How To Create A Scrapbook

by pkmcr

Have you been thinking about getting started with scrapbooking and not sure where to start? Let's take you through how to create a scrapbook as a beginner that you will be proud of

Yes you can create a scrapbook full of memories even though you may be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information that's available to potential scrapbookers! Are you looking for a fun and exciting pastime to keep you occupied? Or maybe you are looking for a birthday present for a friend but you want it to have your personal touch?

Perhaps you would like to have all your memories of your family, friends and partner documented so that you can treasure them forever?

Well, we have got the right solution for you - Scrapbooking! By scrapbooking everything from pictures to any other type of memento, you will be able to capture your most significant memories into attractive visual collections that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Scrapbooking Basics for The Beginner

How To Create A Scrapbook for Beginners

The first step is to organize your photos. You will want to classify all your photos according to:

  1. the event or occasion when the pictures were taken like your school's intramurals or your wedding day;
  2. the people whom you are with, your family, friends or significant other; or
  3. the stages of your life when it happened such as your high school or college days.

Place and compile the photos in a photo organizer or in separate envelopes to avoid mixing it all again together.

Next, you have to pick a scrapbook theme. Choose which among the photos you have sorted you want to work on first and decide what kind of theme you would want for your pictures. Most of the time, the pictures themselves dictate the theme of the scrapbook especially if the pictures are of a special event or occasion such as a wedding or graduation party as examples.

Sometimes the theme might also take on a prominent color or item in the photos. Other times, you may also just get inspiration from scrapbook layouts online for your scrapbook theme.

The third step is to prepare all your scrapbooking supplies. This may include different sizes and shapes of Paper Trimmer, various kinds of adhesives such as double-sided tapes and tape runners, archival quality pens, card stock and paper in different colors and quality and of course, scrapbook embellishments. Just make sure that whatever materials you use, it is acid-free so that it will not bring damage to your pictures in the long run.

Now, you need to start to think about how you are going to put everything together. Try doing some sketches first before laying and gluing everything onto one of your scrapbook pages to minimize mistakes. Start by creating a focal point on your page before placing all other elements around it.

The basic elements of a scrapbooking layout are:

  1. Journaling, which tells the story behind the pictures;
  2. Page Title, which summarizes what the page is all about; and
  3. Embellishments and Decorations, which beautify the scrapbook page layout.

Budget Scrapbooking For Beginners

How To Create A Scrapbook for Beginners
Budget Scrapbooking For Beginners

Basic Scrapbooking Tips

Below are just a few of my basic scrapbooking tips to get you started.

  • Use unique materials as base and decoration. This way, you are not only minimizing on cost but also making your scrapbook even more special and rare.
  • You can try using recycled paper, beads, feathers, stones, shells, glitters, as well as other items that you may find at home. Scrapbooking does not need to be expensive. It just takes a lot of creativity!
  • Do your journaling using your own handwriting to make your scrapbook more personalized. You can even add your own drawings and place captions on pictures or you may include your favorite quotes from icons or special people in your life.
  • You can use patterned paper as a border, paper cutouts and stickers to add visual appeal to your page.
    Stitch your pages. If you are making your scrapbook from scratch you might want to stitch the pages together instead of the usual ring binder.
  • Use a different scrapbook shape. Instead of a rectangular or square-shaped scrapbook, try making a heart-shaped or star-shaped one. Though it may be hard especially for a beginner, the work will be surely worth it once you see your results.
  • Use Paint! Use water color or oil pastels. Do not just glue colorful paper together or use colorful pens to make your scrapbook bright and vibrant. You might not be a great painter but it will surely make your scrapbook stand out.

These are just basic tips on how you can make your scrapbooks even more special. Whether you are a beginner or a pro scrapbook maker, these tips on how to create your own scrapbook will make it fun and easy.

Premade Scrapbook Kit

Easy Ways To Create A Scrapbook As A Beginner

If you are short on time then one of the things that you might want to consider is using one of my favorite premade scrapbook kits.

They can be adapted for so many different purposes and you can also find ones that are specific to events such as a wedding, Halloween party or graduation event!

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Debra on 06/22/2017

I am trying to start a scrapbook for our now grown daughter, but have no idea where to start!You have many great ideas, thanks! My supplies are limited. Having said that, it seems like I have so much to work with that it's overwhelming.

Tessa on 03/14/2017

Yes I have! I started with scrapbooks for my 3 children (given as gifts on 21st birthday). Also completed a Heritage, Vacation and Baby scrapbook. Busy with a Sweet 16 scrapbook now. They make awesome gifts!

Teri on 04/09/2016

Yes, I finally made my first complete scrapbook for my daughter's 18th birthday! I bought a nice scrapbook with a place on the cover for her photo, a package of black, gold, and white cardstock to fill the book, and a package of white glitter flowers. I printed off a bunch of digital photos and just started filling the pages. Making a scrapbook is something I have wanted to do for YEARS but was always such a perfectionist that I knew it would take me forever to create one. Well, I finally dropped the perfection and just did it! I wish I would have read this post first, though. Such good ideas, thank you!

Nelya on 12/31/2015

I started my first scrapbook when me and my now-husband were just dating. It was definitely fun! Then I made another one of my baby boy's first year (more than halfway done so far). I think I spent way more money than I should've, especially after getting married and being more independent. But I love how special and full of love it is. Homemade. My boy (a toddler now) already loves to look at his book, loves it too much, in fact. He'll play with banners I made and I'll have to fix them and glue them on again. He also names the people in the pictures.

pkmcr on 10/12/2014

@CherylFay thank you that's very kind of you and I hope you get chance to create a scrapbook or two!

pkmcr on 10/11/2014

@Mira thanks for the great feedback and I do hope you give it a try

Mira on 10/11/2014

I love the idea of making scrapbooks. Perhaps I'll give it a try. I have created collages in the past, but never scrapbooks. I'll look for supplies. I like your suggestions.

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