Bizu Bead Animals Jewellery - Fun Girls Christmas & Birthday Gifts

by wrylilt

Bizu is the new fun jewellery that can become any animal you want with a quick twist!

What are Bizu Beads?

Bizu Beads are the fun and funky new style item for girls that don't just work as a fun do-it-yourself jewellery item - they also become cute little animal charms!

Plus, they're also fairly cheap to buy & collect, so parents don't need to worry about a big hole in their pocket after Christmas.

Bizu Animal Charms make a great gift for any girl aged six and up. 

The beads are simple to use - they thread onto a plastic threading tool which pulls an elastic band through the row of beads. The clasp is already in place on your bracelet so you're ready to wear your new piece of jewellery in minutes! 

One animal makes a bracelet and three make a necklace.

The Bizu Style Studio allows easy mixing and matching of animal legs, heads and torsos or you can thread and mix them yourself.

How to Make Your Own Bizu

Fun Ideas for Using Your Bizu Animals

The uses for a Bizu animal are endless - but here are a few ideas on how to use these cute little creatures.

  • Attach them as charms on your mobile phone or school bag.
  • Use as decorations on  your bookshelf or desk.
  • Attach to your favorite pen or pencil.
  • Thread onto ribbon or metallic thread and hang a row down over your window.
  • Hang them on the Christmas tree!

What Animals & Styles can be Made with Bizu Beads?

Animals come in a range of styles and colors that can be made using Bizu Beads, with up to 12,000 combinations if you mix and match all the available pieces. Some of the animals you can make include:

  • Dog, cat, zebra, Hello Kitty.

Some of the accessories you can add to your awesome animal jewellery include:

  • Guitars, handbags, loudspeaker, cupcake, rollerskates, shoes and water bottle.

Colors and designs include:

  • Blue, pink, green, purple, black, silver, tartan, skulls, hearts and stars.

How can you turn Bizu Beads into Animals then Back into Jewellery?

Once you've threaded your beads into a bracelet, it's simple and easy to turn the bracelet into a cute little animal.

  1. Unclasp the bracelet then fold the tail towards the body and twist. 
  2. Twist the two legs three times.
  3. Bring the head towards the body - hold the body and head with one hand.
  4. Twist the front legs three times - and your Bizu animal is complete!

To undo your Bizu animal, simply hold the head and tail and pull and once again you'll have a cute bracelet!

See video for demonstration of how to easily make and undo your Bizu bead animals.

To turn your three Bizu animals into a necklace, simply use the clasps on the bracelets to attach them in a circle.

How to Turn Your Bizu Bracelet Into an Animal and Back Again!

Bizu Storage
Only $27.48

Other Bizu Accessories

Some of the fun accessories available for your Bizu animals include:

  • Bizu style Studio, so you can quickly mix and match your Bizu beads and make them into fun animal jewellery.
  • Bizu Storage, so you can keep all your Bizu jewellery beads organized and take them with you anywhere you want - whether it's on holiday or to a sleepover!
Updated: 11/20/2011, wrylilt
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jayla on 07/11/2012

my sis would love the bizu beads

Amber on 12/05/2011

I love the fact that you can switch the parts around!

petunia on 11/16/2011

Our granddaughter will love the bizu beads!

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