous with high quality, affordable memory preservation and unique and relev...

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K&Company Happy Birthday 2U Paper Pad, 12-by-12-Inch

K&Company; Happy Birthday 2U. Designer Paper Pad bundles the collection's most popular designs along with a few coordinating patterns that you won't see anywhere else. Includes ...

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Karen Foster Design, Scrapbooking Paper Pads, Birthday

In the spring of 1998, Karen Foster created her first set of eight themed papers and her children helped pack and ship the orders from her garage, which served as a warehouse. N...

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How To Make A Basic Birthday Scrapbook Page

You have gathered your supplies, have your pictures and are ready to go. Here are the basic steps to making your scrapbook pages.

  1. Look at your pictures. Select the pictures that you want to use for each page. You will want to choose no more than three pictures per page. You can use a single photo or two. It's up to you. Think about how the pictures will look on pages side by side. Once you have decided what pages they are going to go on, label your pictures on the back lightly with a marker as to the page they are going on...1, 2, 3, 4 .ect.
  2. Now look at the pictures and think about any noise or parts of the picture that you would like to eliminate. Make a straight cut and cut off the section that you want to "crop"
  3. Now decide the background paper for each page, remembering those pages that will face each other. If you have bought a set or a pad of paper, generally they have 2 sheets of each paper.
  4. Lay out the pictures on the paper until you are happy where each picture will be. Add a mat, if desired slightly larger than the picture itself. Remember where you might want to place any titles or journaling on your page
  5. Glue or tape the pictures on to the mat and then to the cardstock. Tape runners are best for adhering pictures. Double sided tape also works well
  6. Add any stickers or titles onto the page
  7. Place the page into a page protector in your scrapbook

Congrats ! You are done !


Other Elements For Birthday Scrapbook Pages

So you have selected your pictures, for each page. You have cropped them and arranged them on the background page. What else do you need to add?

How About A Title?

A title can be added at the top or bottom of the page. You can add mat under the title too. You can use letter stickers or a title that you print from your computer which you glue or tape on. It can be anything that you want it to say. You can have the title go from one page to the other in your layout. Make it a strong element on your page.

Some Stickers

Stickers come in all types of themes, and birthdays are very readily available. You can get all kinds of words, balloons and décor for your pages. You can even find themed stickers for special birthday themes.

Some Journaling

Adding the story about your celebration makes your pages more personal, especially if it's in your own handwriting, You could use tags too. Or type the story on your computer and print it out.

Make Sure To Add A Date Or The Year To Your Page

Use a number to add what birthday it was, or add a date and or a year.

Make Sure To Sign Your Scrapbook Pages

Always sign your name and the date that you created your scrapbook page


Scrapbook Stickers For Birthdays

Sticko Birthday Party Stickers

These Birthday Party stickers feature colorful balloons, candles, present, cake, hat and sentiments. Perfect for scrapbooks, party invitations, favors - almost anything. Known f...

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K&Company Confetti Birthday Icons Grand Adhesion Stickers

Grand Adhesions Stickers make every project a grand one. Use these fun Confetti Word stickers on page layouts, creative frames, handmade cards, gift tags and more. Grand Adhesio...

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Birthday Self-Adhesive Stacked Borders 12" 2/Pkg-

Stacked Border Stickers. These fantastic 12in border stickers are 3 dimensional, multi media wonders! Paper, cardstock, foam, fabric, glitter, epoxy and more mixed up media comb...

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More Birthday Scrapbook Page Ideas

More Crafty Ideas

If you have decided to start become a scrapbook artist there are some essential things to know so that you start off on the right foot. Here are some great tips to get you started.
You can celebrate a special birthday by making a mini scrapbook. This project uses envelopes and other supplies you probably already have in your craft stash. Create now.
There are several ways to save money on all your craft supplies. Just follow the list and you will get more for each of your craft dollars
Unmounted rubber and acrylic stamps are an economical way to increase your stamp collection. Learn how to work with both unmounted rubber and acrylic stamps
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sheilamarie on 11/28/2014

These birthday scrapbooks will become family heirlooms. Very nice!

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