Easy Crafts To Make And Sell

by pkmcr

In today's economy we all need to earn more don't we! Easy Crafts To Make And Sell will enable you to turn your love of crafting into an additional income source for you.

Gone are the days of only buying things from stores. Now, we can buy things offline, online, at special fairs, nearby, and far away. The great thing about this is that we can also sell things offline, online, at special fairs, nearby and far away.

Because of this, your crafts could become your next big business opportunity. You can participate in craft fairs to exhibit and sell your crafts to interested people, as well as gain future business, or you can go online to sell your crafts to a wide selection of people who are looking for unique gifts.

The great thing about making crafts to sell is that it does not require a lot of investment. For instance, if you pay for a table in a craft fair, where people are actively looking for unique crafts to buy, then you can quickly learn how much interest there really is in your products from just one or two days. From there, you can invest more money or move in a different direction and retest the market with something new.

Additionally, if you decide to sell your crafts online, then you will find that you can easily put them up on various sites like eBay to determine if there is an interest in your products.

How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally, and On-Line

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Easy Crafts To Make And Sell That Are Earth Friendly

Some Easy Craft Ideas To Sell

Today, more than ever, people are concerned about the waste that we are creating in our world, and more and more people are looking for ways to recycle and reuse.

This is why crafts that are earth friendly really have a chance of standing out in a world where we don't need something 'new' in order to have something new. Following are a few crafts that may have a chance in this type of market.

Plant Holders

Not only are people reusing almost everything, they are also planting more of their own vegetables and herbs. You can take advantage of this double opportunity and create a unique and earth friendly planter to sell.

Materials You Need

  • Empty 2L bottle
  • Old CD
  • Environmentally friendly glue (check out Amazon or your local Eco store)
  • Paint (Either recycled or left over from yourself or other people)

Steps For Making Your Plant Holders

Step 1 - The 2L bottle is going to be your planter, so you need to cut the bottle to act as the pot. Depending on what size you want, you can either cut the bottle in half or cut just a 1/4 off the bottle.

Step 2 - Glue the bottle upside down (cap and all) to the middle of the CD.

Step 3 - Paint the bottle and CD to cover up glue, cap, and the fact that it is a pop bottle glued to a CD.

Step 4 - Promote as an earth friendly planter!

Homemade Dog Or Cat Food Scoop

People love their pets, and many people feed their pets kibble that needs to be scooped out of the bag. You can make a unique pet food scoop created from an old liquid laundry detergent bottle, designed to be a unique scoop that represents Fido or Fluffy.

Materials You Need

  • Laundry bottle
  • Environmentally friendly glue (check out Amazon or your local Eco store)
  • Scissors
  • Eco felt alphabet stickers
  • Variety of Eco felt colors

Steps to Make Your Homemade Dog Or Cat Food Scoop

Step 1 - While leaving the handle on, cut off the top of the laundry bottle. The cut will be close to the top of the handle, but will ensure that the handle can stay intact and do its job while pet owners scoop.

Step 2 - Wash the bottle to remove any evidence that it was a laundry bottle. Let dry.

Step 3 - With the Eco felt alphabet stickers, you can write either pet names or terms of endearment vertically on the front of the bottle. For instance, you can write 'Loved' or 'Fido'. Glue the letters on the bottle.

Step 4 - Cut out pet inspired shapes with the rest of the felt and glue them around the bottle. For instance, if it is a dog scoop, you may want to put dog bones around the bottle. Keep the bottle uniformed for a dog or cat, and female or male to gain the most interest in a pet owner.

Most Popular Environmentally Friendly Glue

Avery - Clear Application Permanent G...

Other Easy Crafts To Make And Sell

Crafts Ideas for Adults to Make and Sell

While the earth friendly crowd is a big market, you can still win over the majority of people by creating other appealing products.

Redneck Champagne Glass Gift

Many people love gag gifts, and if you can create something that people would want to buy their best friend or sister as a gift, then you've got it made. Every day gifts that poke fun or amuse are exchanged throughout the world, so you just need to be in front of the right people at the right time. I already know of at least five people who would buy this redneck glass in a heartbeat.

Materials You Will Need

  • Canning jar with lid
  • Candlestick holder
  • Strong glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Various decorations to tie around the neck such as bow ties, camouflage, or ribbon.

Steps for Making Your Redneck Champagne Glass Gift

Step 1 - Sand the bottom of the canning jar and the top of the candlestick holder to create smooth surfaces that will stick together easier.

Step 2 - Wash both the jar and candlestick holder off and let dry.

Step 3 - Flip the canning jar upside down. Put glue on the top of the candlestick holder and press on the bottom of the canning jar. Let dry for at least one day.

Step 4 - Decorate with bow tie, ribbon, or whatever else you can come up with that is worthy of a redneck champagne glass.

Rocks With Quotes

I love this one! Lots of people love unique rocks, and people love quotes! So if you can create a rock with quotes then there is a chance that you can easily sell it at a craft fair or online. However, if you can create a bundle of rocks with quotes then there is an even bigger chance.

Materials You Will Need

  • Rocks with one flat side
  • Permanent marker
  • Acrylic spray paint (water-proof, clear)

Steps for Making Your Rocks With Quotes

Step 1 - Pick up a rock, turn the flattest side upwards, decide what you want to write on it, then write. (I know I'm being obvious here.) A good tip is to let the rock speak to you. If you feel that it gives you a sense of peace, then you may want to write 'peace' on it. Chances are if it sends you a message, then it may send other people the same message as well.

Step 2 - Continue process with at least four more rocks.

Step 3 - Spray your acrylic paint, from about 6 inches or more away, over the word side of the rocks. Let dry.

Step 4 - Turn rocks over and spray with acrylic paint. Let dry.

Step 5 - Repeat steps 3 and 4.

Step 6 - Sell as a package of five rocks.

Don't Have The Time To Collect Your Rocks?

Panacea 70005 River Rock, Mix Color, 2 Pounds
Panacea 70005 River Rock, Mix Color, ...

More Ideas for Quick and Easy Crafts To Make and Sell

Of course, if you already know how to do a craft such as knitting or sewing then there are hundreds of other ideas that, for you, can be easy crafts to make and sell.

For instance, you can knit unique coffee holders to keep people's hands from burning while holding their cup. (Think about how many people drink coffee on a daily basis.) You can also sew baby blankets as parents are always willing to spend some money on their soon-to-be or new baby.

The bottom line is that if you enjoy the craft, you are more likely to create things that other people are willing to buy and enjoy themselves.

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Selling Your Crafts Online: With Etsy, eBay, and Pinterest

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More Easy Craft Ideas for All The Family

If like me you love crafting then you are always looking for craft ideas for adults to make! You will find great free craft ideas here with detailed instructions on what to do!
Need to keep the kids entertained during the holidays or need some rainy day activities for your kids? Then the easy craft ideas here are just the thing!
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Bobski606 on 03/13/2017

I've just picked up my knitting needles again and I'm going to start up my own business too.

CruiseReady on 05/19/2015

I like the planter one and the one about quotes on rocks. Just about anyone could do those, and that's the kind of thing that people like me need to make.

ohcaroline on 05/05/2013

I have been away from doing crafts for a couple of years...but my juices are starting to bubble again.

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