Succulents for Weddings

by dustytoes

Succulents for weddings are most often used in a rustic, country themed event. They are included in bouquets, centerpieces and used as decor and as wedding favors.

Seeing the popularity of this little green plant makes me smile. Succulents have been around for ages, growing quietly in sunny gardens, mostly unnoticed by anyone but gardeners. Now using succulents for weddings is big money!

A cactus is a succulent, but the succulents we are talking about are not cacti. They are cute and colorful, broad leafed, rose shaped plants. Single plants make cute little favors, and grouped together they make a stunning and unique centerpiece. Added to a bridal bouquet, they supply texture and interest. Given to wedding guests, they are the perfect little thank-you gift that won't be tossed into the trash.

Succulents for wedding stationery

Designers use this unique plant to create beautiful, country-themed invitation sets.

In recent years succulents, such as the hens-and-chickens that grew in grandmother's garden, have made a regular appearance at all types of weddings.  Designer wedding stationery contains realistic and watercolor images depicting these little cuties.

The fact that they are hardy and hold up very well alone or in floral arrangements is only part of the reason for their popularity.  Succulents come in an amazing array of textures and colors, which makes them a perfect addition to bouquets and table centerpieces.  

Beautiful images are easy to find on free image sites like Pixabay.  The designer only has to manipulate the image to create something lovely and unique for the bride and groom.


Pretty Blue-Green Wedding Succulent Invitation Paper

Click the image to view all items in this collection.
Succulent Invitations and Reply Cards
Succulent Invitations and Reply Cards
Growing succulent
Growing succulent

Wedding Programs With Succulent Designs

Choose flat cards, folded programs or fan style on a stick.
Custom Programs
Custom Programs

Alternative Centerpiece and Wedding Favor Ideas

How to use succulents in unusual containers to match a wedding theme.

Colorful succulent plants look right at home in rustic wooden, or earthy, stone containers.  But it's also fun to use unusual containers.  Because their root system is shallow, many plants can be combined in close quarters and will grow nicely together.  

Consider using materials that will match the wedding theme.   Mixing colors, shapes and sizes in one pot creates an interesting little dish garden of natures unique country 'flowers'.  I was surprised at the abundance in variety of this species.  

beach wedding for instance, could include little seashell favors with a succulent planted in each.  Driftwood would also make a nice addition to a succulent centerpiece.  

For vintage weddings, use china teacups, with matching saucers, to hold the plants. 

Country / rustic / outdoor weddings:  Plant in old boots, muffin pans, wheel barrow, wagon, watering cans and teapots.

These ideas can serve a double purpose.  Tie on a gift tag and give them as wedding favors to guests!

Succulent Wedding Favors

buying succulents wedding favorsWith the overwhelming popularity of succulents, especially with couples who are planning a wedding, the cost of these little guys has skyrocketed.  But succulents can still be found at a reasonable price and maybe you could get a bulk discount.  Shop at a big garden center for the best prices, and buy them in those black plastic pots.  Start from scratch and create your own little favors to save money.  

Succulents are easy to work with, unless you choose a prickly cactus.  The potting medium should be granular.  As suggested in the video above, combine perlite, potting soil, and sand for good drainage.  

Choose a rustic pot made of ceramic, wood, pottery, or clay, and add one interesting plant to each.  If the wedding is large, maybe use this idea at the bridal shower instead.  Tie twine, ribbon or lace around the pot if you like that look.  Add a favor tag with a thank you message to finish it off.

Succulent wedding favor ideas
Succulent wedding favor ideas
photo credit: leoleobobeo @ Pixabay

Beautiful Light Green Succulents Custom Wedding Stationery

Designed by artist Ujean Kwon
Succulent Garden Designer Wedding
Succulent Garden Designer Wedding
Succulent dish garden
Succulent dish garden
Photo credit: katerina198 @ Pixabay

Carry the Theme Over to the Reception

Wedding reception decor can include succulent centerpieces or favors in the form of little potted plants.  I offer custom paper goods with succulents in my store.  

Find seating charts, table number cards, escort cards, menu templates, paper napkins, paper plates and drink coozies with pretty succulent images.

Of course many items can be used at the wedding shower or rehearsal dinner as well.

Custom Coozies for Cans and Bottles

Personalize drink coozies for showers or reception, or use to welcome guests to a destination wedding event.
Fun Succulents Beer Can Coozie
Fun Succulents Beer Can Coozie
Blue Succulents Bottle Coozie
Blue Succulents Bottle Coozie

Succulents come in many varieties.

You will be amazed at the many shapes, colors and sizes available.

colors of succulentsSpiky, rounded, tall or flowing, succulents come in many shapes, colors and sizes.  I've seen lavender, purple, blue, yellow, red, orange, and brown as well as lime green, bright green and teal green.  Some, like the picture above, have brightly tinted leaves.  

Some grow low and spread out, others grow tall or make vines that flow nicely over the side of a container.  If you are lucky you may find blooming succulents, with bright flowers growing on tall spikes.

Choose small "babies" or large, older plants, or a combination, depending on the size of the centerpiece.   Like the cactus, a succulent stores water and conserves it for times of drought.  This makes them easy to care for.  Unlike typical flowers used as wedding centerpieces, these will not wilt and die if left unattended.  

The video below lists the names, with photos, of a few of the popular ones, right at the beginning.


How to Make a Succulent Dish Garden in 5 Minutes (or longer)

This guy is a pro, it would take me a lot longer to make one! But you get the idea.

More about creating a dish garden with succulents

I've always loved dish gardens made with all types of plants.  Usually you must match water and sun-loving species as they will share the same pot.  All succulents need the same care so the gardens containing only succulents can take on many different interesting combinations.  

The video above skips over the entire planting process to save time.  Because succulents have few roots, they can be crowded together in a pot without drainage.  For the most part, they are sturdy, as you notice he pushes on the plants to set them in place.

Once they are planted give them some water and then don't water again for at least a week.  For those of us living in cold climates, providing a grow light may help keep them happy over the winter months.


Custom Thank-You Cards and Tie On Tags

Thank you cards and tags
Thank you cards and tags

Succulents Wedding Bouquets

Use to add unique texture and color to flower arrangements, or make an entire bouquet using succulents.

Wedding bouquets with succulents work well to combine the beauty of flowers with some texture.  Sometimes the hand-held bouquets, for the bride and/or bridesmaids, are made almost entirely out these fascinating plants (like the one in the video below).  They add interest to arrangements even if only one plant is used.  Because they come in a lovely variety of colors, these little plants work well with flowers of all colors.  The light, blue-green, and lavender purple colors are coveted among brides. They work well for all seasons, but are used most often in country / outdoor weddings.  

I have wondered how florists create bouquets with succulents since they have no stems.  I found the video below that shows exactly how it's done. You can see how the designer works with wires to hold the plants and then does a LOT of wrapping with florists tape, to create a stunning succulent bouquet.

The coolest part is when she says that the bouquet can be planted after it has served it's purpose.

How to Make a Succulent Bridal Bouquet

Ever wonder why bouquets cost so much? She makes it look easy, but the time involved is what you pay for.

Pink and Green Watercolor Succulent Wedding Stationery

Watercolor Succulent Wedding Design
Watercolor Succulent Wedding Design

Caring for Succulents

How to keep plants alive and thriving indoors.

keeping succulents aliveIf you want to have an indoor succulent garden and keep it alive, be sure it gets a lot of sun and is watered occasionally.  These plants also like it warm.  

If you give them as favors or gifts, maybe include directions for growing along with a thank-you message.

I bought a few really awesome looking plants a few years ago, but they did not thrive.  Eventually they died.  I think it was due to the cold, dry atmosphere where I live.  New Hampshire is not known for it's warmth, and the poor things just couldn't cope.  In fact I have given up trying to grow any houseplants because the same thing happens.

This photo (courtesy of Pixabay) shows a unique way to show off your succulents.

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CruiseReady on 09/18/2015

A very neat idea!

dustytoes on 03/12/2015

@DerdriuMarriner, that is a nice way to think of succulents - as calming and undemanding. When I live in a warmer climate I will definitely grow them.

DerdriuMarriner on 03/12/2015

dustytoes, Succulents have long been among my favorites. They do, indeed, add not only color but also their special textures. My sister grew a medley of succulents while she was in grad school because she found them to be very calming and, with all her studies, she appreciated that they are not demanding of care.
May your luck with succulents change because succulents prettify their environments.

AngelaJohnson on 02/07/2015

My grandmother had "hens and chickens" in a special clay pot. I remember terrariums, too. I didn't know there were so many varieties of succulents. They're easy to grow and don't need much care.

ologsinquito on 02/04/2015

These would make a very unusual bouquet. I love the idea of succulent wedding favors.

dustytoes on 02/03/2015

I never realized the huge variety either. Although they are supposedly easy to grow, I don't have luck, or I'd fill my house with them.

Nelda_Hoxie on 02/03/2015

I'm always amazed at the bright colors found in succulents. I used to think that they were all green.

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