Craft Ideas for Adults

by pkmcr

If like me you love crafting then you are always looking for craft ideas for adults to make! You will find great free craft ideas here with detailed instructions on what to do!

Are you looking for some fun craft ideas for adults? Then you have come to the right place!

Many adults only tend to do crafts on holidays. For instance, at Easter they will decorate eggs and at Christmas they will make gingerbread houses and pretty advent calendars. While most of those adults will admit to enjoying their crafts as they do them, they avoid doing them the rest of the year, but they shouldn't!

Crafting allows you to use your creative side and escape the 'real world' that can contain a lot of stress and worry. In addition, it produces cool things that you can you hang around the house or display with pride. Following are two craft ideas for adults that will not only let your creative side come out and play, but will inspire you to do more crafts as well.

Arts and Crafts Ideas for Adults

Easy Arts and Crafts Ideas Adults Will Love
Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Craf...

Create A Decorative Book Wreath

Easy Craft Idea for Adults to Enjoy

Wreaths are a great year round look, and they can be hung on your door outside or on a door or wall inside. There are so many ideas for making wreaths that it is hard to pick just one to talk about! For instance, you can take all of the corks from your wine bottles and make a wine cork wreath.

Or, you can use red and pink tablecloths to make a wreath that represents love and hang it behind your bed. However, the following reef will add a unique look to your home and be a conversation starter as well.

Materials You Will Need

- 14 inch Styrofoam Wreath (Whatever shape you want will be fine, although a round one may look the best.)
- One old book that you don't mind tearing the pages from (Keep in mind the color of the pages will be the color of your wreath, so you may want an older, brown book or you may want a nice new white book.)
- Small pins or hot glue.

Steps In Making Your Decorative Book Wreath

Step 1 - Tear out all the pages from the book you have chosen. Be careful to tear them out so that they don't rip too much at the end. You will not see the long end too much when you are done, but ensuring that they are even will provide a more unified look.

Step 2 - Fold the page into a fan shape. How you do this will depend on how big you want the wreath to be and how wide you want the fanned look to be in the end. Start by taking the long side of the page and folding it over itself at desired distance. Then, turn it upside down and fold at the same distance you folded before. Repeat until you have folded the whole page into a fan.

Step 3 - Attach one edge of the fan to the wreath with either a small pin or hot glue. The glue will take longer to dry and may not be as secure, so you may want to use both to ensure your wreath stays together for a long time.

Step 4- Repeat step 2 and 3 and place each folded page very close to the next until you have covered the whole styrofoam.

Step 5 - Hang your new book wreath on a nail in your office or another place that you frequently read.

Note: You will quickly develop your own way of folding and putting your fanned pages on the page, and no two wreaths will look the same.

The main thing is to remember that you want to direct the outside of the fan relative to the wreath - so if the fanned page is going on the bottom of the wreath, then the fanned end should be facing up and down and not facing side to side (unless you want it that way!)

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Family Tree Made From Your Families Hands

Fantastic Craft Idea For Adults and Genealogists

As a keen Genealogist I have many versions of my family tree hanging around my house, but this craft idea for adults is something that I find so personal, and it will make you feel good every time you walk past it. While this is a family tree idea, you could branch (see what I did there?) out and do many different versions of this to fit your desire.

Materials You Will Need

- 1 large frame
- 1 white poster board (This will eventually go inside the frame as the picture.)
- Pencil
- Paint or paint marker
- Acrylic paint in a variety of colors
- 1 hand of each person you want to include in your family tree

Steps To Make Your Family Tree Craft Idea

Step 1 - Ensure poster board is right size to fit into frame. You may need to cut it to fit.

Step 2 - Draw a picture of a tree with a pencil, and put in as many branches as you need to represent the people in your household, or people you plan to include in the picture. You can either put this tree on the bottom of the poster or in the middle. Ensure there is enough room for full hands to stem off the branches, as well as room for writing to be put either on top of the poster or on the bottom, or both.

Step 3 - Paint in the tree to make it defined and stand out.

Step 4 - Have everyone paint one hand generously with whatever colors they want to use to represent themselves. Ensure fingers, thumbs, and all tips of those get painted as well.

Step 5 - Each person will place their palm and fingers firmly down onto their own branch of the tree. Try to ensure the heel of the hand is as close to the branch as possible.

Step 6 - Let the paint dry completely.

Step 7 - Use the paint or paint marker to write whatever you want above the tree or below the tree, depending on where you have drawn it. You may want to write something like, "You may not always get to choose your family, but we are glad that we have this one!" Get creative with this!

Step 8 - Place the poster in the frame and hang where ever you want.

Note: Some people may not be able to write with paint or paint marker the way they want to. If that's you, then you may want to go out and get an alphabet stencil so that you ensure the writing comes out exactly the way you want it to look.

Don't worry too much about details though as this is meant to be a unique and personal picture that you can hang on the wall, and will look great no matter how you end up doing it.

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ohcaroline on 05/05/2013

I've always enjoyed making wreaths. Grapevine wreaths are my favorite and then wreaths made from old pieces of quilt.

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