Easy Craft Ideas For Kids

by pkmcr

Need to keep the kids entertained during the holidays or need some rainy day activities for your kids? Then the easy craft ideas here are just the thing!

There are many benefits to doing crafts with your kids other than keeping them entertained or from getting bored on a rainy day.

Crafts can help develop your kid's creative side, improve their dexterity, help develop their concentration and commitment, and prevent boredom, which can easily drive you and them crazy.

Learning what your kids enjoy doing, and having crafts on hand at all times that relate to those interests, will ensure that you never have to hear "I'm bored" again.

Don't know where to start? Following are some ideas that you can easily start doing today.

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Make A Pair Of Stylish Hands

An Easy Craft Idea for Kids

This is a very easy but creative craft for kids that will keep them entertained and interested as they make their own unique pair of hands. Plus, after they create their hands, they will go back to them often to measure their hands and admire their work.

Materials You Will Need

- Construction Paper
- Pencil
- Crayons
- Tape

Steps To Make The Hands

Step 1 - Have your kid place their hand down on a piece of construction paper.
Step 2 - Have them trace the outside of their hand with a pencil.
Step 3 - Repeat step 1 and 2 with the other hand.
Step 4 - Have them cut out the traced hands.
Step 5 - Give your kid some crayons or pencils and allow them to make their own designs on their paper hands.
Step 6 - Tape their paper hands in a place that they will enjoy, like on their bedroom wall or on their dresser.

This is a great craft that the kids can continue to make use of for years to come!

Make A Witch or Wizard Hat - A Perfect Halloween Craft for Kids

A Great Harry Potter Craft Idea

Harry potter has all kids using their imagination around their magical abilities, and a wizard or witch hat will help them feel as though they are really a part of the magical world when they pretend. You can do this for Halloween or any time of the year you want.

This craft is all about decoration, so it could get a little messy, but what kid doesn't love to get a little messy?

Materials You Will Need

- Paper party hats with elastic band to hold on head
- Paint brush
- Black paint
- Glitter
- Silver stars
- Glue

Steps to Make A Witch or Wizard Hat

Step 1 - Paint the party hats with the black paint and allow them time to dry.
Step 2 - For a wizard hat, put tiny globs of glue strategically all over the hat and then put the silver stars on. For a glittery witch hat, put some tiny globs of glue on the hat and sprinkle the glitter all over the hat.
Step 3 - Allow your kids to become magical people for hours.

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Balloon And Ice Fun

A Science Experiment To Keep The Kids Entertained

What else can you do with balloons besides blow air into them and watch them deflate? Well, you can create a frozen balloon that becomes a science experiment every kid will love. You may need to do some research as to how ice is created and reacts to heat and salt so that you have explanations for you kids, but the research will pay off as you watch your kids delight in the science behind it.

Materials You Will Need

- Balloon
- Water
- Measuring Tape
- Scale
- Salt
- Food coloring

Steps In The Experiment

Step 1 - In the evening, fill the balloons with water and measure them with the measuring tape. Also, weigh them. Record your findings.
Step 2 - Put the balloons in the freezer overnight.
Step 3 - Take out the balloons in the morning and measure them again with the ice now in the center. Record the difference in size and weight and delight in the science of it all!
Step 4 - Take off the balloon covering to expose your new large blocks of ice.
Step 5 - Pour salt onto the ice block and watch your kids delight as it cracks and forms 'craters'.
Step 6 - Pour food coloring over the newly shaped ice. You can use different colors all over the ice and it will spread to create unique patterns on the ice.
Step 7 - Leave out for the day so the kids can watch their art projects melt and change shape.

Create A Ring Toss Game

A Perfect Rainy Day Activity for Your Kids

This will not only keep your kid happy and interested while engaged in the craft, but it will also provide hours of fun after the craft is made. Ring toss is an easy game where you try to throw a ring around a post.

Materials You Will Need

- Paper plates
- Paint
- Scissors
- Paper towel tube (or cling wrap - as long as it is long)
- Sticky tape

Steps to Create A Ring Toss Game

Step 1 - Cut out the center of the paper plates (the part you would eat on.) These will become the rings in the game.
Step 2 - Have your kid paint each plate a different color or a rainbow of colors.
Step 3 - Cut small slits into one side of the tube so that you can pull back the tube a little and flatten it out onto an intact paper plate.
Step 4 - Tape down the flattened parts of the tube so that it creates the post that your kids will try to throw their ring around.
Step 5 - Watch your kids try to throw their rings around the post!

Making Soap for Kids

A Classic Easy Craft For Your Kids and The Whole Family

This can be a craft that everyone will enjoy. You may think that heating up a bar of soap sounds boring, but if you grab a bar of ivory soap and throw it in the microwave, magic happens.

Materials You Will Need

- Bar of ivory soap
- Microwave
- Waxed paper
- Food Processor
- Cookie cutter molds
- Food coloring

Steps For Making Soap

Step 1 - Put the waxed paper in the microwave to act as the plate, and then place the bar of soap on it.
Step 2 - Turn on your microwave and let the kids watch as it expands into a shape the resembles a cloud. (Takes about 1 minute.)
Step 3 - Remove the soap from the microwave and let your child delight in the new shape it produced. Be careful not to drop it or it will smash and create a huge mess.
Step 4 - Put the soap into a large bowl and let your kid smash it into pieces with their hands.
Step 5 - Put the soap into the food processor and add a little warm water. Turn on the processor and you will end up with workable soap.
Step 6 - Put the soap into bowls and mix food coloring into the soap to create a wide variety of colors.
Step 7 - Let your kids push the soap into the molds and form their very own bar of soap.

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pkmcr on 06/06/2013

@CatJB it is great fun isn't it and do let me know how you go on :-)

CatJB on 06/06/2013

Love that ice balloon idea, gotta try that, my boys will think it's great!

teddletonmr on 05/24/2013

Great ideas for crafty kids

katiem2 on 05/21/2013

Good stuff

pkmcr on 04/30/2013

@nightbear thanks so much for the positive feedback which I really appreciate :-)

nightbear on 04/29/2013

beautiful page, I love all the detail. Makes for sure to have a successful time crafting with your kids.

PeggyHazelwood on 04/28/2013

These are all fun crafts for kids. I love messing around with art projects with my grandkids. Painting is always a favorite.

belinda342 on 04/28/2013

I made candles when I was younger, but I've never tried soap. That sounds like fun! (And I don't even have any little kids to share it with!)

pkmcr on 04/28/2013

Thanks that's very kind of you.

Guest on 04/28/2013

I made soap when I was younger. I wish I'd been able to try the ice balloon too, but mum would never have let me! I was encouraged to read and write about what I read, which I guess is a craft of its own... *grin*. Article worth the wait, will definitely be pointing parents in my circle to it when they need inspiration.

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