Blogging Your Way to Success

by pateluday

Lead generation is the primary focus of blogging. Is it? Read my article on blogging and how one can derive immense benefits from this activity that has taken cyber World by storm.

Blogging is fun but it is a serious activity as well for it can propel businesses to succeed online. It can create a reputation for professionals of all hues. These are primarily commercial activities but you can promote a niche nonprofit, as well as use blogging as a means to come in contact with like-minded following the niche. That's networking!

Make Sure of Intense Involvement in What You Blog About?

Also known as a weblog this online platform is one of the main digital marketing tools. Executed to perfection it will yield rich dividends for both amateurs and professionals. But it requires expertise and persistence. This is not a day of activity, it can be part of a search engine campaign a long-duration exercise. As long as you are blogging with interest and consistently no matter what the purpose is you will really enjoy it.

Some Blogging Tips

Enhance Readability & Engagement

The problem with most bloggers is that few read their content in spite of the post being engaging and well written.

Readability issues impact the newbies more than the established professionals and about 16% of visitors according to one research read content thoroughly the rest just skip through. In order to become a successful blogger and influencer, you need to make the audience go through the contents and other engaging attributes. 

First of all, before beginning a post please study the target audience well depending on the matter and the intent behind the post.

How to Influence or Engage?

Enhance scanning and point to the core matter early. 

Before you raise your brows know that scanning has been adopted by a large number of readers on the screen. People read content on paper more intensely as it appears to be less tiring.

Key Points Top Down in the Front

It is important to highlight the crux of the matter at the top or earliest. Mentioning it in the sub-heading is the best. 

Most people skip through the blog content searching for words that relate to the solution they are seeking. If those words are hidden in the depth of your content they may miss it and leave. 

Bullet Points & Lists  

Rather than making posts in essay style keep important characteristics as bullet points and lists.  Readers prefer to focus on solutions or aspects they are seeking and would like to avoid what they already know or is of lesser value. Bullet points and lists save time.

Formatting & Sub Headings

Draw attention to key points using formatting: bold, italics, and font color but keep aesthetics in mind. Create relevant and catchy subheadings but please do not overdo it. One H1 Tag and a few h2 tags are more than enough which means limiting key points in a post.

Engage Targeted Audience with Attributes 

It is vital to add relevant images, infographics, and videos explaining your topic. But please keep in mind the downloading speed the post should not become too heavy.   


About Blogging Platforms

Blog Providers

A Blog can be designed and developed by commercial developers such as a web design company or it can be availed free of cost on the Internet. Most bloggers or website owners have their own blog custom-designed and host it on a reputed hosting service. 

Many bloggers or website owners prefer to blog on popular company platforms that provide a free or paid subscription. This has made the activity highly popular in cyberspace. Some of the companies are listed below:

  • Type Pad
  • BlogSpot
  • WordPress
  • Tumblr

These are the four most reliable and stable platforms with an easy-to-understand interface. They are free but with paid options as well. The paid option carries additional features but the free format is good enough for amateurs. The entries published are in a user-friendly format and hence good success can be achieved on all fronts with regular inputs.    


Video on Blogging

More About Blogging

How to? And Features

Blog or weblog differs from a website as day-to-day contents can be added as entries in separate posts. This can be done easily by bloggers and does not need a designer's help. In short, a blog is a content management system with all features to read, write and add attributes like images, videos, and graphs.     

If you are blogging on a commercial platform like the one described in the above post you have to register by creating a user name and password and then verifying your email address. Once you become a registered user and have verified your email you can immediately start posting. 

As customary, you should introduce yourself and give a brief about your niche. The blog URL will indicate your niche as well as whence you are into settings. Then you can add a heading describing your niche or service or brand. 

You have an option to enter layout and add title and meta tags in the HTML just like you would do on a website. A well-optimized blog will rank better than one that is not. You can add a free template that is provided by the company to make the blog more attractive. There are many more features provided by each company which you will learn as you proceed. Some of these features are very useful and you must provide a button for the followers to join. You can also place the featured post on the top if you wish to highlight your best work.      

How to Blog

About Blogging

You can blog as an amateur or a professional with an intent in mind. As long as you do not violate the company's terms and conditions things will move smoothly. There are some ethics a blogger should follow.   

If not on daily basis subject to availability of time you should be consistent for better presence on SERP and greater exposure. This is applicable to content writers as well as amateurs purely for recreation. The more you are read the better it is for your profession or satisfaction. An ever-increasing list of followers is a grand sign of success.  

While writing is informative, entertaining, and precise. Better blogging can create leads, help in ranking as it is a good search engine optimizing exercise. It can help enlarge your community network align you with more people in your niche. It can also act as a propaganda tool and news platform. 

A Blog is a versatile platform that it can do will keep on surprising you.  

Even though long-form content is becoming popular be precise readers skip wordy entries until unless their interest is deep. If you format long-form content it works better. After completion of every entry, you have to publish it. Do not forget to submit the entry to blog aggregators. 

Keep repurposing blog entries for greater information, relevancy, and higher traffic

Blogging is storytelling in an anecdotal manner but tech blogs carry a lot of data, comparison, and technical depth and use graphic illustration besides images and videos. Thus are excellent to introduce new products and software online. 

A note of caution always keep a backup of important entries on your blogging journey in cyberspace. 

Add relevant images, videos, or graphs as and when required. Optimize each entry with the features provided to enhance its reach.    

Make Your Blog Visible

Search Engine Optimization

Building a long list of followers and high traffic should be the aim of all professional and amateur bloggers. This can be done using search engine optimization and social media participation.  As a matter of fact regular blogging and posting links on social media like FB, Twitter and LinkedIn can yield rich dividends. 

High traffic can increase your business potential as well as increase your online reputation. It can also help you grow. The ad publishing format is one good means to generate revenue if you are blogging regularly and promoting your blog your Adsense will get high exposure and more clicks to generate revenue. Thus monetize your blog as soon as you enter the fray.    

If you are not into Digital Marketing then learn seo online to grasp the technique. There are; a lot of blogs and social media opportunities to learn search engine optimization. You can also join a class or tutorial near you.   

Blog for Influencer and Affiliate Marketing

Commercial Prospects

If you are an expert in a niche you can promote that product or service that is relevant as an influencer. Thus webmasters seeking outreach and brands will seek you for link building, brand promotion, or as affiliate partners. These are lucrative prospects but then you need to be a known expert and your bog should be having great traffic for things to work out.  

Guest blogging is also means of taking advantage of a high-profile blog. You can provide a relevant post and a link if acceptable to the owner. Guest blogging is powerful too for SEO and Digital Marketing provided you have access to good content or write yourself. Big companies hire writers to create posts and submit them to their bogs. 

Updated: 07/23/2022, pateluday
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pateluday on 02/27/2021

You can move contents from blog to website of vice versa if they are your own.. no problem. But you will have to delete contents from where you have shifted. Else this may lead to duplicate content issues. Visitors do not contribute by paying to the author unless they benefit in some manner from what the blogger writes. You can monetize your blog using Adsense and earn when people click on advertisements.

DerdriuMarriner on 02/26/2021

pateluday, Thank you for the practicalities and the products.
If someone decides to change from a blog to a website or vice versa, are there copyright restrictions on moving material from one to the other? Also, do you know if there's any information anywhere about how poorly or how well one does by adding the possibility of readers and visitors contributing monetarily?

pateluday on 02/25/2021

Happy Blogging!

blackspanielgallery on 02/25/2021

I have often found difficulty determining where to blog. I see you have a short list I can try. Thanks.

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