Make Wedding Centerpieces Using White Vases

by dustytoes

A white vase allows the beauty of the floral arrangement to stand out.

A white vase will hold a single stem or floral arrangement and let the flowers be the center focus. White vases come in a variety of sizes, shapes and themes. Buy all they same type in bulk to make every table setting similar, or mix them up to add interest to the reception room.

Unless white flowers will be the main part of the arrangements, this type of holder will work for any type of floral design.

When thinking about the floral centerpiece displays for a wedding reception, consider beginning with plain white vases instead of clear glass.

Love Birds For Weddings

Love birds are a popular wedding theme.  Cute white vases made in the shape of a bird would be a lovely addition to the wedding decorations.

I found this one at Amazon and it measures six inches in length.  It is made of ceramic, and has a small opening on top near the head which will hold one or two flowers.  Anything with a thin stem, such as baby's breath could be added too.

It would be perfect with a brightly colored Gerbera daisy, hydrangea flower, peony, or group of button chrysanthemums.

Love Birds Theme Weddings

Some Alternative "Fill the Vase" Ideas

Green leaves, stones and candles make lovely and unique centerpieces.

What You Should Know About Creating a Cut Flower Arrangement

Not all flowers take kindly to being cut.

It's not always as simple as cutting the stem and plopping flowers into water when creating a cut flower arrangement.  Some flowers need special attention before they can be expected to last in a vase.  And flowers that are totally submersed underwater will fade even sooner.

Roses, for example, should be trimmed immediately before adding to the vase.  In fact, some florists cut rose stems under water.  Some flowers have a sticky substance which blocks the stem once the cut is made and if it blocks the flower of water, the flower will wilt and die.

Hydrangeas are another bloom which needs special attention.  They should be put into HOT water at first to clear the stem of the gunk that wants to block it, and then added to cold.  Read more about the secret to making a hydrangea bouquet last.

These are just a couple of examples.  If you plan to make your own wedding centerpieces or any decoration using cut flowers, ask the florist or research online so your creation will last.

Owl Wedding or Event Theme

The magnificent owl shows his face on this lovely little white vase.  This owl is about 6 inches tall and the opening would hold quite a few cut flowers. 

It would be perfect for a little bouquet, or one single large flower, like a hydrangea or peony.  A rustic arrangement could include branches, or greenery, which is appropriate for an owl to hold.

Little centerpieces can decorate the buffet table, each reception table and even the individual place settings.  Add a table number card to the arrangement to help seat guests.

Owls at Weddings

By Mira at Wizzley. Get an owl to deliver the rings at your wedding, and, why not, picture yourselves as owls on your wedding invitations as well.

Eight Little Vases Stuck to a Base

The multi-tube vase below is a nice alternative to using single small bud vases.  For one thing it is easy to transport.  It's less likely that the vases will be knocked over when placed on a table.

  • Flower height can be all the same or varied to create a unique look. 
  • Buy multiple units and place them end to end to decorate a long table.
  • Larger flowers, or tall twigs can be in the center with smaller items at the ends.

Pot Succulents and Other Living Plants

Wedding guests will love to take home a little succulent plant.

The set of three, white pots would be perfect for a living arrangement, or potted plant.  Succulents and herbs are popular for rustic, country theme weddings.   The vases with a chalkboard front are made to write on.  The Chalkboard wedding theme is huge right now.

Any pot without drainage is best used for rocky or very porous soil that will dry out well on it's own.  Nothing kills a plant quicker than over watering and soggy roots.  Succulents are also hugely popular with couples, and their beautiful shades of green will compliment any little white pots.

Pots Without Drainage Holes

This type may be best to sit on a table at the reception.
Set of 3 Pieces 4.5" Ceramic Embossed...Set of 3 Erasable Chalkboard Label Mi...

The Tall, Thin Eiffel Tower Vase

I would leave filling this one to the professionals.

eiffel tower vasesOften the reception tables will be decorated with very tall holders to keep the flowers up high.  Using what is called the "Eiffel tower" vase, large bouquets look pretty without interfering with the guest's line of sight.  Imagine trying to carry on a conversation with other guests at your table while peering around a big bunch of flowers.

The vase set below contains 12 white vases.   As shipping could be expensive, it may be worthwhile to check the cost of such a vase at the local florist.  It may not be a good DIY project, but if you do create something in this tall vase, be careful to check on the water level often as it won't hold as much.

OR... don't use flowers in the Eiffel tower vase.  Fill it with twigs, beaded stems, feathers, or other natural pieces, or something that matches the wedding theme.

The 20-Inch Eiffel Tower Vase

Twelve extra tall glass vases will hold bouquets or arrangements up out of the way.
20" Glass Eiffel Tower Vases - 12 Pack - White
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happynutritionist on 11/24/2014

These are beautiful! So perfect for the wedding table, and I like the fill the vase tips. Recently watched a florist do all kinds of arrangements I'd never thought of in various themes, it's so helpful to see something like this.

dustytoes on 04/04/2014

Thanks for the pin Mira!

Mira on 04/04/2014

Great idea to have vases in the shape of owls or whatever else strikes the fancy of the wedding couple. The multitube one is also a great idea. I like your page. Will be pinning the images.

MonisMas on 04/01/2014

White vases look very clean and make an event look classy.

dustytoes on 03/31/2014

Thank you VioletteRose. I love bright green with white too. Orange or bright pink Gerbera daisies would fit nicely in any of these.

VioletteRose on 03/31/2014

White vases with bright colorful flowers make great centerpieces for wedding, especially with red colored flowers. You have shared some beautiful ideas here!

dustytoes on 03/30/2014

I like that one too Sheri. I had never seen something like that before I did this page.

dustytoes on 03/30/2014

Thank you for the nice words, and for the Pin!

younghopes on 03/30/2014

This is such a beautiful post, i must say, i just loved your selection of vases, esp the bird and the owl, both just look perfect. And million thanks to you for including my posts links in your article. Thanks so much dear, have a nice day, i m pinning this one to my wedding board.

Sheri_Oz on 03/30/2014

The white is so clean looking. I love these ideas - especially the 8 vases on a base.

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