How To Use An Unmounted Acrylic Or Rubber Stamp

by linfcor

Unmounted rubber and acrylic stamps are an economical way to increase your stamp collection. Learn how to work with both unmounted rubber and acrylic stamps

I am big collector of all kinds of stamps. When I started stamping projects as a hobby, I used mounted rubber stamps. These are rubber stamps that are mounted on wood. They generally have an image on the wood to show what they will stamp. Those were ok, but they are bulky to store. The other problem with them was that you could not see where you were stamping.

Then I found unmounted rubber stamps. These were mostly in sets.I liked them because they were easier to store. But still, I could not see exactly where I was stamping.

Finally, I found acrylic stamps. Easy to store in sets and as individual stamps. I could also see where I was stamping so that gave them a big advantage.

Acrylic Stamps mount easily
Acrylic Stamps mount easily

How To Mount An Acrylic Stamp

Acrylic stamps are easy to work with and user friendly. They can also be called clear stamps, or polymer stamps. They are generally pretty transparent. They have a tackiness that adhere them to an acrylic block so stamp the image. They often come in an envelope, or on a backing sheet.

They come in two ways, either with foam or without.. They often come in themed sets, so it's easy enough to store the whole set together in a container. 

In order to stamp with them, you need an acrylic blocks. They are see through acrylic blocks, so you can actually see where you stamp. Some have lines or grids so that you can line up your stamp, so that it is stamped evenly.

The acrylic stamps with foam generally have a material that will help them stick on an acrylic block. Those acrylic stamps that do not have foam, also have a stickiness that help them temporarily adhere to the acrylic block. 

You simply take the stamp and press it on the acrylic block. 

If for some reason, the acrylic stamp won't stay on the block, put a little water on it and it should stick.

More About Acrylic Blocks

You will need different sized acrylic blocks for the stamps that you own.


I personally prefer the Crafter's companion Rock A Blocks. They are very easy to use and always get a perfect image. The block should be slightly bigger than the stamp itself. 

However, if you use a block that is too big, there is a good chance you will not get a good impression.


Steps To Permanently Mount Rubber Stamps

Tools And Supplies Needed

  1. Sharp Scissors
  2. Craft Knife
  3. Unmounted rubber stamps
  4. Cushion for stamps
  5. Wooden blocks
  6. Rubber cement, if your cushion does not have adhesive
  7. Permanent or heat set ink
  8. Clear acrylic spray

Note: Use of rubber cement and acrylic spray should be done in a well ventilated area

Steps To Mounting Unmounted Stamps

  1. With a scarp scissor, cut around the rubber stamp die, making sure not to cut into the design
  2. Adhere the die to the cushion. If you are using a non adhesive cushion, then spread a thin coat of rubber cement  on the die and the cushion. Allow to dry 15-30 minutes and then stick together.
  3. Use a craft knife to trim the cushion around the die as close as you can to the design.
  4. Ink the die and apply the die to the block. Push down to make a good impression. Heat dry the ink
  5. Apply two coats of acrylic spray to the entire block and allow to dry.
  6. Adhere the cushion to the block with rubber cement if neccessary


Supplies To Mount Rubber Stamps

1 grey cling mount sheet 8.5x10"

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Ez Mount Static Cling Mounting Foam 8.5"X11"-(for Stamps Already With Foam)

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Do you own unmounted rubber stamps?

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No, I don't own this type of stamp
sheilamarie on 11/28/2014

No, but it's good to know how to mount them.

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Have You Mounted Any Rubber Stamps

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sheilamarie on 11/28/2014

I have seen these unmounted stamps at stores. They look more economical to purchase. Thanks for teaching us how to mount them.

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