How To Use Ribbon On Scrapbook Pages

by linfcor

Ribbon is an embellishment that can be used on any scrapbook page. Learn the ins and outs of using ribbon on scrapbook pages

Have you ever used ribbon on a scrapbook page? I love adding touches of ribbon on almost every page that I do. With so many colors and patterns, you are certain to find just the right ribbons for your design. The best thing about ribbon on scrapbook pages is that you are able to use all those little left over scraps in your scrapbook designs.

You will want to have a selection of different colors and patterns available in your craft area. When you get started using ribbon on scrapbook pages, unless you have a large stash, you will want to start with a few basic colors and then add more as your collection and budget allows. start with your primary colors first and then add on.

Check your local dollar stores for buys on ribbon. If shopping in your box craft stores, watch for ribbon sales and always use one of the weekly coupons whenever you can. Staple a small sample of each of your ribbons on cards. punch a hole on the edge of each card and add a reinforcement to each hole. Run a binder ring or a piece of ribbon through all your cards. You can carry these with you whenever you shop so that you don't purchase the same colors that you already have. It also makes it easier to see what you have when you are designing or working on a page. You cam simply look at your samples to see what might work.

Tips For Using Ribbon On Scrapbook Pages

Ribbon is a fun and artistic embellishment to any scrapbook page. Here are some tips for getting the best results

  • When using ribbon around a photo, never attach the ribbon to the photo front. Secure one end of the ribbon on the back of the photo, pull the ribbon taut on the front of the photo and secure the loose end of the back of the photo.
  • To keep the ribbon from fraying, cut the end of the ribbon at an angle or make an inverted "V"
  • Fray Check is perfect for ribbon ends

Storing Your Ribbon

There are a few ways that you can store your ribbons in your craft space. Select the right storage system for you. Largely how you store your ribbons depends on the amount of space that you have in your craft area.

Ribbon can be stored on a curtain rob if they are on a spool. You can purchase an inexpensive curtain rod that can be mounted in a closet or on brackets in your craft room. Another low cost idea is to store your ribbons on a paper towel holder, either mounted or upright.

You cam also store your ribbon in larger mason jars or clear jars that are readily available. If you are using the jar system, keep all your same colors together.

Save your toilet paper rolls and wrap any loose ribbons around them.

The idea is to keep your ribbons easily accessible, visible and clean

What Kinds Of Ribbon Are Good For Scrapbook Pages

"Sheer Ribbons" These include chiffon, organza and organdy. These ribbons are see through and pliable which make them light and easy to use on scrapbook pages. They do have a tendency to fray. So that must be taken into consideration

Grosgrain Ribbons are sturdy yet supple. They have crosswise ribs that give them a very distinct look

Ombre Ribbons have shades of a color in varying hues thrughout

Satin Ribbons are shiny and come in lots of colors

The easiest, quickest and neatest ribbon to work with is the self stick ribbons. They already have adhesive on them. All you have to do is measure the amount you need. pull the backing off and press onto your project. While not the least expensive ribbon, they are a time saver.

How Do You Adhere Ribbons To Your Scrapbook Pages?

Let Me Count The Ways

When I first started using ribbon on scrapbook pages, my first instinct was to grab for the liquid glue. It was messy and I had a hard time getting it dry. Then I tried double sided tape and that made all the difference in the world ! I love double sided tape because it comes in so many different widths.

If for some reason you don't have the right width, you can always cut widths from your roll.

Glue dots are another tool that I use to adhere ribbon to my scrapbook pages. They come in all kinds of widths and come in rolls. Using glue dots adds a little dimension to your pages.

If you have a Xyron machine , you can always run the ribbon through it and you are all set. If you are not familiar with a Xyron, it applies adhesive to just about anything.

You can also use your sewing machine or hand sew your ribbon to your scrapbook page.

Attach a ribbon with a brad or eyelet. Make a small hole in the ribbon and through the page.




How To Use Ribbon On Scapbook Pages

  1. Ribbon Knots Or Bows- Simple make hole wherever you would like with a hole punch and carefully tie a knot through the hole
  2. Pieces tied together with ribbon. Mount décor on small squares of paper. Punch holes where you want and tie each piece together with a piece of ribbon
  3. Make a Border With A Ribbon- Use a wider ribbon and go down one side as a border. Or border the entire page by running ribbon along the edges of your page. Run it over the edge of the paper and adhere it on the back of the page
  4. Cut Slits In Your Page With A Craft Knife And Weave The Ribbon In and Out Of The Holes
  5. Use Ribbon As A Frame For Your Photos
  6. Frame A Photo Mat With Ribbon. Punch holes in the corners of the Mat and weave the ribbon. Tie a bow with the ends.
  7. Create A Ribbon Flower
  8. Use Ribbon As A Background For Your Scrapbook Pages. Use a solid paper. Adhere different ribbons in different widths and lengths next to each other. Don't worry about fraying
  9. Make a Stripped Ribbon Page. Run ribbon on the diagonal across the page to make stripes
  10. Create A Ribbon Word. Cut ribbon to make a word that defines your subject
  11. Use Left Over Lengths Of Ribbons To Make Shapes. Never throw away bits and pieces of ribbon. Save them to make shapes
  12. Use Ribbon As A Tie For A Charm Or A Button. Loop a ribbon through the holes and make a simple loop knot


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