Boho, Bohemian, Gypsy Woodland Wedding Style

by dustytoes

A boho wedding celebration is for the couple who loves nature and will get married in the forest, a field, or under a tree. Being one with nature is the main purpose.

The woodland wedding theme covers a wide variety of niche celebrations. Search for outdoor, country, rustic, barn, or boho, and they will all have photos of couples and guests celebrating somewhere among nature.

A bohemian wedding is fashioned after an unconventional lifestyle. Free-spirited couples, who want to show off their eclectic style, can choose the boho wedding theme. However, they may not consider it a theme at all, but a conveyance of what they love most in life.

If you are invited to such a celebration, be ready to party in the great outdoors!

A Description of the Meaning of Boho (Bohemian)

The term "bohemianism" came from the name given to French artists living in lower income areas.  The term was synonymous with gypsies.  I don't know where the shortening of it to "boho" comes from, but it's used to describe this style as it relates to a marriage celebration.

Because the term "bohemian" suggests one who is rather poor, making the best of what he or she has, creativity will play a big part in the celebration.  A wedding of this style will appear to be effortlessly thrown together.  (We know that weddings are NEVER effortless.)  The use of mismatched items and old, worn tables and chairs is common.  Lace table cloths and embroidered linens may be used.  The bride and groom will not usually dress traditionally, and the ceremony itself may be very unconventional.  

Some couples combine tradition with this theme, so the day won't seem too far out. (Hippie phrase, can you dig it?)


Nature Plays a Big Role in the Special Day

Woodland settings are the norm for exchanging vows and reception merriment.

tree on a hill nature photoNature plays a big role in the boho stye.  Couples will strive to keep the ceremony and reception as natural and carefree as possible.  Even if the ceremony does not take place outdoors, there will most likely be a big emphasis on nature. Trees, wildflowers, feathers, seashells, stones, twigs and branches are some of the items that may play a big part in the decorating.  The invitations and decor can easily conform to the theme with images from the forest.  Couples will exchange vows beneath a big tree or in a field, and guests will dine at rustic tables in the open air.

(Photo credit: Pixabay)

The theme is 'back to nature'.

Getting Married Outdoors
Getting Married Outdoors

Dressing the Bohemian / Gypsy Bride

boho bride in fieldDressing the bride for a bohemian style wedding is easy.  She is a carefree woman who will look beautiful in a flowing dress that does not have to be white.    Lots of lace and gauzy fabric that catches the breeze will work well with her not-too-neatly-coiffed hair.  She gives the impression that she has just run through a field, snatching up wildflowers to decorate the wedding alter!

If she wears jewelry it may be vintage, or made of beads, feathers or flowers.  Turquoise stones are also popular.  It's customary for a boho bride to have a headband of some sort decorated with big flowers or beads.  Sometimes a twig wreath is worn.  After all, she is definitely into being natural.


Feathers and Dreamcatchers

Headbands and lots of nature-related jewelry and accessories will complete the ensemble.
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Gypsy Dresses for the Bridesmaids

boho blue bridesmaid dressThe bridesmaids and / or maid of honor will need to dress in the same casual style as the bride and groom.  When searching for clothing, jewelry and other wedding items with a boho theme, using "gypsy" and "hippie" will sometimes return good results.  Have a carefree appearance is key to pulling of a true boho wedding theme.

At Amazon you can find very affordable fashion, such as the blue dress I've featured here.  And it comes in many other colors.  Or choose this dress for one member of the bridal party and change the style for others.  After all, as a casual event, the girls can each wear something that suits them.  Formal wedding events often do this as well.

Sakkas Stonewashed Rayon Embroidered Adjustable Spaghetti Straps Mid Length Dress - available in more colors, and also in a longer length.


Dressing the Boho Groom

bohemian groom hippieThe bride and groom will undoubtably wear unconventional clothing, so how to dress the boho groom?    He could look as casual as the guy in this picture, or he could wear a suit.  Couples can dress up in traditional attire and still have an offbeat wedding.  But often their apparel is in a style somewhere in between.

To create the appearance of a vagabond, the groom should dress in what makes him comfortable (with the bride's okay, of course).  Jeans or corduroys with a button down shirt can be dressed up with fun suspenders and a cute bow tie.  (Don't tell him it looks cute!)  The idea is to completely dashing, no matter what he has on.

The groom should complement the bride by wearing something that matches her dress style.  He could visit a thrift shop and try to find a vintage jacket.  Playing the part of a man who shuns the finer things in life, leaves room to experiment with unique articles of clothing.

(Image credit: Pixabay)

Accessories to complement the Groom and Groomsmen

Suspenders and bow ties for the groom and groomsmen. Add an antique pocket watch to complete the look.
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Items to Include in Planning a Boho Wedding

Besides lots of nature, the boho wedding plans may include some rather unusual items.  Arrows as decorations and as part of the stationery designs is common.  Feathers of all kinds, can be used in the hair of the bride and her bridesmaids.  A feather pen could be used to sign the guest book.  

You can view some lovely photos of a Bohemian Barn Wedding at the Wedbook site, and it may give you some helpful ideas to consider.  A search of Pinterest can turn up some interesting pictures as well.  I have a Pinterest Boho Wedding board you can follow, which I regularly add to.

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I grew up in the hippie era, so this style appeals to me. How about you?

dustytoes on 02/28/2015

@ burntchestnut, I very much agree. I would love to attend such a casual marriage ceremony.

AngelaJohnson on 02/28/2015

I think it's a wonderful idea. I can't understand couples spending thousands of dollars on a wedding. What a waste of money (in my opinion). A simple, inexpensive wedding puts everyone at lease so they can truly enjoy themselves and celebrate the marriage of two people.

dustytoes on 02/28/2015

Well put, WriterArtist... I totally agree.

dustytoes on 02/28/2015

Thank you. It was fun to make.

WriterArtist on 02/27/2015

Wedding amidst the nature is the perfect way of starting life together. It is a message for the couple to live in harmony.

WriterArtist on 02/27/2015

I love the idea of bohemianism. Anything that is connected to Nature, preserving and conserving the environment is a noble thought. I admire people who fight for it.

younghopes on 02/27/2015

Just loved the wedding set above

dustytoes on 02/27/2015

I like that dress too - it comes in a longer style, which would be what I'd want.

Digby_Adams on 02/27/2015

I love Boho Chic style. That blue dress is gorgeous.

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